FATE! (A Twinj FF): Chapter-3


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On the other hand Twinkle reached her offices parked her car in the parking slot all by herself.. Greeted watchman with a smile and went inside the building only to welcome by wishing her GOODMORNING. She smiled and wished them back with a smile…

On the way towards her cabin which is located in the first floor…..before entering in her cabin she saw her PA who is waiting for her right before her cabin in the respective place..

She greeted her PA and asked her to bring her ice tea with in 15 mins…saying so she entered in her cabin and settles on her seat and was waiting for her PA to come.

Twinkle’s Pov

Uffff finally reached I hope Karthi will be fine…I got it why his mood went off mentioning about the upbringing, but till today I don’t know how he got to know about it or did he really got to know? ….sighed did he got my diary….if it is then I hope he doesn’t hate him…..I would not love that now…. Anyways I trust Sree he would look after karthi…..

Well the other thing bothering me is that there is this sudden feeling like something is going to happen like something Bad….I hope it doesn’t effect my small family and hers too.

Babaji upar se I felt that choti needs me….there is a feeling that she was calling me in the morning. M sorry chotti Me aap se achese baat thak door, mil bhi nahi paa rahi hu. If at we meet Twinkle Promise I will make it up for you for sure.

I hope chudail Thik ho….vaise Babaji Don’t let any evil power effect their sweet family….Kitne b ho sab khush rahe…Maa se bhi nahi mili she looked down sighing sadly thinking about her life..

While thinking all this PA entered her cabin with her Ice tea.
Twinkle took her Ice tea and was taking a sip…”Avni!!! What’s the schedule for today?”.

(PA is none other than Avni…futher description in the next update).

Avni – Ma’am!! Today you have a meeting with in our office with all our department heads to know about the problems faced by them… And after that you have a meeting with the logistics department seperately. That’s all for today…

Tw – Nodding, and asked for the file which is in Avni’s hand Avni.. appoint our head meet at approx 10.30 and ask all the employees to be their at our canteen will have our food together today and the meeting with logistics team ask them to come to our conference room till 3.30 ok!!

Avni – happily lunch saat me woooo….Thanks yaar Twinkle…to which Twinkle looked at her, opps Ma’am Twinkle chuckled.

Tw – Pagal whispered acha or kuch hain? asked giggling.

Avni – Yaar bus bhi kar na yaar enough haa said being grumpy. Suddenly turning serious Ma’am!!!!

Tw – “calling Ma’am means something serious” nodded Yess!!

Avni – Actually you know about a company CHARM Ltd

Twinkle – the one which came recently in the market right?

Avni – yes the same one. Actually they are planning for a tie up with a Logistics Company….and as of there are only two companies which is leading one is ZODIAC and Other one is our company so they may contact us…so what should I do…

Twinkle looked at Avni ” Do one thing you go now let me think give me 1/2 hr I will inform in to you ok? But how are you so sure tht they may contact us?”

Avni- I don’t know that but obviously as a new company they would only love to collaborate it with a winning company and they are new in the field so they would think that our company will be good because it’s just 2 years of our company right ? So I think they may go for our company but not sure though. So I just thought to inform you prior to the ca if we get.

Twinkle – okok… will call you with in 15 mins……

Avni nodded and went back to her work….

Twinkle’s Pov

CHARM ummmm okk nyc name….. Will it be good if they offer us the tie up… As it is a new company let see..

Vaise Try karne me kuch jaata he kya…..I hope no she shrugged I think we should try it….it’s of no harm for trying we will put a condition in front of them if they agree and if thing the companies policies are good will move further.

Babaji Looking upwards thik tho kar rahi hu na….try karthi hu…….Aap saat dena mere….

Thinking this she called Avni inside, Avni came,

Tw – See Avni…..we will try if they approach us….only if they approach ok!!! To which Avni nodded haa!!! Tho let them come, we will Put a condition infront them and if we are ok with their company policy we will move further ok……

Avni – ok maam!! So is their anything that I need to do before?

Twinkle nodded, “actually first call all the heads in the conference room and after the meeting I want research team. To be present in the room ok?”

Avni nodded, “Sure ma’am I will inform them, I will be right back let me arrange the conference room I will be back”.

Twinkle nodded back, “Avuuu!!!!!”

Avni smiled and turned, ” Bolona Twinkii kya hua!!”

Tw – Luthra kaise he giggled

Avni – Twinkii yaar bus bhi karo na……..actually bahut bzy he muje tym hi nahi dethe….pouted sadly

Tw – ek baat puchu Avni..

Avni – ha pucho!!

Tw – y with me?

