When He Fell for Her (Adni FF) Part 2

Part 2:

Advay was watching this whole scene with quite an interest “is she really that sweet or it’s just pretence, because girls as beautiful as her are always shallow in my experience” he thought to himself. “How about you check it out Mr. ASR whether she is a real or fake one” his mind played an evil trick on him “that’s a good idea I need a diversion also or else I’ll lose it” he thought again. When all the guests went to their homes it was only Advay and a few of the hotel staff including Chandni who were there. To forget about the humiliation he had to face tonight in face of Priya’s rejection, Advay got himself drunk. Now Chandni was his main target, a source of diversion to forget about that insult. She was passing by him when he tried to get hold of her and both fell on floor with Advay on top of Chandni. “Hey Mr. Whoever, can’t you watch where you are going? You are crushing me under your wait, get off of me, look at yourself you can’t even stand, here let me help you” Chandni scolded him and supported him to stand up. At that moment Advay’s eyes caught hers “hmm she is not as innocent as she seems to be” he thought to himself and somehow with the help of other staff went outside. After making sure that he is gone Chandni left from hotel for her home where she had to spent her night alone again as she had no one there to wait for her.

When Chandni went outside the hotel she was in her casual Shalwar Kameez and Dupatta of baby-pink colour and her thick long chocolate coloured hair were tied in pony-tail which made her look younger than her age and innocent as well. Advay was waiting for her with his back rested against his car, he quickly reached near her, “hi” he said to her, “sorry” Chandni looked at him with a surprised expression plastered on her face “hi, thanks for helping me there, my name is Advay Singh Raizada and yours?” he extended his hand to greet her, “Sorry, Mr. Advay Singh Raizada I don’t know you, so, you are practically a stranger to me and I don’t talk to strangers and all I just know is that you are drunk and you need to go home,” Chandni replied him in a strict voice. “Hmm, she is not as innocent and naïve as she seems to be” Advay thought to himself “I think everyone in this world is a stranger but that doesn’t mean you can’t talk to strangers” he retorted back. “Well, I’m not everyone else and I’m not interested what others do or don’t, so, excuse me please and move aside you have blocked my way” Chandni replied him with a little anger and tried to brush past him. He again moved in front of her “what if I don’t let you?” he asked with a teasing smile “look Mr. Raizada now you are crossing the line, I’m saying for the last time leave my way or else” Chandni threatened him with an angry look “or else what?” Advay moved closer to her and gripping her wrist tightly he tugged her to himself and Chandni dashed into his chest. “I’ll tell you what else will happen” Chandni got furious at his contemptible action and gave a powerful slap to his left cheek leaving an imprint of her small hand on his face.

Advay Singh Raizada the handsome business tycoon who was never turned down by any girl was ditched by his to-be fiancée today and had been insulted at the hand of a waitress. This got him totally insane and without thinking even for a second he took her lips in a forced and ruthless way to punish her and he kissed her hard and long. Chandni wasn’t expecting this reaction from him but as he kissed her she was continuously trying to push him away. When he ended the kiss there was anger in her eyes and mocking expression in his “and this is what happens when you mess with Advay Singh Raizada, you shouldn’t have slapped me” he told her “and you shouldn’t have touched me in the first place you gutless bastard” Chandni shouted at him “what did you just call me?” he asked her dangerously “I said you are a cowardly and spineless bastard” Chandni retorted back with tears of anger shining in her eyes. Eyes red with anger Advay tightly gripped her waist and pulled her more closer to him “see now you have made a hell on earth for yourself, I can tolerate everything but not any abusive words for my family” he again kissed her hard, lifting her off the ground he continued the kiss and began to move her to the place where his car was parked.

  1. Fenil

    Awesome Tashan between NiVay ??? ohhh kissed happen between both superb after one tight slap and some abusive words goodgoing.loved it.

    1. Ash_Wall

      Thanks Fenil for loving it… Told ya there is a lot to come… ?????

    Dear ash
    When you update next part please send the link on pm

    Take care and stay safe ?

    1. Ash_Wall

      Thanks UF3355 for the and support… I’m going to submit the next part hopefully it’ll be updated soon… Lots love and you too stay safe and happy… ?????

  3. Hey Ash….. This is not good…… Every time u r making Advay so harsh man…… This is not good…… Asr were not like so in any season…. They hated Khushi and Chandani in the beginning but haven’t done anything like irrespectable to their ladies…….. However story is good……. Continue but please with some softness

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