Fell in LOVE by mistake!! (EPISODE – 16)

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Fell in LOVE by mistake!!
*”*”*”*”*”*”*(EPISODE – 16)*”*”*”*”*”*”*

At Sanky’s mansion all friends did so much masti and enjoyment with together..,

But in all this grand pleasure also Sanky was somewhat feeling bad for cancelation of his and Swara’s date..,

And was also missing Swara but never wanted to admit this thing with himself that he was reminding or missing any girl while having great fun with all his friends..,

But when he started feeling totally restless without her then he thought to call her..,

But unfortunately his friends were never leave him alone for a single minute also moreover Lucky was around him all the time, so he just waited for the right timing to meet or call Swara..,

After sometime all friends with including Sanky and Lucky go to club, they hang out there with wines and chicks..,

At late night while coming home Sanky’s all boys friends with including Lucky joined him to his mansion..,

And due to whole day tiredness all Sanky’s friends slept at his mansion only..,

When Sanky entered to his bedroom in all drunken state then he saw Nick there and within no time he started pushing Nick out of his room..,

Both Sanky and Nick were all tully while doing conversation with together..,

Sanky (drunken voice) : Nick not in my room, I shared my room with chicks only…you better go in some other room…!!

Nick comes out of Sanky’s room…

And asked Sanky by scratching his head with confused look..,

Nick (dizzy tone) : Now where I’ll search another one yaar…number of rooms are there…..how will I know which one is better for my sleep…???

Sanky with keeping his hand around neck of Nick..,

Sanky : where ghost girl is waiting for you, go there only..,

Nick : Sanky is she young and beautiful..??

Sanky gave him disbelief look..,

Sanky : haan Bhai I myself checked she is very pretty and young too..,

With continuing in little bit frustration..,

Sanky : now go Nick….!!

Then Nick was about to go but turned and hugged Sanky suddenly..,

Sanky (with struggling in hug) : oh man..!! am I pray of your tonight or what…??

Nick broke the hug…

Nick : arey nahi Bhai..I got emotional…how much you think about myself Sanky…you very well know I liked various types of chicks that’s why you invited ghost girl at your home and that too FOR ME ONLY..???

With saying this he again hugged Sanky..,

Nick : Thank you bro….!!!

But Sanky somehow freed himself from unwanted hug..,

Sanky : my pleasure Nick, now please go and let me also sleep…!!

Nick : okey bye, good night…!!

With saying this Nick starts to go but Sanky called him from behind..,

Sanky : Nick…!!

Nick turned…and asked with confused gesture

Sanky : Dude happie SUHAGRAT…!!

Nick : yeah you too…!!!

Sanky shrugged off and said.,

Sanky : But I don’t have girl with myself..,

Nick : ohh….!!!

With expressing this he makes sad face.,

Nick : Okey then you are free to share ghost girl with me…!!!

Sanky with wide opened eyes.,

Sanky : no you enjoy alone, woh I feel little bit uncomfortable with ghosts chicks that’s why…!!!

Nick (proudly) : But I’m too confident about any type of girl..!!

Sanky : yeah I know….now go she must be waiting for you from long time…and it’s not good to make wait chicks for night…bad manners you know…??

Nick with nodding in affirmative..,

Nick : yeah absolutely right…gn…!!

Sanky : haan god bless you…!!

Then Nick starts to go in drunken state at any way with stumbling steps…!!

With noticing this, Sanky called one of his servants..,

Sanky (aloud) : Ganesh….

Ganesh came towards Sanky with rushing…

Sanky (drunken but with bossy tone) : hmm…..help Nick to go in some empty bedroom..!!

Ganesh nod in positive and starts to go towards Nick..,

Ganesh silently said while giving support to Nick up to bedroom..,

Ganesh (murmurs) : Yeh MAHESHWAI-MANSION nahi, boys-girls hostel jyada ban gaya hai…yeh Sanskar baba kabhi unke frnds ko late hain toh kabhi ladkiyon ko, or if possible then allow both girls and boys also, maan liya bigda rais zaada hai rangraliya manata hai khudke ghar mein ladkiyon ke sath but he allows his friends also in some other rooms with some other girls…chi…chii…muze sochte hue bhi sharam aa rahi hain…par chalo shukra he bhagwan ka now a days Sanskar baba stopped to bring girls in this mansion except some time to allow his boys friends to sleep in mansion after coming from clubs and parties at very late night..,

With silently blabbering this Ganesh helped drunken Nick to lie on bed..,


Here full drunken Sanky closed his bedroom’s door with stumblingly steps..,

After closing door he took a deep breath in relief with saying..,

Sanky : hushh at last my chipku friends spare me and leave me alone after such a long hectic day..

Then he starts to search for his mobzi which took some more time and then after finding it he dialed a call.,

It was late night of 2: 30 am…and Swara’s mobzi was continuously ringing..,

Swara lifted the call in sleeping without seeing caller id..,

Swara (in sleeping tone with closed eyes) : Good morning Sanky..!!

Sanky started talking with Swara in his full drunken voice..,

Sanky (confused) : gm..?? But I don’t sleep until now…??

Swara (still closed eyes) : Now time is of late midnight Sanky means after 12:00 am…..!!

Swara now habitual of getting call of Sanky at midnight when he was actually going to sleep after coming from clubs and parties..,

Sanky (with holding head by free hand) : aahhh Swara….!!

