HI Friends i’m pari. May be some of you know me. Guys it’s a love story of a girl. And you all not worry it will be of hardly two to three parts so I’ll not bore you haan. Okay let’s start it.

Ragini gadodia -It’s her love story. She is now 24 years old and she is CEO of a mnc. Love her parents .very helpful in nature.

Sanskar maheswari – He is of 24 years old . He loves his family a lot. He is one of the famous industrialist in the country after his father . Going to marry Swara Bose.

Swara Bose – she is love interest of sanskar. Only daughter of her parents. She loves sanskar more than her life. Friend of Ragini.

Laksh maheswari – best friend of Ragini and Sanskar.

So friends it is the intro of all the characters. It is a college love story. First I’ll write about present situation and in flash back I’ll tell about past.

A house is shown. A girl return from outside. And the servant came and gives her water.

Servant -mam here is a parcel for you.

Girl – thanks. You go I’ll see it.

Servant – yes mam and he leaves.

That girl opens the parcel and saw it was a marriage invitation card .She opens that card and read that. It’s from her friend swara. She was getting married. Her husband is Sanskar maheswari her college friend . she keeps that on table and went from there. After sometime she comes out but she was crying very badly.
Her face is shown. Yes she is Ragini.

Ragini’s pov

Finally sanskar is getting married. But Ragini why I’m  crying. I only refuses him right. Then why. I promised myself that i will forget him then why i don’t . I did the mistake then i should get punishment also na.and it’s my punishment. I never told him the truth.

Ragini – why I’m crying. No I can’t do anything now. He is getting married. Now he will never come to me. Kash i could tell you that how much i love you. I never forget you. But i made situation that you could love swara. You never know that i also love you.

Then she tried to sleep. She remember her past.

Before 7years

She was a very good student. Now she has joined one of the reputed college for her higher studies. As she is a very good student teachers have so many hopes from her. So she joined extra classes in the afternoon. Till now she don’t have any boyfriend. Infact she used to hates them as she thinks them fliters. Now its already five months get completed since she came here. Before two months she joined the extra classes. Now she has a good friend who sits beside her. Ragini thinks her as a mad because she loves a boy whose name is sid. Ragini never saw him only she had heard about him from her good friend. Her name is swara. She remembers that day clearly because that day brings  the turning point in her life. Whenever swara used to tell her about her boyfriend Ragini listens her patiently otherwise she will get angry. That day she got a call before coming to class. The person told her that he was sanskar. And ask her if she was coming to class or not. When she gets angry and ask the reason he cuts the call. Then she came to class. That day their teacher was not present so they were doing their self study. Ragini saw swara was already present .She went and sits near her. She saw her happy.

Ragini – oh madam why you are happy?

Swara – woh actually i’m thinking to propose him today.

Ragini – that’s good but when you will leave.

Swara – when he’ll come. But I’m nervous.

Ragini – really miss swara. Are you are the only sister of  a gangster.and you are telling that you are nervous but why you only told na that he also loves you.

Swara – are we are very good friends and i think he also loves me. Let’s see what happened.

Ragini – don’t worry everything will be good.

Just then the Watchman came and call Ragini. Ragini stands up but she was afraid.

Swara – hey why you are afraid. Go and see there.

Ragini – but i don’t think i did any mistake today.

Swara – are baba first you go na.

Ragini – hmm and she left.

Ragini went outside and saw that Watchman was standing beside the table. When she asked the reason that watch man simply moves a little. Ragini saw a boy was standing behind him. Ragini doesn’t understand anything.

Watchman – he wants to tell you something. And saying this he left to outside.

Now only two people are present Ragini and that boy. Ragini saw him in the extra classes sometime. He came forward .Ragini’s mind and heart started a battle. She became auspicious about him. Someone inside her is telling her that boy was going to propose her but she ignored it. He simply forward his hand and told hi i’m sanskar. .just then swara comes running from back and pushes Ragini aside and tightly hugs sanskar. Ragini was very much shocked. Then swara told him that how much she loves him. Ragini thinks oh god then he was sid. God Ragini you are thinking so much. You thought he will propose you. Are pagal he wants your help. Then she noticed sanskar she can saw clearly that he was standing still. He wasn’t hugging swara. Again Ragini gets thinking. Then she turns to go as she thought it was very awkward to see a couple like this. But before she could go she can feel that someone is holding her hand. So she turns to see it was sanskar. Ragini was shocked. Now swara release sanskar.

So sanskar was facing swara and his back was towards Ragini. But till now he was holding her hand. Ragini tried but fails. Now she can hear their talking.

Sanskar – what is this swara? what’s wrong with you. Why you told that you love me. I know it’s a joke right.

Swara – no Sanskar it’s not a joke I really love you. I’m loving you madly. And you also love me right.

Ragini tried again to free her hand but now sanskar hold her both hands. She prayed that her doubt shouldn’t be true.

Sanskar – what? who told you? I never love you. Infact you are my good friend that’s it. I love some other one.

Now Ragini saw swara is crying badly.

Swara – I know you are lying right.

Sanskar – no swara it’s truth.

Swara – no this can’t be true. You love me.

Sanskar – swara please stop this nonsense. I don’t love you. Now just go from here.

Swara doesn’t notice Ragini there. She runs from there. She was crying only. Now Sanskar turns towards Ragini. He saw her. He can sense the pain.

Sanskar – he release her hand. I’m sorry dear.

Ragini – what sorry are you mad? Why you did all these. You are sid then.

Sanskar – yes my nickname was sid. But..

Ragini – are swara loves you truly.

Sanskar – but I don’t love her. In fact he then goes down in his knees and told her that I love you. Yes Ragini i love you.

Ragini was shocked. She walks back.

Sanskar – Ragini please stop. I want my answer.

Ragini – what answer. It’s a no Sanskar.you are a cheater.

Sanskar – what? no Ragini you are mistaken. I never cheated swara. She was just my good friend nothing more than that. Okay tell me if i ever told her that i love her no na. Then how can i be a cheater. You are my first love Ragini please.

Ragini – but i don’t love you. And saying this she left…

To be continued……..

So friends it’s first part. As i told you it will of three shots. I hope you like it. And in the next episode let’s see what happened next in their life. And guys please give coment. If you all like it then I’ll continue it. So guys till then bye and take care.

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  2. I don’t like these types of people, dual type personality if u have denied someone purposal deliberately by any reason then u should not keep these types of feelings any more. Just think about a girl who is marrying how much dreamed about her future with her would be husband after marriage is fixed and at last moment u denied becoz your long lasting love came to tell about love, Whether it is boy or girl dreams of breaking the would be pious relation is really a big deal.

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