Fate! ~ A Twinj FF Chapter-1

I have changed its name from I don’t hate you to FATE!


A girl is running all around the hall without being caught by the boy who is running behind the girl to catch hold of her.

Boy – You little devil let me catch hold of you. I won’t leave you. You would pay for doing that prank on me. Stop right their Twinkle.

(Well the girl is non other than our Twinkle)

She was all the while giggling and running here and there. Listening to her giggles the boy stood their itself and was admiring her.
Suddenly he was hit by a pillow on his face bringing back from the admiring session.

TWINKLE – You are a fool. Tum tho muje pakad hi nahi paa rahe ho …..aiyooo so sad..

Giggling again she ran to the bedroom to escape from him. Entering the bedroom she was gonna close the door. But the boy entered inside and smirked looking at her.

Boy – Now who would rescue you from me dear. Abh bhaag kar dikhaoo.!!!!

Finally he got hold of her and threw her on the bed and started tickling her. The room was filled with her laughs.

Twinkle – haahaaaaa……….I am sry…haaahaaaaaa…..aa.. st..stop pl….please…haahaaaaa…..stop I wo…….won’t do tht…… haaahaaaa…….again promise.

Ku – acha ji… Abh you would say this only, first do pranks and then sry.. waah yeh kaha ki baat hui…… vaise just because of your prank I missed my morning wish. So be my good girl and wish me goodmorning..

Tw (innocently) – Goodmorning kunj.

Sensing her tease, well the boy was none other than our hero, kunj just joined his roughlips with her soft ones, and kissed her so passionately wishing her morning ..due to the pressure he applied while kissing they both fell back to the bed.
Felling short of breath they broke the kiss… Both looked at eachothers eyes and smiled, joining their forehead with a content smile…

Both saying ” Twinj forever”.

Suddenly the girl woke up being all sweaty and breathing heavily due to the dream that vanished her sleep entirely. She looked at the watch and the time was just 6.30 am. Breathing back normally she prayed to her Aiyyappa for keeping her loved ones happy and content. She stood up from the bed tied her hair into a bun and went to get freshen up.

After freshening up she came back to living room area were we can see two boy sleeping hugging eachother. Pecking their forehead respectively she went to kitchen and started to prepare breakfast

Twinkle – Achanak se Aise dream kyu Babaji. I had enough of this and now this…You know that it’s not happening ever. The memories will always be special to me humesha, but know it’s not same anymore. And seriously don’t want to go over there. But this is not a good sign. Till now I didn’t had such dream ever why all of a sudden? Babaji…… I hope everything is better in their life. I just don’t want just became of me they should suffer. It’s ok Twinkle, you don’t need to think much, u can do it. Bus babaji plzz muje unke saamne laake khada mat kar dena.. specially wo chudail ke, kha jayegi muje. Aiyooo babaji soch kar hi dar lag raha, galathi be meri hi he… 1 saal se mili bi nahi hu, anyways bakhi sab araam se thik hoga even I am happy in my small world. May god bless them..

Preparing the breakfast she went towards the sleeping area and started her toughest job that is to wake up both the boys from their sleep.

Twinkle – Sree, karthi utto beta school jaana he na late honge dono abhi hi 7.30 hue jaan. Uttooooooo.

Sensing nandu’s touch both the boys got up and keeping their heads on her laps and slept again hugging her waist.
Twinkle smiled seeing their gesture and started to ruffle their hair.

Twinkle – Sree jaan get up boy Tum tho utt jaao plzz, muje office be jana he jaan. Don’t make me late for my office so be my good boy and get up fast……utto bacha……kal Saturday he, kal sojana achese, aaj utt jao…

When someone is requesting so nicely how will our Boys won’t get up.

Sree got up immediately kissing her cheeks and went running to the bathroom saying ” Goodmorning mumma I will be back soon freshening up. Tab tak uss bandar ko utta dena…..ummmmmmhaaaaaa”

Twinkle chuckled hearing it….. Listening to her chuckling the other one sleeping on her tightened his grip on her and said slowly.

