Fell in LOVE by mistake!! (EPISODE – 18)

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Kindly requesting please skip this chappie as it’s hot..!! (this tym its nt LOL)


Fell in LOVE by mistake!!
*”*”*”*”*”*”*(EPISODE – 18)*”*”*”*”*”*”*

At 4:30 am.,

In Swara’s bedroom.,

Heavenly couple was sleeping peacefully with cuddling and holding each other more tightly in strong hug..,

Just then Sanky sits on bed with screaming loudly..,

Sanky (painful voice) : MOM………

Sanky was sweating badly with breathing more heavily, his past fears was clearly shown on all over his face and his eyes were more enough to reflect his all old pain which was still more fresh inside him..,

Swara’s sleep gets disturbed due to Sanky’s yelling and within no time she worriedly sat beside him with asking him by caressing his cheeks lovingly..,

Swara (more tensed) : What happened…Sanky…??

After looking towards Swara, Sanky who was engulfed in very bad condition immediately hugs Swara more tightly with pulling her more into him such that air could not able to pass between in both..,

Whereas Swara was trying to depict Sanky’s condition as Sanky’s calling to his mom was more enough to make her understand whole situation..,

After some couple of minutes Sanky broke the hug with grabbing some relief and saw towards Swara with hoping eyes..,

Sanky took Swara’s both hands in his and plants a single kiss on both of them with together..,

And he pleads her with still holding her hands in his gently yet firmly..,

Sanky (sweating) : help me please…!!

Whereas Swara could not able to see Sanky in such a more bad condition with begging to her and within no time she quickly take him into her embrace for making him calm..,

Sanky also reciprocates the hug tightly for letting out all his painful feelings and fears..,

Sanky asked Swara with pulling her more into him in hugging..,

Sanky (tearful voice) : please help me Swara…!!

With rubbing his back Swara lies on the bed slowly while taking him with her without breaking the hug..,

They both were lies on the bed in tightly hug..,

Their bodies were perfectly fit against each other just like jigsaw puzzle..,

After getting all relaxed Sanky slightly lifts his head….And kissed Swara more passionately on her lips….Swara also responds to the kiss…Sanky started moving his hand all over her upper portion of body while turning kiss into needed one..,

After breaking the more long lasting kiss with panting heavily both were looking into each other’s eyes deeply while conveying something to one other..,

While continuing beautiful eye-lock Sanky picked up a strand of Swara’s hair in his fingers and let the silken strands slide through his fingertips.

With settling his intense gaze on her more deeply he leaned over to kiss her softly. First her eyes, cheeks, her nose, forehead, chin and when he heard the faint moan from her lips then one more time he brushed his lips with her.

When both needed air to breath they get dragging out of the kiss and then his heart leapt a bit in his chest while looking into her open beautiful eyes.

Back of his hand came up to caress the smooth skin of her prettiest face..,

While she closed her eyes relishing in the feel of his sensual touch.

The rough fingertips brought goose bumps all over her fairy skin.

His fingers slid down her throat, feeling her rushing pulse and then down to the throw.

He tugged on it a bit until it revealed her pink robe.

His finger lightly traced the outline of the neck of the robe as his lips replaced his touch on her cheek and then followed the path down to her neck.

He kissed and sucked skin of her neck with biting and then soothing the pain by nibbling the bitted reddish area..,

While she was letting out a soft moans out of her mouth..,

His hands were around her neck and he was giving lingering kisses to her while licking the soft skin of her face.

While she was wriggling in pleasurable torture he tried to take off her clothes and within couple of minutes he undressed her fully.

He then came on top of her kissing all over her naked, more whitish body.

After some minutes of playing with her exposed body he took off his dress totally.

He knelt in front of her and worshiped her body with hungry butterfly kisses along the neckline of her robe.

His hands pulled her head up to his lips fully and their lips meet in a timeless matter.

Their lips were roaming on each other, softly then with more intensely..,

Their tongues were no longer able to stay hidden deep within their own depths and in couple of minutes that tongues darted out to join in the dance with adding their own rhythms.

