Fated to be – Chapter 7 ( Abhigya )

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Thank you so much to the people who r reading , liking n commenting the updates. It really means a lot to me which I couldn’t express…

To the one who r disliking the chapters, pls I kindly request u not to read my updates further bcoz I don’t know what u r expecting as u r not even saying y u r disliking it n moreover as I said earlier, I wrote 16 chapters already n posted in Wattpad so it’s not possible to change the plot like u wish…

I’m a new writer, this is my first story n I know I’m a poor writer n it takes time for me to b perfect. So I request u pls don’t read further bcoz these updates will worse ur mood as u r not liking my writings as well as my mood too as I’m also a human with a thing called FEELINGS… Thank you…???


Chapter 7

Abhi :

I love you Pragya ???

After he expressed his feelings, he saw pragya to know her reaction. But She seemed to be more shocked & lost in her thoughts.

* I think she’s shocked beyond limit. I need to give some time to her so that her mind process the events that happened , so that she can say what’s in her heart *

He is observing her face keenly where her shock expression is replaced by first confusion, then happiness, again confusion , then sadness. He can’t able to see her sad like that so…

Abhi gently cupped her cheek which break her thoughts..

Abhi : It’s ok. If u don’t like me. I conf…

Pragya :*signing as no with her head *

No, no, not like that..

*He honestly said his feelings to me, so I too have to say honestly everything what I feel for him. She looks into his eyes n said *

I like u so much. More than that, I respect u…

I feel safe whenever I’m with u…

I don’t know y but I didn’t even feel uncomfortable when u hugged me n I felt butterflies in my stomach when u kissed me..

I don’t know whether it’s love or not…


*She looked down with tears flowing through her cheeks *

U r very good person. I felt very inferior infront of ur qualities. I don’t deserve u, u deserve best in yo…

Abhi by lifting her chin n make her see him, he wiped her tears n said


By hearing that , she started crying more. Because never in her life, she imagined that she will be loved by someone like this whose life is her.  She felt very fortunate to be loved by him.Seeing her like that, he too have tears in his eyes…

Abhi : Pls……don’t….c… cry…

She opened her eyes by hearing his choking voice. She saw his tears which are for her tears n she understood the extent of his love for her. In that moment

She truly & completely fell in love with him…

She hugged him tightly n Abhi too reciprocated it. After sometime when she bcome normal, she whispered in his ears

I love u too…

Abhi broke the hug when he heard it…

Abhi : *by cupping her face *

Just now, u said u don’t know u love me or not. Did I forced u indirectly in anyway into this relationship ??? R u really happy with me ??

Pragya : * by holding his face she touched her forehead with his forehead*

Ur love for me forced me to love u truly n I’m so happy for that…

He started grinning by hearing her reply n he again hugged her. After sometime,  he made her to stand.

Abhi : U wait here, I’ll come quickly..

With that he started running fastly towards his car n came back with a small box. He came near her , opened the box which contain a beautiful platinum ring.

She’s confused of when he bought that as she’s there with him all the time in mall. He understood her doubt n he sheepishly said

“I bought this when u r sleeping in the journey?? “.

He is about to kneel but she shook her head as No to him. But he stubbornly kneeled in front of her n in the next second , she too kneeled before him. Sighing loudly, he stood up n pulled her up.

Abhi :


Words r not coming from her mouth , so she nodded her head with tears. He made her wear it on her left hand ring finger. They hugged each other n he kissed her hair…

Abhi : *whispered in her ears*

Infront of this beautiful sunset, by sea waves as witness, I promise u that…


He gently broke the hug n kissed her forehead.

She surrounded her hands around his neck n by standing on her tiptoes, she kissed his forehead n promised him that



*with possessiveness*


He never imagined that she will be that much possessive n he chuckled lightly by hearing it..

Abhi :


I promise. Ok ??

Pragya excitedly nodded as a kid who get excited by seeing chocolates…

Abhi : * by laughing more *

I never thought u will be this much possessive.

Pragya : Acha ji, u r teasing me. What about u when that guy in clg who is about to dash me by mistake ??

