FATE! (A Twinj FF): Chapter-31

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“Are you mad?” Was the only shout everyone heard?

“Yes I. A.M M.A.D I am mad, and if not then all of them will definitely make me mad, you know what I H.A.T.E my life, I so hate my life, just because of me I mean just because of me Twinkle had to go through alot, alot… Did you listen Kunj, Did you listen to her talks, uski kya galathi thi… Bataooo… I want to hear it now… what was her mistake to live a life like this….. Ithna sab kuch suna and you are saying to me am I mad just because I broke a phone. A f**king phone?”

“Praniti, JAAN, Listen…” Tried to calm Praniti down… but was strongly interrupted by her.

“Don’t……D.O.N.T. you dare call me JAAN hence forth, I am no one’s jaan… You know Kunj. When I first saw you, you were the person who was helping someone an elder person for something that she needed, but I didn’t knew that he man who helped others is the only one who knows how to destroy everyone’s happiness, how could you Kunj, How could you, thoda sa bhi ehsaas nhi hua…. Ki tumhe uske saat khda rehna chahiye tha…? Thoda sa b nahi?” Yelled Praniti while crying. She just knew what actually everything was, even though there were lots of things which she herself was unaware of. But after getting to know a lot that was the time she was getting to know what her presence in her Twinkle’s life have done to Twinkle. She so wanted to change going back to the past. But as we say past is past, we can’t change it but for sure we can take the proper measures and she exactly knows what needs to be done.

“Agar mene Mom ko Call nahi kiya hota tho malum hi nahi padtha ki Twinkle ne kya kya Saha he…..kithni ajeeb baat hain na… Jo bachi ek ameer family me paida hui hain. She was working as servents and all just to raise her kids, look at the irony… By the way Mr. And Mrs. Taneja ek baat bataiyee….did you loved me too? Or I was there with you just because I brought good luck to you guys.?” Asked in a sarcastic way…

“Prani….?” Whispered Sandhya painfully slow

“PRANI how could you say like that baby?” Asked in shocking tone, Varun.

“Jo Insaan apne hi khoon ko aisa treat krte hain.. tho why will you give importance to your Adopted kid? But wait, just because you got to lots of good luck, oh….god superstition… Well yes if I brought lots of good luck to you then, does it mean that you will make your own blooded child an adopted one and me as blooded one like seriously?, I always thought that it’s just the rumor but I didn’t knew that my adopted parents themselves assured this news to the media……. Waaah kya baat hain!! Mast…kiya aap logone!!!” Laughed praniti faintly.

“And you Mr. Sarna I tho regret loving a coward man like you…. Jo papa ne bola vahi kiya… Agar aapke dad building se khudhne bolthe tho tum vo bhi karte kya?… Nahi bataoo!!!!…. You know main pyaar me andhi thi… Shaadi ke din yeh samaj nhi aaya ki why my sister isn’t there with me, why these Taneja’s didn’t let Twinkle know about my marriage, didn’t know why she left all of us all of a sudden after my marriage.. kuch samaj nhi aaya tha…socha tha arey waha kuch hoga some office works so not to disturb her you all kept me away from her, But when I saw her during shikha’s delivery tab malum pada that she also loved Kunj…. But they had an ugly break up that’s what Twinkle said to me… And didn’t wanted to stay in your life anymore, but yaha tho kuch or hi hua… Ugly break up nhi… Kuch or hi shabd aaraha he munh main… Anyways why just thinking about all those things. Actually I will get to the point”

“Praniti….listen” Kunj again tried

“Oh please Kunj… Not now I’m not interested vaise tho bus hua yeh pyaar and all..abh muje tumari zarorat nhi he” said shocking kunj.

Kunj pleaded, “what do you mean by that, how could say like that Prani I know it’s all ugly… But will sort it out. Please don’t spoil our life Prani… Please don’t….”

