FF – Pavitra Bhagya – Collapsed hearts (Chapter 13)

Chapter 13:


Pranati went back to her room, she was unhappy the way Reyansh did behave. She thought he was her saviour that day but now looking at today’s incident she got to know it was his deed, she was shattered and her love was dismissed with great pain which turned into dislike.

“How could you do this to me, Rey? How could you do this to our Jugnu? You never wanted a baby but I never thought you’re such a atrocious playboy.” She cried out.

“I hate you, I HATE YOU MR. REYANSH KHURANA…” roared Pranati her lungs out dominating the sound of broken vases. As the room has been closed and no one out could hear her with the sound proof walls around, no one rushed towards her. With tears in her eyes she walked through the pain of broken pieces which didn’t hurt her compared with the pain her heart is carrying right now. Every step made her remember the horrible events happened to her on the last days when she met Reyansh.


“Rey, I have something to confess.” Pranati stated after she to knew about her pregnancy. Before she could even confess a phone call from Reyansh Dadi has disturbed them. While he picked and told that he will call her later which was denied by Dadi, so she resumed talking while Rey was happy seeing Pranati happily talking something to herself which disturbed Reyansh from his Dadi’s word, he told his dadi he’ll call her in a minute and put-off the call going towards Pranati with earphones plugged in. He smiled at her and told “Yeah tell me” then his ears buzzed with ringtone and looking at the caller he lifted the call. Pranati who was excited to share the news couldn’t stop herself and unfolded the truth of her pregnancy and wished to get married with him, which was not even given importance by Rey, he told her to go and he’ll join her later.

Listening him, Pranati was happy and her grin on her face didn’t leave her till she reached her hostel, she felt herself the most happiest, luckiest and secured girl as her only love accepted her with their child. She received a message from Reyansh to met him at their regular place. Later at evening she had some juice and put their favourite potato chips in her sling bag while she left to meet him, exactly she reached the midway she felt there is some one behind her but let it ignored with her happiness after few seconds she heard the footsteps and immediately turned around to see no one. This incident made her heart little tremble but somehow her foot went towards her only destination and safest place right now. After few more steps she felt some cloth across her nose and mouth making her struggle, her both hands were in someone’s tight grip from behind making her hands pain. After struggling for few seconds she lost her consciousness.

When she opened her eyes it was dark around her. There was a small light coming from a glass which almost two meters high from her height. She could not see a single object around her, it is like a small room of 6m*15m*7m. When she felt the texture of floor is different, though its cool it is like paper but hard, only then she realised it was a hard cardboard which is unable to tear with hands. Her heart panicked, she was sweating continuously. She started screaming for help while shaking the cardboard around. Her efforts went futile when no one came there. Her tears were unstoppable, her throat went dried due to screaming, with little energy she left with again asked for help in low voice, then she heard some footsteps near her which made her accumulate all her remaining strength to seek help, she shouted “Please help me, I’m inside the box. Please open this box and save me please.” After her pleading she didn’t get any response like there were no one around her. Forcefully she was moving from one edge to another as the box is moving, she heart trembled, her hand went clutched her stomach tightly in fear. After few minutes she was found herself normal, suddenly a sharp object touched her head, her fingers traced over that object only to find it sword, she immediately moved aside. Immediately the swords were touching one another when she moved to the edges of the cardboard sticking it. Within seconds the swords stopped coming in.

“You cannot escape little mother until you choose to abort your child….” After a little huge silence “Okay,I have a choice for you, you follow my instructions you’ll be safe, If not get ready to die.” said a strong male voice.

Listening to those words she was petrified. She could neither leave her symbol of love nor her life. For time being she thought. She is not a girl now, she will be a mother soon as well as a wife of her love. She thought and being intelligent she agreed to the man’s word. He took her out of the box and tied her up with ropes, he was so strong and tall that her efforts to get rid of him has failed.

“You don’t have energy girl, you’re being caged from last 20 hours. You’ll have to follow our instructions.” said other man. Pranati slowly nodded her head, but her heart was not agreeing to her brain.

They took her outside, only to her recognition it was her college store room, they took her towards the dormitory. She was shocked to see a lady doctor there, the doctor was held under gun point. The doctor gave her a strip of tablet which has one in it.

“Sir if she take this one she’ll get aborted.” The doctor said. The man who held gun took the doctor away. Meanwhile Reyansh who was passing through the corridor saw the gun man at a room, he silently smashed his face and entered inside the room only to see Pranati held at gun point with a pill and water in each hand. The men who saw Rey was shocked, someone held Rey from back but he bet him with so much anger that he felt on ground and did bounce. The remaining two goons ran from there fearing to get their life. She thought he saved her and her child. In shock she didn’t speak anything, silently went to her room.

The next day when Reyansh saw Pranati, he asked about how she was feeling? And also enquired why they were behind her. When she again told she is pregnant with his child, he immediately asked her to abort it, as he is not ready for this.

Pranati tried to convince but he didn’t listen to her. She angrily went off from there and never came back.

Fb ends

Someone was patting her head and someone was rubbing her palms.

“Ahh” she screamed when she tried to get up.

“Careful nayi maa.” Said Jugnu. Immediately Pranati hugged Jugnu as her life is going somewhere. Jugnu who understood Pranati needs her didn’t say anything but neither she hugged back.

“Prani, are you okay?”asked Rey looking with concern in his eyes.

With all her hatred in eyes “yeah but I’ll feel the best when you are not coming into this room, because you’re a heartless creature.” Said Pranati.

Jugnu and Reyansh both were shocked her statement. Rey was hurt, his eyes were almost wet but the tears didn’t fell.

“Nayi maa, it’s Bandar Papa who saved you when you felt unconscious and also he cleaned your blooded feet, called doctor for your check up. Why are behaving like this?” Asked Jugnu by saying what happened in all the while pranati was unconscious.

“Jugnu, you are a child bacha. You’ll never understand why am I saying this. But please don’t believe anyone, every one has a sweet mask with venom heart.” Told Pranati looking at Reyansh.

“Ohh that’s the thing I was doing. I don’t believe anyone, not even you.” Told Jugnu with so much angry and went out from there while pranati broke out.

Reyansh too let the tears flow down when he reached his room, first time in his life, he saw Pranati hatred… Not dislike, it’s hatred.

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    Who kidnapped pranati n wanted her to abort the baby?glad that reyaansh saved her.but why did reyaansh ask her to do abortion?does he have any reason other than not willing to take the responsibility?sad that hearing what pranati said Jugnu also said that she doesn’t believe her also.reyaansh becoming sad seeing her hatred was painful.

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