Swara immediately sits on bed after throwing comforter..,

Swara (worried) : what…what happened..are….are you fine??

Sanky (still holding head tightly) : Swara….aahhh..my head is paining like hell

Swara (tensed) : Sanky you should keep limit on your drinking…see now it is hurting you na…!!

Sanky : I have treatment of this pain..!!

Swara : which one…??

Sanky : if now I’ll able to see you na then will definitely forget all my physical and mental pain….!!!

Swara got his intentions..,

Swara : you will not drive in this state Sanky…!!

Sanky : nope…I’m..I’m coming Swara….now I’ll get sleep on your lap only…!!

Swara : you are not coming Sanky, everyone is at home…!!

Sanky : Swara villain of my story is himself sleeping in my mansion.

Swara (confused) : who..???

Sanky : absolutely your bro only…!!

Swara (wide shot eyes) : Sanky you addressed my Bhai as a villain..??

Sanky : yes now a days he is behaving like gabbar of my life…!!

Swara : how can you curse my Bhai Sanky….!!

Sanky : He is liable for that only Swara, don’t you know how he indirectly canceled our date… And worst thing was he didn’t let me allow for bidding bye to you also… moreover today full time he was beside me only…!!

Continuing with..,

Sanky (sad) : that’s why I even not get chance to call you or answer your call also…!!

Swara : Whatever it may be…you should not blame my Bhai…he is not at his fault…understand..??

Sanky (mocking) : not blame my Bhai…!!!

Swara (shocking) : Sanky you are mocking me…???? Now go, I’ll not talk to you…I’M GOING TO SLEEP…!!!

Sanky (naughty smirk) : WITHOUT ME…!!!

Swara (wide opened eyes) : how shameless you are Sanky..!!

Sanky: yeah, I AM..!!

And continuing with…

Sanky : wait can I show you live practical of my shamelessness..??

Swara : Sanky I’m disconnecting the call now, you are not in your senses…!!

Sanky : nope Swara, please don’t do this…after a long time I’m listening your melodious voice..plzz talk to me until I reach to your room’s window…!!!

With saying this Sanky takes car keys and come out of MAHESHWARI MANSION.

Swara : you won’t come Sanky….!!

Sanky started to drive towards Gadodia house.,

Sanky (while driving) : Swara I’m not at my fault….my mind, heart, body badly habitual of you now….I really don’t get sleep without you…and moreover can’t tell you how my head’s pain is eating me like hell…I eagerly need your touch for peaceful sleep..!!

Swara’s heart melts after listening ‘PAIN’ word from Sanky’s mouth..,

Swara : okey come, but drive safely, got it…..???

Sanky : yeah..!!

With this they continued their phone talk until Sanky reach to Gadodia house..!!

Sanky secretly came into Swara’s bedroom from window..!!

With noticing Sanky’s stumbling in drunken state Swara helped him before falling down..,

Swara : arey….arey…Sanky….are you alright..???

Sanky shook his head in a big, single ‘NO’ and after gaining Swara’s confused response..,

He pecked Swara’s cheek and after that pulls her towards him with wrapping his hand across her waist and smashed his rough lips on her soft ones and started kissing her wildly without giving her chance to kiss him back…

He was hungrily licking her both lips one by one with not letting her to get involve in responding…

With passing time he was nibbling both petal lips for feeling juice of them…

While Swara started pushing him slightly when she felt herself out of breath but as she tried for taking herself back he pulls her close towards him with tightening his grip more on her…

With each protest action of Swara intensity of his kiss was growing more and more deeper….

Soon he bites her lower lip hard which started bleeding but he sucks it slowly with feeling metallic taste of her blood…

He was kissing and biting her lips slightly with making her gasps…

By taking it as a chance he enters into her mouth with exploring it by his tongue…

After finishing himself with caressing her mouth by his tongue he again comes back on her lips with just roaming his rough lips on her soft yet juicy ones for favoring each and every corner of them…

And slowly he breaks the kiss when he needs air to breath.

Both were panting heavily with looking at each other..,

Sanky rubbed his thumb on her swollen lips with whispering..,

Sanky : Now it feeling all perfectly fine…!!

With answering this back to her previous question he passed satisfactorily smile on which Swara gave death glare to him for his merciless lip kiss act.

Swara pushed him forcefully and freed herself from his grip..,

She came to her bed and started throwing pillows at him..,

Sanky (with protesting) : Swara stop..!!

Swara (slight angry) : What was that hunnn Sanky….??

Sanky with catching pillow..,

Sanky : It was just showing for how badly I missed you whole day..!!

Swara stopped and throws one pillow and comforter on couch and said.,

Swara (cold voice) : Now go to on that couch and don’t dare to come towards me…!!

Sanky started moving towards Swara..,

Sanky (with cuteness) : Swara I’m not habitual of couch..,

Swara (serious tone) : ok, then you sleep on bed and I’ll go to sofa.

With saying this Swara started go towards couch..,

Sanky holds Swara’s delicate wrist firmly.,

Sanky (innocently) : and I’m addicted of holding you while sleeping…now please fulfill this request also….!!!

Swara jerks his hand and without giving him reply back, she lies on couch with covering herself from head to toe within comforter..,

Whereas Sanky watched her with wide opened eyes..!!!


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