Farewell Ashok ~ashwaki Ff Eps 12

Precap: ahankara and sushim meets a men who yold them that ashok is still alive, and has gone to the future. While sushim asks ashok for a race.

Sushim signal his two friends to hold kaurvaki. It wasnt long before people find out about ashok race with sushim. They gathered around waiting, everyone cheering for sushim. Kaurvaki told ashok he should have said no, ashok told her …he couldnt let sushim get away with what he did. Kaurvaki was about to say something else when sushim friends drag her away.

Ashok turn to sushim ” you will let her go if i defeat you?”

” of course you have my word”

Ashok.nod. before getting in the line. Siamak says” the person who manage to get the school flag at the top of the pole wins. Sushim looks at tunisha ” this is for you babe” , tunisha roll her eyes.

Ashok bends down, the same time sushim did. When siamak blows the whistle they both ran. Both neck to neck, the crowd scream with excitement. Ashok avoided some obstacles like the trash can. He could feel his nostril burning while his heart pumps , causing his breathing to pick up. Ashok legs pump creating speed on his legs. When they both saw the fence leading to the track they jump, both neck to neck.

They made a turn, now their both on the track running. Ashok could feel the rush of the wind. People moved out the way when they saw them. Sushim was starting to loose energy. He was surprise at how fast ashok was. He wonder if the boy been running all his life. ” i cant let ashok win” , quickly he ran infront of him before running side to side blocking his path. Ashok moves to the other side, but sushim move the same place.

Ashok falls back a little . sushim smirk, ” are you loosing energy already. What a shame” he says speeding

Ashok glares before looking for a short cut back. He search until he found stares. Smirking he ran to the gym entrance and up the steps. Sushim seeing this smirk ” i guess he chickened out”.

On the other hand. Ashok opens the door to see the flag near by. He calculate how far of a distance it would be to jump to each building. He realize it wasnt that long. Moving back, he ran and jump, swinging his legs forward.

Everyone could see sushim, sushim friends says ” i dont see that clown any where, maybe he gave up”

The crowd cheered seeing sushim coming. Kaurvaki worried wonders if sushim probably cheated. Or did something to ashok. Siamak ressures her that ashok will definitely come. Kaurvaki asks how does he know ” because ashok never goes back on his word”

Kaurvaki raised a brow ” you barely know him nd yet you talk as if you have been friends with him for years”

Siamak chuckles ” its funny isnt it”

Ashok jump through another building, he almost slipped , but he quickly grab the end and lift himself up. He could see the crowd and sushim. The sun shinning on his necklace, while he stand tall and proud in determination. Kaurvaki feeling something blinding her look up to see Some one up on the rooftop. Her eyes widden when she saw who it was ” ashok!!?” she says

Siamak look up, and shout his name. Soon the crowd started cheering. Sushim seeing ashok close to the flag, cursed under his breath . he could hear tunisha saying ” that clown is interesting”, this made sushim upset. He reached the pole ready to climb when people gasp.

Ashok seeing sushim touch the pole jump, reaching for the flag. He stretched until his arm and leg was wrapped around it. He grab the flag removing it. The crowd cheered. Ashok jump down before going to sushim who was still shock.” how did you manage to do that?” he says

Tunisha walking to them says ” isnt it obvious. This clow- i mean ashok, is a gymnast. How else is he able to do all those stunt”

Ashok didnt understand what tunisha ment, but he didnt pay to much mind. ” i won sushim, now let kaurvaki go”

” i dont care you can have her” he says

Kaurvaki jerk her hands free before walking to sushim. Upset she punch him in the face, causing him to bleed on his nose ” i was afraid of you before, but not today. The next time you push me i will broke more then your nose.”

Everyone was surprise. Ashok eyes was widen like a saucer. Siamak says ” sushim just got hit by a girl” this caused everyone to laugh at him. Tunisha shook her head before calling him a looser. The laughter soon quiet down when the teens saw the principal. ” i see everyone is having a good time” he says before looking at kaurvaki and then ashok. Who was holding the flag.

” you two to my office” he says

Everyone quickly scram. They we’re glad it wasnt them caught by the principal. While in the office the principle told kaurvaki how disappointed he was, that she would use violence in school. He turn to ashok who was standing. ” and you, its your first day and already your being rebellious. Skipping class and taking school property”

Ashok commented saying sushim had pushed kaurvaki, so he had to do something. The princicple told him he should have inform him, ashok apologise. ” since this is your first time, i will excuse what happened earlier.” , they thank the men before stepping out the door. Suddenly they saw tunisha leaning before looking up and smile.

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