Avni sighed, ” Twinkii tum jaanti ho na hum humesha tumaare saat hi rahenge….ha voh alag baat Yuvi ke office me kaam karthi thi me pahle….but jab hume maalum pada na humari frnnnd ko humari zarorat he tho yahi hu me tumaare saat…humesha rahungi so voh sab baat chodi or chup chaap kaam karo apna and muje mera kaam karne do ….. Kyu ki Agar humne kaam nahi kiya na Humari boss jo he na Monster se kam nahi he…….vaise hain boli bhaali but kaam nahi hua na koi monster vonster se kam nahi he” giggled.

Tw- hawww how dare you Avu…..monster me…rukh tu……she got up to chase her but before that Avni ran and closed the door.

She peeped inside the cabin and with a teasing smile, ” vaise you are really looking like a cute Monster now” giggling she went away.

Tw – Avniiiiiii!

She sat on her seat back and giggled to herself, ” kaise dost mili he muje bhikul jhalli he “

After almost 15 mins Avni came back, “Ma’am they are waiting for you can we proceed.”

Nodding she took up her files and went with Avni discussing about the requirements to done for the issues…….

The meeting was conducted successfully and the problems were discussed and got the solution for the same…

After the meeting the heads went back to their sections and research team entered inside the room.

(Team members will be noted as 1, 2, 3, etc. No names will be given to them, as of now)

Tw – well I asked you to come because we should be prepared for a tie up soon…. So before entering into it I would like to ask research team to get through the details of CHARM LTD and I want a full packed details about the same in my dear before lunch time.

Re 1 – Ok ma’am we would..

Avni – and before that I want this information to be with in ourself till we get any confirmation,

Tw – so I would say that don’t discuss this matter with your collegues too…..of other departments. And I hope I can trust you all guys am I rg8 or am I rg8?

Teams – we won’t share it maam we promise you.

Avni- so guys get going your time starts now..

All the research members went outside the cabin.

Tw – Avni supervise the department and I will call if I need anything ok?

Avni- Yes sure ma’am!

Twinkle took her file and went back to her cabin and continued with her work and here Avni as said by her monster she started her work while monitoring the department.
After leaving the office Praniti asked the driver to drive towards the school so that she can pick up Shikha from the school.

Asking so she looked outside the window

Praniti’s Pov.

Is it…….No…No…No….But!!!!!!! what if it is then!!!!!…But I don’t think it would be….offooo Prani no u r thinking wrong it would be something else….But the name…. Babaji please help me god….!! The name it’s the same name that I have kept it for them…..my kiddos but!!!!! Could it be the same…..But she wouldn’t be here right and if by chance if it is then…..To startup something a person needs Capital…..and how would she able to pick it up…. She already left her home, she doesn’t even talk with anyone else…..then that is not possible and bachi hui me and kunj….she won’t take help from him…..that’s for sure….but mujse she could…then she didn’t even hinted me anything of this sort….. But is it really her?

BABAJIII!!!!!! please help me na……I know you love her more than me….but the feeling I am getting regarding this let it be positive pleas…………then….. happily then she shifted in her place happily we would be again meet eachother……..yipeeeeee…….if it true then………be ready my girl no one can save you from me…….hihihihihihihi giggled with in herself.

Her pov ended when driver said that they reached the school.

She got down from the car and waited for her beloved daughter, who was running towards her happily……and hopped in her arms…

Shikha caged prani in her small arms laughingly wrapping her hands around prani and shouted loudly,” Mummmmmmaaaaaa, you know I feel so happy mummaaa!!!…”

Prani was so happy seeing her daughter smiling her hearts off, ” ohhoo mumma ki jaan aisa bhi kya hua jo meri bachi itni khush he!!!”…”mumma today na suddenly I had a thought that I will be able to see my Devils….and you know mumma prani nodded happily I have a feel that we are gonna meet them sooooooooon,!!!! Yupieeeeeee” saying this she again wrapped her arm caging prani again..

Praniti’s pov.

Even shikha felt it means……!!!! We are gonna meet soonnn………..

She happily tightened the hug picked her up and went in the car drove towards their home……..joking, laughing and teasing eachother..

At Sarna industries

Kunj – Rohan come let us finish the meeting fast we need to look after the tie up project too…!!!

Ro – sure sir !!!!

With this both went in the meeting conducted in their conference room itself….
Presenting their view after finalizing the deal they came back to Kunj’s cabin….

Kunj – Yes so rohan!!!! Call the SRIKAR Company and inform them that we are proposing them for a tie up…..and yes remember don’t disclose that this company is connected to Sarna industries got it…….I don’t want them to know about this…..till Praniti wants it….so be sure about that ….. N yes one more thing Don’t use Sarna industries Number for contacting them….use the Number which will be used for CHARM OK?