“Our life? Did you said our life…. it’s not ours it’s yours and mine individually… Meri life ka kya Kunj…. What about my life, Yeh sab jo mila sab tho bikh tha na.. sab bikh tha fir kyu……Tum bhi tho Dil kholkar nahi pyaar krte ho mujse… Sab dikhava he khaash me Taneja’s ke family me aathi hi nhi yeh kuch nahi hota…… I so hate my life… Tum sab ko patha he… Just because of your dad and You, mumma papa ne Twinkle ki zindagi barbaad kar diya…. Muje patha hota tho me kabhi shaadi nahi Karthi kabhi nhi…. But dekho kya hua… Just because of you guys…. And yes Kunj Sarna in front of this world I will be your dutiful and loving wife but iss ghar ke andar you are just a stranger…. Kahi chizzo main mene apni bolti band ki hui thi… But abh or nahi muje mera haq nahi chahiye abh aur but jinka haq hain na unko unka haq zaroor dilaungi… just wait and watch….sab ko lagega I am selfish but now I will show what exactly is selfishness is…. From my childhood I loved Twinkle but she is not the same with me anymore…. Why due to you guys… Abh bus chalu ho jaoo…ginna…..and Yes Kunj you are so gonna regret it…. I’m ending this so called one sided love of mine…. I don’t love you anymore….. Thankyou….” Saying it Praniti just moved away into her room banging it loudly…….

Kunj was sitting their without any expression… he just got to know one thing that already due to his stupidity he lost Twinkle and now Praniti too…. He doesn’t know what he have to do. He became so blank that no idea or no solution was running in his mind. He knew this time that or he knows one thing that he would not get those happy days anymore. If he asks about whose fault is this then, it’s obviously his, his father’s and Taneja couples fault. And now no one can change anything. He just stood up and was going to go to his room when he heard

“Kunj beta!!! Prani ke taraf se hum maa….” Varun was stopped in between

“Tum bado ko apni manmani karni hain. I was always dad’s boy but this time because of his one decision and false news I am in this situation. And its main reason is you guys. If you would have not assured that fake truth then aisa kuch nhi hota… Abh main apne dad ko thanks nahi bol saktha. But I can surely say it to you. THANKYOU so much for destroying our life. You already lost your own child, Adopted one and your son in law’s too… a hearty congratulations to you… now you may leave I don’t want you guys in my house anymore.” Said Kunj emotionally

“Kunj beta suno tho” pleaded Sandhya

“Please chale jaiye… Or thamasha nahi chahiye, I am done with it” saying he went away to his room, only to realize that Prani would no longer stay in this room.

He just sat on his bed and whispered, “I hate you dad. I hate you. Just because if you I lost my Twinkle. Khaash main aapki baat manta nahi… But patha nhi kyu dil bol raha he ki or bhi kuch bach hain…that I need to know. And now I even lost Praniti. I hate you… Dad I hate you” saying he laid down in his bed… With tears in his eyes.


Down the hall Taneja’s were shattered to no extend, they didn’t thought that their one stupid decision would bring them till here, were they lost their both the daughters and son in law too. They weren’t in position to even think anything, so without saying or doing anything, they quietly left the place in great depression.

Every things was going out of hand, Twinkle was a girl who just thinks of others before her and now the same girl is the one who always keep herself up than giving others anything, life has taught her a lot of things, first of all her parents whom she loved a lot is the same person whom she hates a lot, She loves Praniti though because she knew that in all this Prani didn’t have any fault of her, she didn’t even know more than half of the things on the world and when she was getting to know it’s had been too late to do anything, Well about Kunj then, she neither do love him nor hate him, once she would always say that she would die if he isn’t there in her life and that’s exactly what had happened, she died the moment she left him and there born a new Twinkle who is strong and Stern in her life, now no one could say seeing her that she is the same girl who first was innocent and sweet, now she is totally different, a strong headed person, with lots of attitude plus a bubbliness in her life, she know what to do, where to do and when to do, now when everyone are hell bend in destroying her peace then she wouldn’t keep calm, this time they have hit her hard and she is going to give them a perfect answer to them but before that she needs a lot of time… And that’s what happened.

Days turned to months after that last drama, it’s been almost 3 months, and no one knew anything about Twinkle apart from 3 people i.e. Yuvi, Anshuman and Aditi… They were the only one who knew what Twinkle is planning, this time they mentally smirked hard thinking of Taneja’s.

In all this Praniti was also doing something which will break a lot of things in lots of ways, and this time she was hell bend on doing that thing, Kunj was tired in all ways, already the office load is disturbing him, Praniti as said broke everything with Kunj, she is just a name sake wife in front of the world but inside house they are totally stranger at least from Praniti’s side. Kunj tried a lot of ways to mend their drowning relation but At last even he stopped doing it realizing that she won’t bend towards him anymore. Kirthi was observing all these things but didn’t knew what is happening so even she didn’t interfered in between them. She wanted to tell to Twinkle but avoided it as even Twinkle was totally busy in her professional life, kids were in there own land, shikha is enjoying her school days along with the boys and boys too, but sometimes even they feel low thinking of Kunj so they straight away calls Anshuman and goes to him and knowing kids even Anshuman stays with them till the kids wants.