While deepening the kiss more, her br*asts heaved just a little bit against his chest as he was pulling her more into him..,

While continuing the kiss more intensively, he started fondling and pressing her br*asts..,

After breaking the kiss, he was caressing her neck by his lips…Swara closed her eyes with skipping tenuous moans from her mouth..,  

He then started dropping kisses on her eyes, cheeks, forehead, chin, nose tip and again get engrossed in drinking and kissing her rosy lips hungrily yet passionately.,

While kissing he was roaming his hands on her boobs and soon with rhythm of kiss, he started pressing his hands on her boobs whereas she was struggling for breath but without giving any heed to her he was busy in fondling her boobs more intensively.,

And when it became out of her control then she started pushing him for grasping air to breath, but he was not at all moved by inch also moreover was tightening his grip on her more strongly with biting her lips and caressing her br*asts,

And when he became out of his breath then he left her and then she took a deep breath with panting more heavily and within couple of minutes she started hitting on his bare chest by her soft hands for his this kind of act..,

By seeing her cute anger Sanky then slight forcefully engulfed her into hug with the same protesting and struggling form of her but still she didn’t stop to give him innocent torture by her smooth hands..,

While hugging her more tightly he lowered his head to her ears and said with caressing her earlobe by his lips sensuously..,

Sanky (whispered with huskily) : so sorry Babe..!!

But still Swara was not ready to listen then after some pair of minutes when she felt slight pain in her fist then she stopped and just lied down there in his hugging arms..,

Sanky noticed her calm state and then he plants a kiss on her forehead, eyes, cheeks, nose and then he caressed her lips by just touching with his rough yet cold ones..,

He was tracing his tongue along her bottom lip without kissing it..,

Swara then shivered at the low growl coming out of his mouth.

Then he softly dropped a sensuous kiss on corner of her lips and again touched her juicy lips gently by his rough ones, but he didn’t move.

He just placed his cold lips onto her and stayed there long enough for Swara to respond.

Then out of control Swara kissed him slowly and let her tongue trail his lips,

Sanky became very aroused by her innocent yet more gentle moves that now he lost all his senses and soon he again daggled her in long lasting lip-locking kiss..,

Both were kissing each other passionately and while kissing one another more deeply their bodies get fitted with each other’s perfectly and this connected touching was forcing him to get linked with her at a deep emotional and sensitive level.

After breaking the lip kiss he starts planting small kisses down her neck.

With this Swara bite her lip and tried to breathe normal from the bliss she was feeling as she felt his tongue rolling down on the spot underneath her throat.

She smiled to herself and moved her hips with letting out quiet moans.

Soon she could feel his tongue against her warm skin above her br*ast.

He was currently licking on exposed spot of her just above her curves while she was still arching her back further while he started to suck on her skin harder.

Swara couldn’t do anything else but to bite her lip as another moan was coming on its way at the bottom of her throat.

With this all intimate actions heartbeats of both bodies started to increasing more and more..,

The throw quilt fell in a heap at her feet.

Her legs trembled just a bit, movements, feelings, touches all so familiar yet incredibly exciting.

He again captured her rosy lips…their lips touched against one another…he were kissing her smoothly and she also started giving response…the heat in both got increasing more and more and they one more time get dragged in more passionate kiss..,

While engrossing in lip kissing his hands were roaming all over her upper exposed body sensuously.,

He was sucking her lips hungrily, he takes her lower lip in his mouth and started licking and biting it, she gasps and opened her mouth for moan and he quickly grasp this opportunity and entered into her mouth, started sucking her tongue by his, their tongues get entangled with each other, likewise they were too busy in their lip locking kiss, after a long time of lip kissing they parted away for breathing and they joined their foreheads with panting heavily..,

Sanky then started kissing her neck by lying on top of her soon he moved towards her ears with planting small kisses there…then he starts licking her earlobe and was dropping small bites on it.,

She was closing her eyes and moaning slowly which was enough to drive him more crazily…,

Sanky slowly moved his face to her curves which were inviting him, he appreciated for the assets and started fondling them hardly whereas touch on her more sensitive parts was provoking her to moan loudly..,

He turned her and started licking behind her neck and was kissing her shoulder..,

While she was going mad with his every move.,

He then went down with kissing her bare milky back more passionately..,

After that he made her face him and leaned onto her curves…his warmth breath spread on her br*asts which was increasing heat in her body.,

He was caressing her nip*les by his tongue with making her body to vibrate.,

His hands rested on the rise of her hips. His thumbs began sensuously rubbing her warm skin in small circles.

His palms started to slip up and his hands suddenly again cupped each br*ast and his thumbs found her erect nip*les.

