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in this article where ever it’s Allah G a non-believer of Allah G can thought it to be as God.
AAU ZU BILLAHIMI NASHSHAITANIR RAJEEM(ask for Allah/God’s protection from shaitan,accursed)
BIS MILLAHIR RAHMA NIRRAHEEM(start with the name of Allah/God the most benificient, the most merciful
From so…… many years people of Kashmir and Palestine are fighting for their independence. In our books we read how the people fought for their and our independence but we can’t understand or imagine the difficulties and sorrows athey face and neither we try to understand or imagine all this(about myself) but the whatever happening in Kahmir and Palastine isn’t the same. I felt it to be more horrifying than what happened with our encestors in past. And after listining today’s news i was feeling very sad so write the beneath article and all the lines above without this para but because the article without this para wasn’t fulfilling TU’s all canditions so our respectable administration send me the cause of not publishing this article. So this(para) is my try to fulfil TU’s conditions. Hope now it is fulfilling TU’s conditions.And this article can be called as an emotional conversation with AllahG/God and little conversation with my readers.
Allah G my this article is basically not for any human but for you Allah G. Why people of Palestine & Kashmir are victims of that all cruelity & brutality. To me no one on earth matters about them. Allah G why are u doing this with your own believers.I know and believe that it’s their time to be tested.But Allah G please please have mercy on them all. Please Allah G they are facing this cruelity and brutality from many years infact many many many years Allah G. Please Allah G please mercy on them. PLease Allah G you know whatever is in my heart or in any one’s heart in this world. Please mercy on them Please Allah G you know what they are facing and what are the difficulties they are having please mercy them.Please mercy them by being the family/grand childrens of Your last and be loved Prophet(PBUH) please Allah G it’s nothing but a pray in which my focus is on for asking the prayer. Please Allah G please fulfill my this prayer this request this wish and please bless them with the independence for which they are fighting by their blood please Allah G.I don’t know what and why i am. You know this that why you made me like this and actually what i am but i am just asking for everyone’s happiness(except me) and your permission for everyone to secure their afterworld and want you to guide all to the way to You & Your happiness and want You to allow all of us to become the one You wants us to be.
If someone agrees to anyone of my prayer say Aameen(amen) one time.To whatever pray of mine you agree say Aameen for that prayer.May be He accept anyone’s Aameen from you all and fulfill our prayers.I said 3 words Aameen,Sum Aameen & Ya Rab Bul Aalameen it’s because i am so much enthusiastic to Him to fulfill my all prayers so as in the next lines too. You can also say all these words if you want to but if you don’t want to say all the words then at least say Aameen.
And now these all words are for all the things i said in the above writing & can be defined as prayer.
i am saying please again again & again because i want Him to fulfill these prayers so requesting again and again hope my readers will understand it

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  1. Ooshi

    Thanks to the people who read it and liked

  2. Somya13


    1. Ooshi

      Happy u commented
      It’s a big pleasure for me to have u here

  3. Chavi


    1. Ooshi

      Aameen Sum Aameen Ya Rab bul Aalameen

  4. Ooshi

    Happy u commented Habeebee

  5. Chavi

    ?????..myself too habeebi.. Keep doing..?Allah bless u with wider knowledge..?

    1. Ooshi

      Aameen Sum Aameen Ya Rab bul Aalameen
      By the way it’s first time I m heartily saying Aameen Sum Aameen Ya Rab bul Aalameen to a pray which is for myself

  6. Kathy

    Your a beautiful soul dear..

    1. Ooshi

      Happy u commented
      U know ur comment means a lot to me as u make urself free to come here read it and comment
      Very happy to see u here

  7. Niyati

    AAMEEN SUMAAMEEN YA RAB BUL AALAMMEN . This is so beautifully written appi .I can’t get words to describe this ?

    1. Ooshi

      Ur this is enough Dear no need to say anything more just pray for them
      Be happy Be Blessed and always be obedient to ur parents even in the case when their wish is something you don’t like and care for the needy people around u at the level u can

      1. Ooshi

        Ur this sentence is enough
        Forgot to write the word in the above reply

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