It’s was totally calm from last three months and that was scaring Kunj and Taneja’s as the equation of all the relationship drastically changed and as we say it’s the silence before the storm that’s exactly what it was feeling like…..

And finally one day… In Morning Sunday at Sarna Mansion. Kunj was switching the news channels but stopped in between hearing something about Sarna Industries….. And the thing he heard shocked him a lot and scared him

Is PS Fashion Hub in Danger? It’s said that The Company is coping the design of the Rival Companies and selling it in their name? Is it true?”

“It’s also said that the company owners have been asked to give penalty of1 Million to the rival company.”

“Will the raid take place due to false financial loans that the company have been taking from the bank”

Listening to all these things Kunj was numb and looked at the news with a blank face. While on the other hand Prani listening to the News was smiling so hard that as if she knew what’s going to happen.

Kirthi was clueless thinking how all of a sudden there was these things happening to their company whatever it may be, she knew that Kunj can’t cheat or copy and about raid then he looks after each thing personally then how come there is the mistake, there is something loop whole in all this.

But their thoughts were interrupted by phone call realizing that it’s Kirthi’s phone she without seeing the caller ID picked up the phone


“Twinkle, tum bacha? Kyaa hua?”

“Kunj kaise hain?, Voh thik tho hain na mene abhi just news dekha…. Kya hal hain vaha?”

“Baat nhi kiya hain Twinkle let me talk to him, he is in a shock to even reply to anyone and Praniti is also not helping things anymore”

“Bolna kya chahte ho maa.. abh priyu ne kya kiya?”

“Patha nhi but pichle kuch 2-3 mahino se she isn’t staying with Kunj in his room and talking to him,it’s like they both have totally parted ways…”

“Kyaaa…. And ap abhi bta rahe hain…bataya kyu nhi aap ne pahle”

“Voh sab chodi Twinkle..tum ne bus isliye call kiya tha?”

“Well Aap Kunj ko sambaal lijiye…. Main badme call krthi hu aaj bhut khas din he… Mere liye bhi… but aap vaha Kunj ke saat rehkar problem solve karo ok?”

“Ummm…thik he… don’t do something stupid”

“I don’t do stupid things anymore, see you soon mom”

Saying they hanged up the call. She moved towards Kunj but before she could say anything she noticed Praniti who have different smile in her face, which confused her but shooing it out she sat beside Kunj and slowly patted his back.

To which Kunj looked at his mom who have a Concern and worried look in her face which melted his wall and hugged her sobbingly…

“What’s happening mom, kuch cha nhi ho raha, how could they say that I am copying others design it’s my own design, how could they just say like that, and upar se raid, I’m not able to think anything mom… I don’t know why, what to do…..” Asked with teary eyes hugging her tightly

“My Kunj is strong he will make everything right, so get up and be strong my boy, you can face everything so don’t be coward and sit over here, get up for good and make it alright… go” Kirthi stroked his back and said lovingly, even though she knew nothing will be alright, that’s the instinct she got… But nevertheless this was she could say for now.

“I can make everything alright?” Asked innocently.

“Yes if you want then only!!” said without meeting his eyes.

But seeing and listening their conversation Praniti slowly whispered to herself, “Nothing will be same anymore”

“Is it true that Taneja industries are purchased by ARLOKIN industries?”

“Is it true that Taneja are no more an individual company?”

“Why did ARLOKIN take over Taneja companies?”

“How is this possible this company is in my name I don’t think it can be named in any other person’s name. I am the only child of Shrikant Sarna. I think there is an error. Please do check it…. I want to retreat my company” yelled Kunj in frustration

“Twinkle ple….. Please I am…so…. sorry…meri bachi…ka… Kha…khayaal rakhna ple….please…..”

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I am at first warning you guys that obviously this book is where you have seen Kunj in his worst behavior and split personality, most of you hate his character for what he have done.

So I in prior wants to say that in future updates the things he would will only bring more hatred in you readers mind. So be ready for it. If you guys love Kunj that means our Sid, and are like we can’t see him like this and that… So don’t read it further. This book is mainly related to Twinkle and her strong character. Again in future she is going to be hurt and this time it will be worst so. Guys be ready for it… I don’t how you guys would react to it… but I had this plot so. So I hope you guys don’t feel bad


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