Her eyes popped open and stared into his warm browny eyes which were promising to bring her to the edge of ecstasy.

He lifted each br*ast gently in his hand…feeling their weight and the softness of her skin.

He again bent his head down.

His lips found the upper part of her br*ast and warm lips brushed against her skin.

Her hands came up to clutch his shoulder.

Her hands slid up his shoulder to his neck and then the back of his head to bury them in his black hair.

The soft curls twisted themselves around her fingers as she pressed his lips to her br*ast slightly…. His moist tongue flicked across her nip*le.

His rough lips began to nip at her, softly tugging at her nip*le it began to harden at the onslaught of attention.

He was sucking her br*asts hungrily and also starts biting her curves one by one with forcing her moaning in pleasure., 

Then he started fondling both boobs by his hand with pressing them badly..,

While her moaning raises with calling his name while taking deep breath..,

He was licking her nip*les one by one hungrily and soon starts biting on all over her boobs..,

Then he goes towards her lips and started kissing them with pressing her boobs hard by his both hands..,

Soon he came down with his tongue and licked her deep cleavage and again started kissing her curves..,

He was eating her boobs wildly with biting and licking them hungrily while she started moaning even louder..,

After that he shifted to her navel, he sucked her navel deeply by his tongue whereas she was wriggling with all excitements with continuing her moans..,

Then he came down more and started kissing her feet with sucking her toes….then he moved up with licking and kissing her long s*xy legs and soon he reached to her milky thighs and starts giving bites on them..While she was still busy in making s*xy sounds with closing her eyes.,

He wrapped his arms around her, His strong legs stretched out beside hers and within no time his legs brushed her leg’s smooth skin.

His fingertips ran down the length of her arm and intertwined with her fingers.

He nudged one knee in between hers and rose to his knees as his other leg nestled against her leg.

And he started cherishing her all beauty through kissing, licking, biting and nibbling all over her exposed body’s skin..,

He again came on fully top of her and started kissing all over her face and bites softly on her cheeks then took her lips in his mouth for sucking them hungrily

Then he again went to her down…first was slowly kissing and sucking her thighs with biting them…Came upward slightly and buried his face in between her thighs and starts licking her core while she was moaning like hell and was wriggling in heavenly pleasure..,

After completing with himself he was staring at her naked more s*xy body.

Her br*asts moving with each breath she took, her stomach rising and falling softly and her smooth womanhood was beckoning him.

He opened her legs and positioned himself, his hardness probing against her soft skin.

He grasped the head and moved it up and down her slit. She moaned and arched toward him.

She scooted closer to him, wanting to feel all of him inside her…deep inside her.

He placed the head of his arousal at her entrance and ever so slowly pushed his way in.

He stopped when just the head was in and her closed eyes flew open.

Her hips moved, urging him, tempting him to plunge all the way inside her.

Her breathing began to come more rapidly.

He pulled out of her, causing her to moan in protest.

He slid back in slightly, and then slid in and out rapidly, never giving her more than just the head of his hardness.

She moved under him, desperately trying to draw him deeper inside of her.

He smiled in her wanting eyes and kept teasing her.

She wrapped her legs around his back and began to squeeze him as he pushed into her.

His breath escaped in a gasp. She smiled.

He pushed all the way into her, filling her up with his throbbing tool.

As he pushed into her he lay down on top of her, supporting most of his weight on his elbows.

He stopped moving and brought his lips down to hers and softly kissed her.

She opened her lips to him and her hands pressed on his back.

Softly her hands rubbed his back.

She released her legs from around him whereas he pulled him even deeper inside her as she pushed against his cock.

She moaned his name as he started thrusting in and out of her.

He brought himself back up on his knees and pulled her legs up to his sides.

Lifting herself up toward him while gaining deeper access for himself…she could feel her climax beginning.

He stopped. She cried out in protest and he grinned and plunged back into her. She screamed her release and grabbed him with her legs..,

He then pulled out himself out of her fully and goes to her for making her calm..And started kissing all over her face, neck, shoulders, caller bone..And after she became somewhat normal then without giving warning he again sets himself on her core and starts inserted into her by thrusting slowly..Then he increased his speed and starts giving some hard shots, with this she started crying in pain..but with locking her lips with his he pulled himself more deeper into her…After some more hard thrusting he get slides into her fully….with this she let out more crying…but he again make her calm with giving kisses on her all face, neck, ears, br*asts, lips and one more after she became silent he starts moving inside her slowly and soon started giving hard stroke into her whereas she moaned loudly and was crying in pain…but now he was not in his sense to listen her and was thrusting into her hard and deep..,

He was applying all his force into his strokes by holding her delicate waist firmly..,

After some more time her pain became vanished slowly…and she started feeling nice.,

Sanky looks towards her while thrusting into her…and he also felt good by seeing her enjoying state..,

He was applying strokes with moving in and out of her and soon he became more faster while she was moaning by his name..,

Likewise after some number of times of hard and deep thrusting he could not hold back his own pleasure as he tumbled over the edge with her.

