Farewell Ashok ~ashwaki Ff Eps 10

Precap: ashok heads to the grocery shop to go and buy school supplies, while their he cause some trouble and even got the workers to go on strike. Now what could be awaiting for our young prince.

It was another morning for kaurvaki. She got up stretching and yawning like always. Her hair a complete mess. She tierdly search for her things before heading to the bathroom. When she arrive, she realize it was locked. She figured it was her brother. ” ayan open this door” she screams

When she got no respond, she twist and turn the door , shouting for him to open. She was about to knock again when the door open slowly. Their ashok stood with only towel around his waist. He had a confuse expression on his face, but it soon turn to an apologetic one. ” good morning kaurvaki, did i disturb you?” she says

Kaurvaki couldnt find words to say. She has never seen a man with no shirt on. Well shes seen movies of the hero shirt tearing up, but this was the real deal. She had to admit, without his weird clothes ashok look really hot. I mean his hair was wet, causing the water on his head to drip. His hair stuck to his face like glue. She look to see his six packs, but stop when she realize ashok was still waiting for her to answer.

” Ah.. Yes good morning. I was about to use the bathroom.”

Ashok laughs nervously ” you cant go yet”

When he said this he put his hand to block her from coming in. Kaurvaki raise a brow ” why not?”

” theirs a creature in there going crazy and squirting water. ”

Kaurvaki confuse asked what he was talking about. Ashok ressures her that he handled it. ” what did you do ashok?”


” ashok, let me pass”

” not yet”

” ashok!” she says getting angry

Kaurvaki pushes herself in. Jabbing him. Ashok sigh and close the door. When kaurvaki walk in she almost had an heart attack. Their in the bathroom, broken was the water hose. But thats not what upsets her. Their was water everywhere, the tub was filled with water, and the curtain was removed. Even the sink was cracked. She angrily turn to ashok ” how could you have cause so much damaged?”

Ashok rough his hair ” well” he says


Ashok woke up after a long nap. He met kaurvaki mom and jagannath who asked if he took a shower yet. Ashok says ” what is a shower,”

They laugh and ask if he was joking. When ashok didnt respond, they look at one another before kaurvaki mom explain it to him. She told him to follow her and she showed him the shower hose. Then she made water for him in the tub. Ashok was fascinated. He asks if their was a spring near by that fills the tub . ” no, its connected to the pipes, bringing water.”

Ashok confused says ” what is a p-i-p?”

Kaurvaki mom told him not to worry about it. She showed him where the stuff was to use before telling him to enjoy. When she left, ashok removes his garment. He look in the mirror to see the mark still there. He gritted his teeth ” who was it that shot me, it couldnt have been kalinga , i mean why would they be in that area” , ashok walk to the tub and get in. Their he sigh with ease. ” this water is very pleasant” he says

He stretched his foot and muscles before washing himself. He look around. And spotted the hose. Curious, ashok got up and touch it. He didnt realize the hose was a sensor. As soon as he touched it, it came on. Ashok surprise drops it. He look at it again, and says ” this is just another silver thing. Its not alive”

Suddenly the hose started rising and wiggling everywhere. Causing water to spill. Ashok surprise move out the way when the water squirted towards his direction. He repeatedly kept moving, trying to grab it, but it kept moving. Ashok grab his sword to kill it. The hose wiggled out the way, making ashok hit the curtains, making it fall to the floor.

He tried again, this time hits the sink. Leaving a crack behind. Ashok gets on the toilet seat which was down and jump, cuting the long rope of the hose. It fell down making ashok smile ” now you wont harm kaurvaki and her family ” he says. By that time, water was everywhere and the tub was too full with water.

End of flashback

Kaurvaki couldnt believe it, she wanted to hit ashok in the head, but refrain from doing it. She calmly told ashok to get the mop because they will have to clean it before her parents come. Ashok nod. They quickly got to work, while wipeing the sink kaurvaki slip…bumping into ashok who was moping the floor. Ashok surprise fell into the tub. He came back out squirting water from his mouth.

Kaurvaki apologetically apologise, but stop and laugh. Ashok. Smile. He never heard her laugh before. He realize he like it. Kaurvaki quickly stop when she saw the look ashok was giving her. She look at him raising her brow ” what?”

Ashok smiling says ” i like it better when you smile and laugh”

Kaurvaki heart drum, her cheeks turned red before telling him to get back to work. Suddenly they heard a knock ” kaurvaki-di… Are you done yet?”

Kaurvaki told ashok not to say a word. She turn to the door before saying she will be soon. Ayan told her to hurry up, before leaving. They both sigh with rellief. Ashok step out the water the same time kaurvaki turn to him. Their was a pause, before they both scream. Ashok quickly cover his region area, while kaurvaki fainted. Ashok quickly search for his towel before running to her. All while calling her name.

Their goes her normal routine, she thought in her head.

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