FF – Dark Before Dawn (Episode 5)

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“Well that’s what happens to people who do wrong with others.” Said Sanskar as he looked at Swara first and then at Ragini.

Sujata winced at his words and opened the little chit that Ragini had given her while she was a little bit conscious. It said, “This is just the beginning.” Sujata gasped and before anybody could notice she tore off the chit to many pieces and threw it in the dustbin.


While Sujata remained silent at Sanskar’s remark, Annapurna, on the other hand, couldn’t hold back her anger, “Is this the time for such things? Can’t you see Ragini’s condition? I don’t care what you and your wife think about my Ragini but that doesn’t mean that you can demean her in front of me. Now leave the room before I do something that I don’t want to. Leave!” she shouted and Swara & Sanskar left without a word.

“Jiji calm down please.” Said Sujata rubbing Annapurna’s arm lightly, “I know that these days Sanskar is proving to be a disappointment but please don’t let that ruin the good things in our life. Ragini being one of them, right now she needs our love and care Jiji.”

Annapurna let out a sigh, “You are right Sujata.” She walked towards the bed and sat on the edge, “Sujata call our family doctor please, and meanwhile, I should call and inform Laksh about Ragini’s accident.”

“Hhhmm..” Sujata just hummed in response and went outside the room to call the doctor leaving Ragini and Annapurna in the room.

Annapurna caressed Ragini’s hair softly, “Why bad things happen to good people.” She let out a deep breath and pulled out her cell phone from her potli purse and started dialing Laksh’s number, “Once you will recover from this I am going to organize a havan for your safety and well being.” She murmured to herself as she waited for Laksh to answer the call.

“Haan Maa?” Laksh’s voice was just another indicator of how tired and lost he felt. It felt as if he had lost interest in everything.

“Beta can you come home, please? It’s an emergency.”

Laksh felt a chill run down his spine, “What happened Maa?”

“Beta Ragini met with an accident today..” Laksh interrupted her with a loud, “WHAT?!” before she could complete her sentence.

“Where is she right now? At which hospital? Just message me the address I am on my way.”

Annapurna whisper-yelled, “Arre beta listen to me first! Ragini isn’t at the hospital. After the accident, Bijoy Dada who was with her that time took her to the hospital and got her treated. Ragini is at home right now but unconscious.”

“I will be there in 20.” Was what Laksh said before ending the call.


Swara and Sanskar were in latter’s room where the former was pacing back and forth in distress and worry. “Sanskar, Ragini is going to be alright na?”

Sanskar shook his head and slammed his hand atop his study/work table and turned around to look at Swara, “It’s really the 40th time that you are asking me this but I won’t be giving you the same answer that I have been giving past 39 times!”

“Why are you shouting at me?!” Swara yelled back.

“Because I am tired of your show of inability of understanding the situation! Instead of being treated at hospital Ragini is back home, no? So, of course, she is fine!” Sanskar was finding it hard to control himself. Something, some weird feeling was clawing at his insides making him want to thrash something.

“But she is unconscious!” Swara too was going through the phase of mixed emotions where, at a point, she felt that this was God’s punishment for all the wrongs that Ragini did but on the other hand she was feeling deeply concerned for her sister.

“Maybe this is just another act of hers then!” Sanskar bellowed.

“What do you mean?” asked Swara, her eyes narrowed.

“Nothing!” said Sanskar and walked out of the room leaving behind a fuming Swara.

Sanskar was feeling uncomfortably agitated. It all started with Swara mentioning something about Anokhi, then they were unable to find that damn doctor, the icing on the cake was Ragini’s accident and the cherry was the same annoying question that Swara had been asking him.

Sanskar rushed out of the house and sat in his car wanting to move far away from all this nonsense that he himself was the creator of. He drove his car at full speed trying to clear his mind but the flashed of Ragini’s accident-prone body kept coming in front of his eyes making him more and more agitated.

Something was f**king wrong with him, something definitely was! His anger was going out of control these days and coincidentally it was always centered around Ragini. “Jeena mushkil kar diya hai iss ladki ne mera!” he felt like pulling his hair in frustration. Never had he ever felt something like this. This was the first time that he was feeling anger so intense, so powerful and deep that he felt like murdering someone.

Sanskar applied breaks and stopped the car at some place. Looking around he noticed that he was near Rabindra Sarobar. Parking his car at a side, Sanskar walked the rest of the distance and sat down on the grass watching the calmly flowing water hoping that it would calm his nerves as well. He closed his eyes and laid down and let out a deep breath wanting some peace, but;


“Hush! This is so beautiful and calming.” Her tone showed how satisfied she was.

