FF – Pavitra Bhagya – Collapsed hearts (Chapter 10)


Reyansh goes to his room silently from Dadi’s room but still his mind is on her words.
You need to do it as soon as possible or else I will involve. You know right how difficult it will be for her if I personally take care of her. So it’s better to make her do her own business without interference in our personal matters. Make sure you deal with it else I don’t have much patience. Explain or warn her but make her to stay here without making any fuss here. It’s all because of you Rey, if it’s not your fault I would have made that mother and daughter life horrible.”

Those words were said by dadi made his heart very weak, not sure what’s happening to him but he is feeling so helpless. He knows Pranati wants to make Riya life happy but not by hiding the truth of Armaan and that unknown girl relationship with her. (Note: Here Navya is not that girl who was in relationship with Armaan). But dadi don’t want that truth to be shined out infront of Riya to save her reputation and business.

With these thoughts Reyansh slept. On the other room, Pranati made Jugnu sleep and she cherished everything happened today like the time they spent as a family and Jugnu asking for family picture. That demand of Jugnu made Pranati more positive about her belief to change her daughter’s mindset as a normal child but somewhere she fears what if on the day of judgement Jugnu chooses Rey over her. If he is like this it will be difficult to Jugnu.

So Pranati thinks to change Reyansh as a good father so that there will be no problem to Jugnu even she chooses Rey over her.

The next day morning, everyone are running behind Jugnu to make her ready to school. From the time Jugnu woke up, she’s only on one word that she’ll not attend classes today and Pranati also became stubborn to send her to school.

“Arey yaar nayi ma, please let me take some rest today na… Nothing will happen if I take a day off” Jugnu says running around Sofa to escape from everyone who are chasing her.

“Jugnu no, you already missed your classes from a week, today you have to go.” Says Pranati chasing Jugnu in attempt to catch.

Just then when Dadi came down saw all this.

“Will anyone explain what’s happening in my house? By the way Pranati what will happen if Jugnu don’t go school for a day?” Asks dadi seriously to pranati while winking at Jugnu.

“Dadi she didn’t went to school from last one week because of celebrations in home and today also leave means when will she study dadi?” Asks Pranati to dadi which was heard by Riya, who feels bad on the words because Mallika says “Just great, because of celebration her child didn’t attend classes and what are those celebrations? Your marriage right? Look how much respect she’s giving to you Riya and your marriage”.

Riya goes towards Jugnu, while she was escaping from the servants who are trying to catch her. Riya holds her and says “Look Jugnu, as per traditions today is my first day in this house. So please listen to me and go to school for today. This is my first wish from you as your chachi.”

Jugnu who is attached with Riya’s emotion accepted her request. Riya smiled and about to leave Pranati stops her saying “thank you Riya, if it’s not you. Then it’s a difficult task to send her school today. Not only today every day she does this and to her antics dadi also supports her. But someone should be strict to make her know the value of knowledge, right?”

“Yeah Pranati, it’s true. No problem.” Saying this Riya leaves with smile.

Reyansh who just got ready to drop Jugnu school overheard Pranati talks with Riya but acted as if he didn’t. When Jugnu, Pranati and Reyansh were on the way to school Reyansh turned out the way to different route from school.

“This is not the way to school, where are you taking us Rey?” Asked Pranati.

“Don’t worry Prani, I know where we are going. So chill!” said Reyansh with his evergreen cool tone. Pranati who is not understanding why he is doing this was irritated now.

“Then today is holiday!!!” Exclaimed happily Jugnu, which made Pranati more irritated and also upset looking at her child disinterested nature towards studies and school.

“Yeah Ninja, I am taking you to one of those places which will make you decide for yourself.” Says Reyansh making both Mother and Daughter confused.

“Okay, until unless it’s not school I don’t care anything.” Says Jugnu which makes Reyansh smile and Pranati upset.

After a while they were infront of “Bal anad ashram”(the orphanage where Jugnu used to stay before).

“Reyansh why did we come here?” Pranati yells at Rey, making Jugnu come out of shock. Jugnu sees the bodygard standing outside and starts panicking, while looking at her Pranati heart was wrenched.

“Reyansh please let’s leave from here.” Pranati whisper yelled. Looking at Jugnu condition Reyansh started from there and reached near by park. After getting down all went near a bench and sat.

Pranati was deeply thinking about Reyansh taking them to that orphanage. Reyansh observed both mother and daughter they were deeply disturbed, more than Jugnu it seems like Pranati is disturbed. He went towards them and sat beside Jugnu.

“Jugnu..” he called her slowly making her come out of her thoughts.

“What about it Monkey now? you just scared me out” asked Jugnu in a hilarious tone.

“Thank god you’re not upset.” Pranati said and tried to hug her but Jugnu stopped from doing that.

“Ofcourse I’m upset. I know it’s all your plan to make me go school. Isn’t it?” Jugnu blames Pranati.

Hearing this Pranati’s heart was broken.

“No Jugnu, I was just threatening you, but I have no idea about what happened today. If I would…”  Pranati tried to explain but Jugnu interupted saying “Now no need to show that fake concern. Stop it, I know after few days getting my custody you’ll throw me back. Now I understood very clearly.”

Listening those words pranati was completely shattered, she had no explanation left after listening to Jugnu’s blames. Pranati collapsed there and cried her heart out.

“Jugnu that’s enough, Pranati doesn’t have any clue about today. It was me who took you here because I want you to learn how important education is for children like you.” Said Reyansh trying to explain Jugnu and remove her misunderstandings towards Pranati.

“Listen Jugnu, I admit because of our mistake you had to suffer a lot. But look at your nayi maa, she was educated that’s why she fighted against that asharam and took you out of it, filed single parent custody to raise you alone. That’s the power of being educated Jugnu, once you get good knowledge, you’ll be good enough to support yourself and others financial and emotionally no matter how much difficulty you are facing. You can decide your freedom of expression which will be your identity, I don’t know if I’ll get your custody but I don’t want you to become weak and dependent on any situation.

I know you’re lioness but if you give more knowledge to your brain, you’ll be a lioness in real sense not just in strength.” Says Reyansh and asks her decide herself whether to go school and learn or not.

“Come Pranati, let her decide herself.” Rey took Pranati hand and walked away from there leaving Jugnu decide for her future.

  1. Jasminerahul

    Thanks for updating this.i was missing it.i hope here pranati will be able to expose armaan before riya.riya helping pranati by asking jugnu to get ready for school was nice .sad that jugnu again misunderstood pranati.surprising that reyaansh brought them near the orphanage to make her understand the value of education.did jugnu understand it?in the show there was a mysterious lady who was stalking jugnu.are you going to show that track in your ff?

    1. Vyshnavi

      Yeah it will be revealed soon.

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