FF – Pavitra Bhagya – Collapsed hearts (Chapter 12)

Chapter 12:


The day started early for everyone in the Khurana family. Riya woke up everyone with her prayer song. Armaan didn’t expect Riya to be so traditional daughter-in-law of this house, he thought she would be the one who enjoys the life in parties and long drives, this side of Riya is so much surprising for him.

Armaan in the first time from his childhood seeing someone praying early this morning at 6 A.M that too daily. It’s been three days their marriage happened and every morning he finds Riya at the temple house. From his childhood his mother never did this type of prayers nor his grandmother, even Vardhan wife is not that regular but he saw her offering prayers on every occasion. After Pranati came, he saw her offering prayers to god daily but slowly but Riya is different. She always sings the prayer song along with the offered camphor and the sound of bell.

Riya slowly came to him and forwarded the aarti towards him. He slowly took the blessings and then he felt the different kind of feeling something like a divine. Immediately she shifted it to Jugnu who was next to Armaan. Jugnu took the blessings and asked
“Chachi, my prasadh!”

“Aww.. here is your prasadh.” Riya gave a laddu to Jugnu and then went towards everyone with the aarti plate.

After that she went to Armaan and said “Let’s make and follow a tradition from today onwards.”
Armaan who was excited held her close to him and said “I’ll be glad to do that baby.” Riya blushed and immediately took a step back from him and forwarded her closed fist towards him. Opening it slowly she told ” You’ll fill my partition with this kumkum. That’s my wish Armaan.”

Armaan was shocked with this kind of  wish from Riya, he never expected this from her. He immediately laughed loudly. Looking at him, she was confused.

“Why are you laughing,Armaan? What’s that silly in this for you?” She asked being confused.

“Never in my wildest dream I thought you’d think like this.” Saying this he continued laughing.

“What you mean my that?” She asked resolutely. Watching her expression he stopped laughing and came back to her and said “Being so traditional, sweetheart. The way you look from out is being so bold and career oriented and that surprises me having this kind of wishes to hold in you.”

“Ohh! If it’s like that, you never knew me Mr. Armaan Khurrana.”

Before he could reply his mobile started ringing with his ex girlfriend number. He immediately put it down and took a pinch of kumkum from Riya’s hand and filled her partition.

” I will do this daily, but for now I have to leave. I have important issue out there.” saying this he ran off leaving confused Riya there. Riya was happy but also upset with the known facts that her husband don’t know her well but somehow calmed her mind saying it’s very less time even they spent time together.

Armaan was running from the entrance just then he collided with Pranati who just returned after dropping Jugnu school.

“Relax Armaan! Why you’re in so hurry? Is everything fine?” Asked Pranati.

“Yeah it’s fine prabhi.” Saying this he hurriedly left from there. Pranati who saw Armaan wallet fall on ground took it and called him loudly, he didn’t hear so pranati went back him. But the scene over there has shocked her.

Armaan was hugging a girl and kissing her forehead.

“Armaan!!!” Shouted Pranati. Shocking with the tone of Pranati that girl turned around. Armaan who was caught openly didn’t understand what excuse he could give to Pranati. With fierce steps Pranati went to that girl and asked “Are you his girlfriend?” That girl nodded her head positively in response.

“You know it is criminal offense to keep such type of relationship with a married man,right?” Asked Pranati making that girl shocked.

She turned towards Armaan for confirmation who held his head down but suddenly realised Pranati has not right to interfere in his life said hardhly “Ohh really Pranati! You have not married but why are you staying in this house? You came to lecture me? Before that please clear that mistake of yours which is clearly visible and even every one was pointing to you.”

“So that’s true then?” Asked the girl making Armaan realise her presence.

Immediately he held her face tenderly saying “Yeah Laya, I have being married but look it’s purely business not out of love. I only love you baby, we will live happily with our baby.” He tenderly touched her stomach. This last words did made a hard realisation that he is playing with two girls life to Pranati. She looked at Laya who is in verge of tears and about to believe his words. Without any choice she dragged Laya into the house and called dadi.

“Dadi!” She screamed in her highest tone. Everyone came along dadi but Riya didn’t come.

She dragged Laya to dadi. “Look at this, I told you right? He has been cheating on Riya and he has a girlfriend. What will you say now? And for your kind information she is pregnant with Armaan’s child.” Asked furiously making dadi angry. Dadi glared at Armaan, as well Reyansh for not controlling Pranati.

Everyone is shocked with the new fact of Laya and Armaan relationship and about the baby. It’s not new in Khurana family that they do this kind of things but the only difference is it will never come to home like that.