And soon he spurted all his joy into her womb…

And he let out falling his body on her like a dead piece…Both were sweating and panting heavily.. She was too much tired due to series of orgasm…..she was also sweating badly…He was fondling and kissing her boobs while lying on her for relaxing..He took her right side nip*le in his mouth and was sucking it badly while his other hand was playing with her other boob…Due to this she was letting out a moans with wriggling in pleasure..,

Then with continued his all actions he hugged her tightly for long time with making himself calm and after feeling relaxed he started kissing her all over her body hungrily.,

Then he came up to her lips and smashed his lips on her with kissing, biting and sucking them while holding her in his arms tightly.

Whereas she was responding kiss with her best level but then also failed to match with his every move, their tongues met… and he was literally eating away her lips and saliva..,

Then he moved his hands towards her boobs which were in shape then he started fondling them while she was skipping moaning out of her mouth which was more enough to raising his passion at height…then he kissed her neck, ears…navel… shoulders…caller bone And the mean time he moved his hand to her rubbed her core.

With cherishing her beauty he took her in his arms and started sucking her boobs…he was eating one of her curve madly while pressing the other one roughly..,

Then he came down and started sucking her core with all her love juices…While she was moving her face here and there with wriggling in heavenly pleasure..,

Then he again moved to her lips and kissed them wildly with pressing her curves by his both hands hardly and then came on fully top of her and again kept his tool on the her core whereas she was asking him out of her uneven breath that she has no more energy for it but he was engrossing with his fantasies and ignored her pleading…and with all his desired feelings he gave a small stroke…It went a little inside and then second shot and half of it was in..And after some more strokes he was fully into her..,

Then with holding her abdomen area more tightly he started thrusting into her hardly..,

Whereas she was moaning like hell…Whole room filled with full of her noises…While her sounds was making him more excited and he was stroking into her more hardly with fast speed..,

And then he was very near to his climax so he made his movements more faster and both again reached with together.,

And one more time he dropped all his joy inside her…And then rested on her…with biting her curves…and kissing on her lips..,

He slipped over to his side and pulled her against him.

She sighed and rested her trembling body close to his.

He reached over her and drew a comforter up to cover them.

Her head rested against his arm, her hand upon his chest and her leg over his.

He turned his head and tenderly kissed the top of her head.,

Their eyelashes fluttered against their cheeks, their breathing steadied.,

He then brushed his rough lips on her soft yet juicy lips…and their lips touched with moulding against one another…he were kissing her gently while she was slightly responding him out of all her tiredness..,

He was sucking her lips passionately, he takes her lower lip in his mouth and started licking and biting it…then he again came to her both lips with caressing them softly yet sensuously..with kissing her lips he bites her lower lip hard….she gasps and he quickly grasp this chance and entered into her mouth and started licking her tongue by his, their tongues get battling against one another..And when they became out of their breath then they broke the kiss with panting heavily…and they were looking into each other’s eyes deeply..,

After breaking eye-lock Sanky nuzzles his face in her neck while planting lingering kisses on it…Then he moved towards her ears with placing small kisses there…soon he starts licking her earlobe with dropping small bites on it.,

When Sanky was more engrossing with all his actions then Swara closed her eyes while gets dragged into deep sleep..,

After some more time when Sanky lifted his face to look towards Swara then he gets mesmerized in her innocent sleeping face..,

He was staring her peaceful face without blinking..,

And after some couple of minutes he rubbed his nose against her softly..,

And with pecking her lips passionately he pulled her more into him such that she halfly gets lie on him..,

He then kissed on top of her head and with caressing her hairs softly he also drifted off to a peaceful sleep with grabbing satisfactory smile on his lips..!!


Precap :-

Sanky (serious expressions) : Swara, are you and Kyle both still in relationship…??

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