Farewell Ashok ~ashwaki Ff Eps 11

Precap: ashok attempt to take a shower, causes damage to the bathroom. Kaurvaki seeing this helps to clean the mess before it gets worse.

Ahankara didnt know where she was being taken. She tried hitting the bag they had put her in, but unfortunately she couldnt get out. It wasnt long before she heard shouts follow by sword clanging together. Few minutes later , all was quiet. She was afriad. She knew something had happen, and hope who ever it was was here to save her.

She suddenly saw light, then she saw sushim who was smiling down at her ” how many times must i save you” he says

Ahankara eyes soften seeing him. Sushim held his hand for her, and she gladely took it . once up, she let go of his hand and thank him. She asks how did he know she was kidnapped. ” i saw them took you” , they wonder who would want to kidnap her and why. While they were on their way back. They bump into a men, he had a hoodie on. He was shaking saying time will change. Ahankara curious asks him what he ment.

The men told her, the boy who suppose to rule india has disappeared. I see bad things happening. Ahankara put two an two together. She asks the men if he knows anything about ashok. The men sussh her, he told her if she wants to know anything to follow him. She was about to when sushim grabs her ” are you crazy ahankara? We no nothing about this men”

” your right, but he knows about ashok disappearance”

Sushim raise a brow ” what made you so sure his talking about my brother?”

” think sushim, ashok the only one who disappeared in thin air. We cant find his body, and everyone assume his dead. I did too, but some how i beleive tgis men. Ashok is alive”

Sushim sigh ” ok , i will play along with this until you realize my brother is in fact dead”

” suit yourself”

they follow the men inside an abandoned house. Their the men starts chanting. Sushim raise a brow when the men gasp. Ahankara says if he knows anything. The men told them that the one they seek is in another time.

” time, what do you mean?”

” he manage to do the impossible, and go to a place where is highly powerful and knowledgeable”

” and what is that place?”

The men stare at sushim before smiling ” the future”


Sushim next to his motorcycle was lifting weights. When he saw tunisha he whistle grabbing her attention. Her and her friends stop ” is their something you want sushim?”

Sushim putting the weights down told her he got two tickets to the movie. If she would like to go, tunisha look at her friends asking if she should. They laugh. Tunisha says ” you hear that Sushim theirs your answer… Bye bye” she says. Walking away.

Sushim friends laugh. They told him this was the twentyth time he was rejected by her. Sushim threatens to beat them if they dont shut up. He told them, she. Will be his, it wont be long now. Just then his friends nudge him, ” look its the clown”

Sushim looking at ashok following kaurvaki smiles. ” HEY YOU!!”
. he says making kaurvaki tense. Sushim walk over until he reached ashok. He look at ashok up and down smirking. ” why are you at my school clown”

Ashok says ” i have come to search for knowledge”

Sushim and his friends laugh at ashok choice of words. ” what a geek” he says making his friends laugh, sushim look at him again before telling him he wants a race.

Ashok says it wont be wise, since they have class. Kaurvaki finally getting together says the same thing. Ashok looking at her pleading eyes sigh. ” very well, i will not engaged with you sushim. I will head to class now.”

.kaurvaki sigh with relief. She grab ashok hand draghing him away. Sushim says in head, if i can win against him , maybe ahankara will take notice and think I’m cool. He told them to stop, and grab kaurvaki. Kaurvaki look at sushim while trembling. ” if you race me then i will let her go”

Ashok wasnt fazed. It wasnt until sushim push kaurvaki to the floor that he got mad. Ashok told him ” its like you to hold a hostage and threaten them” ashok looks at kaurvaki who shook her head. ” i will do it” he says

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