Fate will always bring us together (raglak) (swasan) episode: 6

let,s start the story……

A pregnant lady enter the maheshwari mansion and put blame on laksh;she say the he is the father of her child. Everyone get shocked including laksh buz he have no idea who is this lady. Ragini look at laksh in shocked, her eyes is fill with tears. Ragini went near to the lady and give a tight slap.

ragini: how dare you blame on my laksh. tell me the truth that this baby is not laksh one right.

the lady: plz believe me this baby is laksh maheswari one.

ragini: no i won,t believe you.

the lady cry badly. ragini went near laksh.

ragini: laksh is this lady tell the truth. plz answer me laksh.

laksh: ragini i have no idea who is this women.

the lady: what did you say you don,t know who i am.

she give intro of her to everyone.

the lady: my name is kavya. i am laksh college friend. we were friends for one year. then one day laksh came and propose me,i accept his proposal buz even i am in love him from the first day. After that one day we went to beach side to get fresh air suddenly rain started we both become fully wet and we saw a hotel there we both decided to go there, then we both lose in each other so …

ragini: stop it….. (she cry badly)

ragini run from there, laksh follow her. she went to garden and cry badly.

laksh: ragini plz listen to me i didn,t do anything.

ragini: how can i believe you , you your self tell me that you have love a girl named kavya.

laksh: yes i have a girl a named a kavya. but kavya is that that kavya who i love.

ragini: stop it laksh, i am tired of this talk of you, plz stop this act of your i don,t believe you.

laksh: ragini plz believe me i really really love you.

ragini: i have decided i am not gone married you .

laksh get shocked

laksh: what???? ragini we are in relation for one an half years, you are believing that girl word and you are not believing your laksh.

ragini: i don, t wan to talk abot this anymore and i have decided no to married you. but you have to promise me something.

laksh: what???

ragini: you have married that girl.

laksh get broken after hearing this from his ragini.

ragini: promise me.

laksh: no i can,t do this

ragini: laksh meri kasam you have to do this plz for me.

laksh: ok

they both come downstairs and look at everyone face.

laksh: maa papa i will married kavya for the sake of our child.

everyone get shocked. raglak cry looking into each other eyes.

kavya smile weirdly.

Gadodia family leave from maheshwari mansion.

@ Gadodia

ragini run to her room, swara follow her.

at ragini room

ragini hug swara and cry badly

ragini: why all this have to me. i am unlucky right swara, that,s way all this happen

swara: no ragini you are very lucky girl, plz don,t cry.

swara try to consoles ragini. Ragini fell asleep while crying. swara left the room without disturbing her.

at laksh room

sanskar came there

sanskar: what is this laksh, what have you done and who is this girl suddenly she came and tell that she carrying you child.

laksh: sanskar plz atleast you listen to me, i have no idea who is this girl??

sanskar: what you don,t who is she, then why did you say that you will marry her.

laksh: for ragini, she ask me to promise her that i will her. plz sanskar save me from this trouble, i don,t want to lose ragini. i want her back in my life.

sanskar: relax laksh i promise you that i will save you from this trouble and get your ragini back to you.

laksh: thank you sanskar, i know you will surely save me from this trouble.

they both hug each other.

Next day

ragini went to college. her friend ask her about her marriage with laksh. ragini get angry and shouted at them. they get shocked of her sudden change behavior. after collage ragini was coming out of collage sand saw laksh. she get shocked and went near him.

ragini: laksh what are you doing here.

laksh: i came here to talk to you

ragini: we don,t have anything to talk, so plz leave from here.

laksh: at least once you listen to me.

ragini didn,t let laksh talk. she keep on talking. laksh get angry and pull her closer by wrist. she get shocked, she was about to call her friends suddenly laksh kiss her. she try her best to move from him but cannot he tighten the gap. suddenly ragini friends came there and saw this kissing scene.

soumya(one of the ragini friend): guys i think we need leave from here, let her enjoy.

priya(second friend): wait let me see this kiss live.

kushi(tired friend): stop it priya you didn,t see kiss live.

soumya and kushi drag priya from there.

laksh free ragini from the kiss. ragini didn,t even speak anything and left from. laksh get angry that she didn,t gave any chance to talk and left from there.

@ maheshwari mansion

laksh enter into the house and saw kavya coming from stairs and get angry.

kavya: laksh did you went to meet that blo*dy ragini.

laksh about to slap her. suddenly he heard a voice from behind.

voice: stop it laksh…..

he turn around to look who is that, AP was standing there.

PRECAP: laksh and kavya marriage. ragini suicide attempt. Ragini break down look at laksh in marriage avatar.


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