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He was Ikhtiar-ud-din Malik Altunia . The Emperor Of Ghazni
She was Jallat-ud-din Razia ….The sultan of Hindustan.

His heart was cold and hard as eternally frozen ice!
She had a fire burning inside her!

Will the fire of Razia melt the frozen heart of Altunia ? Or will she herself get burnt in the flames of his desires ?

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Fate and Faith …….when your fate betrays your faith.


Ok ,earlier I wrote ‘Faith and Fate ‘ WHICH WAS INCORRECT , IT’S ACTUALLY FATE AND FAITH.

*************** I would like to repeat , that this ff would I start writing from April 2017 as my Board Exam Is Nearing . So for now I’ll stick to my ff only ie Razia Sultan …. The story retold , which I would try to end by January as my exams are more important but as soon as my board exams will be over I’ll start writing Fate and Faith . Till then enjoy the second and final season of Razia Sultan …..The story retold.

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