Ro – Ok sir…..I would personally look in to tht matter….so anything else that I can do sir!!!

Kunj – No you can carry on with your work I have to look and recheck the slides that will be used for the presentation with Mr.Luthra…. so don’t disturb me and don’t allow anyone to come inside am I clear?

Rohan nodded and went to his cabin..

Kunj’s Pov

And with this kunj Let see what will happen….Prani as u said I had done the requirements I hope u also would love to say the things which bothered you some time back……

With this he got bzy in his work..

(Till know u all guys might got to know that SRIKAR is none other than Twinkle’s Company)


Here Avni ws supervising…that time she got a call in her Official Number. And what she heard left her by surprised

Av – Hello….

Caller – Am I talking to SRIKAR LTD.

Av – Yes….

Caller – I am calling from CHARM LTD.

Av – Ohhh Yes….May I know What’s the reason behind this call Sir…!!

Caller – Our company would like to tie- up with your company…I would like to know that will your company be able to accept our proposal..

Av – We would like to think about it once sir……But yes we can meet up To decide the further things…

Caller – Sure ma’am.. So is it ok If the meeting is been conducted over our office premises.

Av – No it will be ok for us.

Caller – I would Message you the address of our company..And I would like to fix the meeting at 2.30 in the Afternoon if it’s ok By your company.

Av – Yes sure…I will let you know…… anything else sir.

Caller – No thankyou

Av – Thank you.

Caller – Ur welcome

Saying this the call ended and she straight away went to Twinkle’s Cabin and knocked on the door..

Here inside the cabin Twinkle was working in some plan, she heard a knock without looking up, “Yes come in”

Avni entered and cleared her throat, gaining attention from Twinkle

Tw – Ha say Avni anything important

Avni nodded, “A call from CHARM LTD”

Tw – Wooo itna jaldi sahi he…….. Bol pura tho…

Avni – Monday ko meeting rakha he unhone…… Plus that to at 2.30 at their office premises… Proposal for tie up

Tw – So what did you say….??

Avni – I said that I will inform to them later….. First we need to look after that right..

Twinkle nodded , “I think one hour is over ask the research team to come and inform me about the same… Call them here”

Av – Sure ma’am!!

Avni went and asked the research team to come and with them she went to Twinkle’s Cabin knocking and getting a positive rply they went inside.

Twinkle looked towards Avni and nodded .

Avni – Start with ur collection and brief it.

Em 1 – Ma’am CHARM Ltd. Is a new company which came into the market from last 2 months…they are not able to connect with the Industry properly….as they don’t have any experience..

Em 2 – So they are planning for a tie up so that it will help them to grow up.

And the meeting soon continued..

After the detailed info Twinkle asked for the file… And dispersed them, After they went

Av – inform them that we are ready for the meeting but further decision will be taken from there.

Avni – As u say maaaaam!!

Saying she went outside but came back peeped inside and waved a bye….

At Sarna industries

After the meeting Kunj was totally into the work mode there was a knock on the door with out looking he granted the permission” Come in”

Rohan came inside, “Sir This documents need a signature of yours sir” saying this he forwarded the file to Kunj.

Kunj took that file and was reading….the moment was distributed by a call Rohan saw the caller ID, ” Sir it’s from SRIKAR LTD”.

Kunj – Pick up the phone

Rohan nodded and picked up the call.

Ro – Hello.

Avni – Hello it’s a call from SRIKAR LTD.

Ro – Yes ma’am..

Avni – We are ready for the meeting. You can send me the message of the office we would be their on the appointed time time itself. N Yes the meeting will be attended by the Owner itself…

Ro – Sure ma’am I would forward u the address. So whom am I talking to now..

Avni – PA of The owner

Ro – Oh sure ma’am Thankyou for your response.

Avni – Ur welcome

Saying they hanged up the call

Ro – Sir the meeting is fixed on Monday as you said.

Kunj – Ok so make the requirements for the same and yes will you cancel the meeting of Mr.Luthra and appoint it on Tuesday.

Ro – Yes sir…… anything else?

Kunj – and yes Don’t keep any other meetings on Mondays only the tie up one should be there…..

Ro – ok sir…

Kunj – now u may leave

After leaving kunj sighed and leaned on his chair..

Kunj’s Pov

So finally meeting ready……..challo kunj jaldi jaldi kaam karo aaj jaldi jaate he ghar parni se bhi baat karni he.
Meeting ka direct bol tha hi usse…..
Let complete this one after that…….zoooooop to home..

Smiling he went back to his work mode.


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