Fans sign a petition to WITHDRAW Mujhse Shaadi Karoge

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 Colors’ reality show Mujhse Shaadi Karoge was given a hype even before the concept of the show was introduced to people. Sidharth Shukla and Shehnaz Gill’s brewing friendship was worthy pf being turned into a show but the makers premiered on February 17, a swayamvar designed for the latter. But since the beginning itself, the show has been subjected to negative comments from social media users. Now the netizens have signed a petition asking makers to discontinue the show.

The show has Paras Chabbra and Shehnaz Gill as prospective groom and bride looking for their perfect partner. But both of them show no lack of interest in getting married and that’s where the problem lies. Viewers have taken to Twitter to express their opinion about this reality show and it’s evident that they dislike the show very much.

While fans are rejoicing as they saw their #SidNaaz – Sid and Shehnaz Gill on screen together after Bigg Boss 13, they just can’t bear the thought of a show revolving around Shehnaz’s swayamvar. Fans have tweeted saying that instead of making a ‘Swayamvar’ show, there should have been a show with Sidharth and Shehnaz in the lead. They have also started to trend #SidNaazShowInDemand.

Well, do you agree too??
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  1. I can see both Paras and Shehnaz don’t have their mind and soul in this project. Shehnaz trying to kick people who come to entertain is not entertainment at all. She is laughing unnecessarily sounding so false. To some extend Paras seems dignified in the show but Shehnaz is a total flop. She cannot decide for herself, how can those fools (sorry for the expression) who she picked on being prompted tolerate the way she goes on with Sid it clearly shows she is not interested…..very disappointing. Aarti would have been a better person to handle this show well.

    1. SKA

      Agree! Cant believe they want her who is sooo hung up over SS (the “fixed” winner of BB). She kept throwing herself at him and finds every opportunity to grab him.

      Definitely not a marriage material person. She is NOT interested in anyone of them or the show.

      It is all about the MOOLAH for Paras and Shehnaaz. She is so loud and laughing so uncouthly, interrupting the anchor. total FAKE!

      If Paras’s mom will eventually find him a bride so what is the relevance of this crap show??

      Saw the first show and I understood the crap that is planned. Both are making fools of themselves.

      SS came on stage wearing a hideous top, as if eggs were thrown at him by women for his abuse on BB :-))

      Total farce and wasting everyones’ time and intelligence just like they did for BB 13.

      And what’s up about Shahbaz? If Sana cannot decide then why give airtime to her bro who is oggling Paras’s selection of women. Easy money for win!!

      Seriously, i have no clue what is going on when it is all melodrama and not a serious show.

      Where do i sign??

  2. Verma4

    Where do I sign ??

  3. Shahbaz, is in for the food, money and the girls around. Just cheap talk no intelligent conversation he has in the crowd…what is he doing there. You can tell Sana is being prompted what to say as she is very cautious and keeps touching her hair but actually adjusting her ear buds…..LOL! What a waste of time this show is…… Finally they will show both of them are not interest in any of the candidates. Do men really want what Sana has been asking to just pamper her…..well then she has to look for a sugar daddy….Sana may not know what’s a sugar daddy so for her I will explain a rich man who is old and wants only company of women.

  4. This show is so hard to watch. It is such a flop show. I think the only people who are watching this are Shehnaaz and Paras fans. I watched 2 episodes and that’s it.
    This show is also so evidently scripted… also we now have another wannabe Shehnaaz. I am Punjabi and that is NOT how Punjabans act. That is how filmy girls act lol

  5. Shehnaaz is all ss.
    Why is she even on these show.
    Find or Replace her with someone else.
    Shes mot fair in task.
    Mayank stay out of her task.
    She dpi esnt pik winner anyways.
    Guys r fake.
    Winner of task says its ok.
    Bullshit. U r a fakke.

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