Fate and Faith – A Glimpse – Jalat-ud-Din Raziya

Jalat-ud-Din Raziya

Scene 1-
Raziya holds her sword tightly , slowly and cautiously , she draws it near her feeling it’s edge on her palm , a smirk of satisfaction plays on her beautiful face .

In the background , (Raziya’s voice)- “I do not threaten , I warn and that too silently , through my eyes and…smirk”

She swings her sword high as some soldiers attack her all of a sudden , calmly , in planned way , yet swiftly she battles with them all.

Scene 2-
(Raziya ‘s voice in the background )- “For me , my people and my country come first and nothing can change that.”

Raziya raises her hand as her people cheer for her

Scene 3-

(Raziya’s voice in the background)- “Love is not that alters when it finds an alteration”

Raziya , dressed in a gorgeous peach coloured attire and jewelries picks up a diya floating diya from a beautiful pond and sees the reflection of moon on the pond.

She had the fire that could destroy and yet create , she was one of a kind , he had a cold heart that could send shivers down one’s spine and he loved one of a kind.
She was fiery and feisty and this amused him , he loved the fire inside her , but she hated him perhaps because of his cold heart.
Is the lust of Altunia just ‘lust’ or something more , does Raziya really had ‘hatred’ for Altunia or it was destined to change.

To know , follow this amazing , intense historical romantic fiction – Fate and Faith ……when your fate betrays your faith.
I am really really sorry but I won’t be able to update till 5th April since my boards are nearing and for me , my studies come first . Please you guys have to wait , I’ll finish my current novels within 10 chapters.

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