Abhi : *somewhat angry *

Mistake my foot. He was doing it intentionally. His luck that he didn’t touch u. If he touch ur finger too, I’ll beat him blue n black. Not only him, I’ll do same for anyone except ur brothers.

Pragya : Then who’s over possessive now ??????

Abhi : Ok. Fine. I agree to it. U too promise me that u r only mine…

Pragya : * by loosing from his grip  & started running away *

what promise ????? ?

Abhi : * by trying to catch her *
me catch u then I’ll say what promise…

After running for sometime, he got hold of her hand. He pulled her towards him by holding her hand behind her back , tightly but not hurting n by smirking he said

” Will u say or I make u remember what u have to say?”

Pragya pouted angrily n he raised his eyebrow as “shall I ” look.

Pragya : Ok. I promise u that I’m always urs, only urs . Now happy Mr. Don ??? ?

He left her hand n hold her by waist, he said

” Super happy,  Fuggi ???”

Pragya : Fuggi ??

Abhi : Yes Fuggi. My new name to u.

Pragya : Seriously fuggi ? Do I look like a balloon to u ah ?? ?

Abhi : S, balloon. My cute balloon. Now don’t argue about that name, if u say anything I will close ur mouth. U know I have only one hand right now in use n that is holding u,  so…

With that he moved closer to her & she put hand in between them…

Pragya : *by looking down blusingly *

It is getting dark. Can we leave to home ?

Abhi : *he kissed her Palm n she immediately took back her hand *

? ? ? let’s go then…

In journey, they shared about each other with their famous eyelockes ???

They reached MM. When pragya is about to open the car door,

Abhi : Fuggi, wait…

Pragya stopped n look at him..

Abhi : Don’t say about our relationship to ur brothers now n most importantly not to Sumit. I’ll say to Purab, Samay in couple of days. After that only we’ll say to Sumit.

Pragya : Y u don’t want to say to Sumit Bhai ???

Abhi : ?? U don’t know about him fuggi. If he gets to know na, he’ll blackmail me  to say to Dadi about us for tiniest thing too. Last time when I’m injured, he blackmailed about 30 times in 10 days. This time, maybe he forgot in Tanu’s matter. But if he wants anything from me na, he’ll.

Pragya : Blackmail like ???

Abhi : If he wants to eat ice cream when he has cold na – blackmail. If he want me to make samay / Purab scold unnecessarily – blackmail. He always says ” Abhi Bhai  do this if not remember Dadi ???” .” Abhi Bhai do that if not remember Dadi ?????” Like this so many times ??….

Pragya : ???? haha. U r fearing for my bhai. ?????

Abhi : Ha, laugh laugh. U r not the one na who was blackmailed by him.

I’m not fearing for Dadi to say about us. I’m just fearing of it’s consequences. If she got to know na, he’ll bug me n ur parents to make us married fast. Just now, u started ur master degree na. U’ll not able to manage everything now. So I don’t want to rush things…..

Pragya : Thank you so much??? . But how can I hide such big thing from them ??? I don’t want to hide from them ??

Idea ?

U say to them n I’ll take care that Sumit Bhai won’t blackmail u. Ok ?

Abhi : Pakka u’ll na ???

Pragya : Yes. ? %

Abhi : Ok. If they r awake, I’ll say to them now or else tomorrow. But before that, u have to convince Sumit. Really fuggi, I’m fearing now itself by imagining his stupid demands ???

Pragya : ???? ok… Haha.. I’ll first … Haha do it…..

They entered MM n living room is silent. Abhi called Ramu Kaka n asked him about Samay, Sumit n Purab.

Ramu kaka : They all said, they’ll eat with u people so they r waiting in ur room Abhi beta…

Abhi : Ok. Thanks Kaka.U leave to home Kaka as it’s very late na. We’ll eat later..

Ramu kaka left to his home where Abhigya reached near Abhi’s room…

Abhi : They all r here only. First ur work…

Pragya : ? ? ok.

*Loudly *

Sumit Bhai ???

