Fanfiction of Tashan e Ishq (Epi 5)

Sarna house:
Kunj wakes up…stretches his arm and sees around. Twinkle was still asleep.he gets up and comes near the bed. He sees her face and thinks.. “ how innocent she looks while sleeping, but can’t resist her from fighting!!” he makes a face telling..god..plzzzzzzzzzzzzz direct my way!
He goes to the washroom.
He comes out of the washroom bt twinkle was not there.he gets ready. Then he finds twinkle coming to the room . her hair is completely wet.she comes in front of the mirror while rubbing her hair against the towel..(she is looking damn hot)
Kunj looks on…….after a while kunj comes to his senses. He asks twinkle “ where were u ?”
T: i went to take bath in bebe’s room..u went to our washroom..that’s y
K: ooooooooo
T: you come downstairs.. i ll give u the tiffin.
Kunj comes down.twinkle hands over the tiffin to him.
K: twinkle what are u doing in the evening??
T: y?
K: actually i was thinking to go out somewhere…
T: so go na..
K: what do u mean?? M telling that m planning to take u out…
T: (excited) me??
K: yeah
T: bt y? I mean suddenly?
K: you only said that we don’t spent time together ,, so i thought……..
T: okay I ll go (smiling)
K: okay the be ready, i will pick u up sharp at 5. Bye
Twinkle waves bye. She thanks god and goes to her room.

Anita sees all these and smirks. “ going out with hubby ha?? Let see how u guys go out”
Twinkle is very excited to go out with kunj. She takes out many clothes ansd asks herself waht should she wear??..she picks up an elegant dress in pink and orange and says.. “ today u ll not be able to move ur eyes from me..Mr kunj sarna” anita watches all these and thinks smthng.
Twinkle gets ready.( she is looking awesome)
She sees herself in the mirror and smiles. Suddenly she becomes restless thinking where her matching sandals are. she had kept them together bt coudnt find now.
Anita enters

A: twinkle what are u looking for??
T: my sandals,, i kept them here bt cant find them now.
A: are may be u have kept them somewhere else..look carefully.
Twinkle searches here and there. While she is busy in that, anita keeps the sandals near the bed.
A: twinkle see.. its here…
Twinkle comes running.
T: strange..i just now saw it was not here..
A: arey..leave it na..u ll be late..see its already 5
T: oh no…one min,, how do u know m to leave at 5???
A: kunj was telling u na..i heard..
T: ( making a face) ooohhh!!
She quickly wears her sandal and rushes.
Anita smirks and says “go twinkle go…….run”
[flash back : anita steals twinkle ‘s sandals and break the heels. She attaches it again using an adhesive.]
A: now time for some fun!! (Laughs)
Kunj has come to pick twinkle and calls her “ twinkle …come fast we ll be late…..”
T: ( coming down) yeah yeah m coming..
Kunj looks at her..he is speech less .one of the heels break and twinkle slips….
K: ( shockingly) TWINKLE…..!!

PRECAP: twinkle gets a sprain ..kunj lifts her up and takes her to the room.

  1. Nice episode more romance between twinj

    1. okay..i will try..anyways thanks for reading..

  2. Anita she is just there to ruin twinkle happiness. F****k Anita stop being like that

  3. so sad that they are not able to go for a date but i am sure that something more interesting is going to happen am i correct tara no one can ruin twinj s happiness

    1. that will be revealed in the upcoming yeah no one can ruin twinj’s happiness…

  4. want twinnj romance Tara

    1. yeah yeah m working on that hopefully next epi will be a romantic one…

  5. Tara show romance b/w twinj

  6. Loved it dear.what’s ur age dear.I’m in12 th .prep for MBBS entrance

    1. wow thats gr8..all the bst for that..m in 10 th nd going to sit for board..for the first time..
      anyways thanks for reading my ff..

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