When He Fell for Her (Adni FF) Part 1

Part 1:
Advay Singh Raizada one of the most powerful and richest business tycoons of top 100 of the world, who saw himself invincible, who thought that he can wrap the world around his fingers and can make anyone do anything for him was feeling totally helpless today. It was his engagement ceremony with his long-time business partner and friend Priya Sharma, but instead of her getting engaged to him, he received a letter from her:

“Dear Advay,
I’m so sorry that I didn’t have the courage to tell you earlier because of my dad’s pressure but now it’s a matter of life and death for me. I’m really v.v. sorry but I can’t get engaged to you as I already secretly had got married to the love of my life, his name is Raj and he really loves me. I’ve always loved you as a dear friend and I hope that you will understand my situation. Please forgive me and also ask my dad to forgive me for disobeying him.
With love Priya”

He crumpled the paper in his fist and put it in the pocket of his black dress pants. “Guys, excuse me everyone” Advay stroke his champagne glass lightly with a spoon and made the guests at the party to pay attention to him “there have been an emergency situation in our family so we have to postpone this engagement, I’m really sorry for the inconvenience you all have to go through, please don’t go without having dinner it’s served on the tables, thank you” finishing his conversation he hurriedly went away from there to a distant secret corner to avoid any kind of questions from the media reporters. “Damn it Priya, if you had just trusted me as a sincere friend, if you have told me the whole truth earlier, I wouldn’t have let it go that far, now I and your family have to face humiliation because of you which I cannot forgive” he was cursing Priya under his breath.

This party had been held at Four Seasons Hotel Mumbai one of the bests, while Advay was waiting for the guests and media to go from the party his eyes were continuously fixed on a girl who must be of 20 years, from her dress she seemed to be one of the hotel staff members, maybe a waitress as she was helping in serving the guests and her dress was like a uniform, she was continuously struggling with her skirt as if somehow she can make it lengthy and it can reach to her ankles instead of her legs though she had managed to cover her legs with white stockings. She seemed quite an interesting subject for Advay to study just to divert his thoughts from Priya. “You idiot girl, look what have you done, you have spoiled my expensive saree” a lady from the guests shouted at a waitress, the girl hurriedly went there to help her colleague in trouble “Ma’am please calm down it’s just water it’ll dry off soon,

I apologize on her behalf, she isn’t feeling well today, she should have taken an off for today but we needed all of our staff to manage the party of this level, I’m so sorry for the inconvenience” the lady’s anger cooled a little bit down “it’s ok na, she is a human too dear we all make mistakes” the lady’s husband tried to make a sense to her “thank you Sir” she thanked him “no problem beta, you seem to be a nice girl may I have the honour to know your name?” he asked her with a smile “sure my name is Chandni” she replied with a heart-warming smile that reached her eyes as well “nice to meet you Chandni beta” the man said with an affectionate smile on his face.

“You know what we also had a daughter and her name was also Chandni but we had lost her in an accident” now the lady told her with a sad smile “looking at you it feels that we have found our daughter, here, this is our home address, we will like it very much if you will visit us sometime” she handed over the address of their home to Chandni “sure Ma’am I’ll try my best” she said with a sweet smile “stop calling us Ma’am and Sir, you can call us Uncle and Auntie if you like it and let me have you number or address so we can send our driver to pick you up” now the lady patted her cheek with affection and smiled. It wasn’t strange that people often gotten fond of Chandni because of her helping nature and her innocence and above all her optimism to see the world with her rose coloured glasses as if everyone in this world is good.

  1. Fenil

    Superb start Dear….ASR’s anger and Chandani’s entry as waitress and her helping nature that also not less and Mr.andMrs. kind nature wow.Loved it. Waiting for the next.

    1. Ash_Wall

      Thanks again Fenil for your support and appreciation… It’s just the beginning… A lot more to come… Hahaha… Love you…

    Dear ash
    AdNi scene and Intro is nice ? story is very interesting ?????? continue soon? waiting for next update?
    Take care and stay safe ?

    1. Ash_Wall

      Thanks a lot dear… I’m actually happy that you liked my Adni FF… Will updated the next part soon… You too stay safe and happy… ?????

  3. P_lata

    Oh thank you to start a ff for our Nivay……..I was terribly searching for this and Fenu gave this link to me………….Good start ….. as always ….. Rich Advay and sweet Chandani…..waiting for the next part

    1. Ash_Wall

      Thanks Lata for liking my Adni FF…. Appreciate the support you guys are showing for my story… Love you…. ?????

  4. Ash_Wall

    2 members disliked my FF Lol… ?????

  5. Pragyashree

    it’s a great beginning. i hope i would have read it earlier. now i can’t stop myself from reading next

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