Riya who just come back from up stairs shocked seeing Laya over there, and Laya too got shocked while unexpectedly seeing Riya at unexpected place.

“Oh my god! Laya is that you?” Asked Riya seeking everyone attention, with fast pace she reached laya and took her into embrace.

“It’s being so long we met!”exclaimed Riya.

“What are you doing here Riya?” Asked Laya confusingly.

“This is my in-laws home and he is my husband Armaan Khurana.” Told Riya pointing towards Armaan.

Everyone over there including Pranati was shocked with the new fact, it’s like someone has thrown ice buckets on their face. Dadi face was blood drained with happening issues. Reyansh who gained out of shocked has reached Laya and friendly told “OMG baby! You never told she was you’re friend, but yeah anyways let us meet later. We are getting late for your airport.” None understood why Reyansh doing this except Pranati and Dadi.

He in hurry took Laya out and bid bye to everyone. Pranati followed them, whereas Dadi followed Pranati.

In the house Riya who got confused asked Armaan “why Rey bhai is in so hurry? And who did you guys even know Laya?”

“Vo… That laya is Rey bhai’s one of the best friend. So she came to visit us.” Lied Armaan.

“Then why did drag her out like that in hurry ?” Asked Riya.

Not sure what to answer he turned her around and holding her by her waist he told “How many questions you’ll ask sweetheart? Give rest to your brain. It needs some.”

He took Riya to room. Outside the house Laya stopped Reyansh and says “What the hell! I don’t even know you, how can you touch my hand drag me out like this?”

“Look Laya, I know you and Armaan have fell for each other but it’s not correct now. He is a married man now… And that too…”

“And that too your best friend. Please don’t spoil your best friend life.” Dadi Pleaded sweetly before Reyansh could complete his sentence.

“How can I? We love each other and he got married to someone else who he doesn’t even love! I can’t let my love go like that. He told me that’s just a business and I’m his love.” Shattered Laya.

“Yeah it might be my child, but let me ask you one thing. If Armaan did love you truly he would told us and convince us for your marriage but here nothing has happened like that, he not even told me about you. If he would told me about you, I would definitely agree to get him hitched with you. Look how sweet you’re. You understand right, what he feels for you? I feel so guilty behalf of grandson. I wish he is more mature that this and told me everything before hand, I would get him married to you but now poor Riya she will be blamed of broken marriage without her fault and can’t see my daughter-in-law getting humiliated infront of the society. Can you see your friend getting humiliated for which she never know and did?” Dadi played along with Laya only to get rid of her. Laya was now confused, Reyansh and Pranati could see where this is going. Dadi and Reyansh nodded their heads which didn’t get unnoticed by Pranati.

Reyansh was about to take laya out, pranati held his arm and dragged him to the corner.

“Rey please don’t do this. She is pregnant Rey, for god sake don’t even think of doing what you and dadi were sighing. Please Rey I beg of you.” Pleaded Pranati. Reyansh wondered how could she even know what his dadi sighed for him, but whatever dadi sighed is really wrong to do with Laya. He remembered dadi words and shouted at Pranati

“Stop it Pranati, it’s better for you to be out of this, else it will be unnecessary trouble for you and I will never help you deal with it.”

He left from there to dadi, Pranati was again hurt looking how Reyansh became so heartless. She know them, they’ll get Laya harm and she doesn’t want her something like that to happen. She immediately ran towards Riya to tell truth but was stopped by dadi.

“Dadi you can stop me now, but not the truth for so long.” Told Pranati with so much hatred in her voice.

Laughing at her words Dadi said “You are not capable of what I can do. Do you really think I can’t hide the truth? Till now you should have understood me, if I could not hold truth for so long I will destroy the truth. Get that into your small brain, else your daughter and you’ll be into trouble along with that girl.”

“So disgusting, you are playing with emotions and people, who gave that right you dadi?” She asked with such wrath that dadi flinched a bit. Meanwhile Reyansh came and told “Done dadi.”

Pranati was shattered looking this side of Reyansh. She held his collar and asked “How could you Rey? How could you?” While hitting him on his arms.

“Oii Don’t make it so much issue. Now stop you’re acting and go inside else it will be not good for your daughter.” Blackmailed dadi and left from there. She didn’t expect this kind of behaviour from Reyansh atleast from yesterday, somewhere her love from him which bloomed was again doomed today with this one action.

She determined to keep her daughter from this family else don’t know how badly her future will affect her, which pranati never wants.

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