“Kya mumma humesha voh aisa kartha rehtha he. Muje kiss karna tha na aapko pahle. Voh hi kyu kartha he I would beat him haa mom, baadme don’t say anything to me”

Twinkle – You should have got up first then you would have gotten the chance to kiss me first. Now my boy get up and freshen up fast aaj mumma ko jaldi office jaana he.. meeting he tho aap jao and ready ho jao ok!!!! Go..

Ka – ok mumma!!!! And ran towards washroom but he came again kissed her cheeks and went running saying ” goodmorning maa”

Twinkle’s smiled widely receiving the kiss she waited for.

Later she got their uniform and kept on the bed and went to wardrobe section to get ready.

After packing her office essential in her handbag. She went and kept it in her living room and went to pack the bags of her kids. Entering the room she saw both the boys full ready in their uniform and looking handsome as always. She further went to pack the bag then noticed that one of the bag was already packed neatly, which is of Sree she smiled lightly knowing that the habit he inherited is from her only and karthi is full opposite of her.. sighing she packed the bag and asked them to keep it in the leaving room.

Till they came she served breakfast in the dining table that is in living room itself And kept their tiffin boxes filled with chicken grilled sandwiches for their lunch.

While having breakfast.

Twinkle – Kiddos u guys did ur homework?

Sr – yes mumma, mene tho kiya but I don’t know about this monkey.

Listening to the word moneky karthi scrunched his nose and glared sree

Ka – Hello dude!!! Did u called me as moneky…?

Sr – Yaha tere alawa koi or dikh raha he kya.. mumma ko tho me monkey nahi bulaunga tho bacha sirf tu tho obviously I called you only…..huh!!!

Shrugged saying it and continued to have his break fast…. listening to it Twinkle giggled slightly and listening to it even sree laughed a bit.. which lead to karthi making all sort of bad faces and yelled annoyingly ” Maaaaaaa, you tooo” and sat making grumpy faces..

Listening to it Twinkle controlled her smile and glared at sree

Twinkle – don’t you dare Cal him dat sree got…it

Sr – But mumma!!!

Karthi smirked listening to it and showed his tongue to sree

Twinkle – don’t call him becuz it’s only my rg8 to Cal him that…

Saying this she laughed to herself.. it took few seconds to understand what she said and listening to it sree laughed hardly and karthi started to make faces……

Controlling her laugh she said, ” dekho bacho masti bikul mat karna school me Sree I trust you but Karthi don’t ever fight with anyone in the school be a good boy, don’t let anyone raise their doubt on my upbringing ok… Do your homework and make me proud”. Winking she got up and washed the plates fast and asked them to go n get their bag.

After looking everything in the house, whether the window are closed or not , assuring it she took her bag and car keys and closed the gate locking it and went to the parking slot and unlocked the car doors.

She can hire a driver for herself or can keep servents for helping her but rather she prefers doing it herself. While driving towards their school. She noticed that karthi is silent which is not so him so she coughed gaining his attention

Twinkle – karthi kya hua jaan any problem my boy?

Ka – no maa nothing

Sree looked at him and then at Twinkle confused.

Twinkle again asked what happened

After lots of asking karthi sadly looking at his laps playing with the fingers said, ” I won’t let anyone question ur upbringing maa I promise you that maa. You can trust me on this.”

Listening to it Twinkle regretted to say such thing to him, she didn’t wanted him to think lyk that she just said in a flow which effected his small mind so for assuring him, she said ” karthi I do trust u my child it’s just I wanted to say that just control ur anger and u urself know that ur anger is not the best thing in you. Whenever you fill that u will be alot angry go to sree and hold him or hug h he will do the rest job….hain na sree!??”

Sr – ofcourse mumma…..I would love to do it, saying this he hugged karthi by side and whispered I love u….which got karthi relaxed and whispered love u back…..

Seeing this seen Twinkle felt so happy that she smiled and whispered slowly I love u my jaan’s

After reaching the school she went out and asked both of them to get down and showered byes hugs and kisses and went inside the premises shouting
” Love u maa/mumma”

While she replying love u too back slowly…

After dropping them off to school she directly went to her office which is just 20mins of distance from the school…….

This is how Twinkle’s daystarts with her two kids………

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