“It’s boring actually. I mean hum dono, do premi aurr yeh jagah sunsaan! We can do some much more but you are hell bent on watching this water body. Isn’t it obvious that mine is so much better?”

He felt her body vibrate in laughter. Turning her around by her shoulders he captured that beautiful smile on her lips by his. So much better already.


“What in the f**king hellish world was that?!” cussed Sanskar as he sat up straight with a hand over his heart.

“First Ragini the monster, that I myself created. Then there is Swara the great Indian lizard, the chipkali who loves to chipku over one thing! And now this woman in my dream. It’s becoming life-threatening for me to handle those two, now who the hell is this third one! Arrggghh!!”

“Anokhi” was the name that crossed his mind.

“My life sucks!”


Laksh looked at the unconscious form of Ragini lying on the bed covered in bandages and scratches and without the frown of tension marring her innocence and beauty. Dr. Mishra had come to check on Ragini and gave her the clean bill of health. After looking at the reports that Bijoy Dad had provided them with, Dr. Mishra advised them not to give any mental stress to Ragini and continue with the medication prescribed by the doctor by whom Bijoy Dada had gotten Ragini treated.

Laksh stared intently at her face, she looked peaceful and oblivious to all the tension surrounding them making him feel a little bit jealous as he too wanted some peace, a solution that will end all these problems. It was all his mistake, he fell for the wrong girl. Or maybe this was the punishment that he was getting because of hurting a pure soul like Ragini so many times.

Laksh felt Ragini gaining conscious when he noticed the moment of Ragini’s fingers and that of her eyelids as well.

“Ragini..” he softly whispered as Ragini tried to open her eyes. She blinked many times trying to adjust to the bright lighting in the room and softly uttered the name, “Sanmay”


Ragini was being surrounded by the whole Maheshwari clan with the exception of Swara and Sanskar and was being fussed up on by them.

“Ragini have this khichdi first you have to take medicines na. And after that, I will make haldi-kesar milk for you. It will help you heal.” Said Annapurna with a motherly smile playing on her lips.

“Are you feeling better Ragini? Don’t hesitate to tell me if there is any problem okay.” Smiled Sujata.

“I think we all should leave and let Ragini rest.” Suggested Ram Prasad (RP).

“I agree. Come Annapurna, Laksh is here with Ragini. So we don’t have to worry.” Added Durga Prasad (DP).

“Laksh, beta Ragini ko khichdi khila dena hhhmm. And Ragini you have to finish the whole bowl okay?!”

“Ji Maa.” Smiled Ragini.

As everybody left Laksh let out a small smile, even if he couldn’t give Ragini the love she deserved, his family was and will be there for her. They all obviously cared for and loved Ragini. He sat in front of Ragini and started feeding her khichdi making poor jokes in the process trying to make Ragini laugh. He was the one who forced Ragini into this relationship and he would be damned if he couldn’t even make her happy. This accident gave him a reason to start living again. From now on he would live to make his best friend, Ragini, happy.

After Ragini finished eating the khichdi, Laksh gave made her take the medicines and then kissed her forehead as he playfully ordered her to sleep and take rest.


Sanskar clenched his fist tightly in anger as he noticed the scene in front of him. Beside him was Swara who was watching everything with an expression of hurt on her face, trying her best to rein in her tears. How could Laksh do that? This wasn’t done!

Swara felt her heartbreak some more as she saw Laksh taking care of Ragini like an affectionate and loving husband. What hurt her more was the kiss that Laksh gave Ragini on her forehead. Why was he doing this? Was their love not enough that he moved on so easily?

They had come to meet Ragini the moment they got to know that she had regained consciousness but whatever they saw wasn’t what they were expecting. While Swara left the scene in tears, Sanskar follower her closely trying to rein his anger. He didn’t want to do a repeat of what happened earlier now that Swara was hurt.

Swara ran inside Sanskar’s room and took out his sour candy stash and began popping the candies in her mouth as she cried. Sanskar felt pity for the poor girl, he went towards her and sat beside her on the floor. Taking the jar from her hands he then offered her his handkerchief, “Even the candies can’t help heal a broken heart Swara. For that, you need to cry and a shoulder to cry on.” He said and brought her into his arms, hugging her tightly as he let her cry her heart out.


Precap: Who poisoned Swara’s food?

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