Sumit : *from Abhi’s room *

yep choti , coming….

Sumit came outside. Pragya , sumit left to Pragya’s room. Abhi entered his room.

Purab : Where have u gone ?

Samay : Did anyone followed u people like the other day ??

Abhi : No guys. I’ll say where n y we went  but first let sumit too came. I’ll say to three once at a time…

After sometime sumit came by pouting….

Sumit : Say Bhai. What u gonna say ? Choti took a promise from me that I shouldn’t blackmail u regarding this ?

Abhi : Thank god ????

He takes a deep breath n  says from their first meeting, his feelings for her , how he proposed, her answer n his fear about his dad everything…

Abhi after saying closed his eyes as he’s scared of their reaction. There’s a complete silence in the room. Suddenly Abhi screamed in pain as he fell down on bed crushed by three in a hug…

By hearing his scream, they backed off. Their eyes reflect the happiness for their friend. Abhi too got up.

Purab : I’m so happy for u both…

Sumit : Me too Bhai . No one can be a better partner to u than my choti…

Samay : OUR choti Sumit. I’m happy for u both. More than that , I’m elated that my choti got a good person like u as her soulmate…

Purab : Me too Samay. I really worried about her that how will be her life partner should be ? Will she be happy in her sasural n all ?

Sumit : Yes bhai. I agree to it too. Now, we’re glad that it’s u Abhi Bhai. Most happiest thing for us is she won’t leave all of us na when she completed her studies ??…

Purab : Ha. She won’t n all thanks to Abhi for this favour to us ?

Samay / Sumit : Absolutely, Thanks Abhi / Bhai …

Abhi : No Yar. I should thank u all for being part of my life n giving ur sister’s hand to me …..

They all bcome emotional n shared a group hug. At that time Pragya entered the room saw the scene…

Pragya : * by pouting *

U all forgot me na… ? ? ?

Sumit : Who said like that… Join us…
All four group hugged n later they gave Pragya’s hand to Abhi….

After they freshen up, they came for dinner…

Abhi : Fuggi, u didn’t tell me how u convinced Sumit ??

Samay : Fuggi ???

Abhi : My Nick name to ur choti as I can’t call with the name u r calling her na ??

Purab : Lame excuse??? …

Abhi : I know ???

Samay / Purab : For which thing to convince Sumit ?

Pragya : Actually Bhai, he feared to say to Sumit about us bcoz he thought sumit Bhai will blackmail him for that…

Samay : That’s true choti. He will definitely blackmails Abhi na…

Purab : Thank god, he promised to u choti. Otherwise, last time he blackmailed n make me do 100 sit-ups for his revenge as I ate his cake which is in refrigerator. I don’t know it’s his cake piece. I said sorry too. But no, he didn’t forgive me ??…

Pragya looks at Sumit shocked…

Sumit : Y should I forgave him choti ? U know how delicious cake it was ? I specifically applied more jam n it has 2 cherries on top of the piece. But it’s not there when I saw in midnight . U know how depressed my stomach is for not eating it ?????

Samay : Choti, don’t believe his cheesy lines n puppy looks. I woke him one day for urgent work n he , this idiot locked me n Tanu in a room when she came here. He blackmailed Abhi not to open the door when I’m banging it with all strength as that Tanu is literally falling on me ?

Sumit : That day, ur Bhabi came in my dream choti. I’m about to see her face clearly. But Bhai woke me up. U know I’m waiting for ur Bhabi entry in my life na. How can I forgive him???

Abhi : Now, u understood na what ur cute, innocent Bhai will do ??

Pragya nodded her head while controlling her laugh by not understanding whom to support ? ? ?


To readers

The scene which I wrote at last in previous chapter, has came in middle of this update. So sry for inconvenience….

I thought to write as Abhi giving some time to her to think as he don’t want to force her now , but I don’t know how it shaped unknowingly like this as I made her accepting it…

Sry if it’s not acceptable to u people n sry if it’s not up to ur expectations…

Thank you once again for reading it patiently n sry if my words hurted anyone………

Keep smiling all…

Take care everyone….

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