Fanaah 9th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Fanaah 9th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vivan knocks on the door and wants to come inside. Preet says to Dhara that she wants her to fully fall in love with Vivan. She makes Dhara lie on the bed and says that lets end this story just like we started. Vivan comes in and asks if Dhara is Okay. Preet Madam tells Vivan that she has applied the medicine and that Dhara will be Okay. Preet Madam tells Vivan and that there is good news for him and tells Dhara to explain to Vivan. Dhara says to Vivan that she has told everything about them and that she loves him a lot.
Anshuman comes in the mansion and Preet senses his presence. Preet runs to check and says that Anshuman is here while Anshuman is roaming in the hallway. Preet goes and dresses up like a bride. Miss Fareeda says tells Abhymanu that how Preet uses a box to locate if there is a Vampire near the mansion. Miss Fareeda opens the box and sees Anshuman and says that there is a vampire and assumes that he must be here to get the powers of the moonstone as all of them that this is the 218th year. Abhymanu says that then we’ll kill him.
Miss Fareeda says that I want to kill the Vampire but also don’t want Preet to know of us. She says that why not I bring Preet so that she could kill the Vampire herself. She says that the time it takes Preet to find the vampire you also find it and keep an eye on him while I bring Preet.
Anshuman walks in the mansion when Dhara’s friend comes from behind and stops him and says that you came. Anshuman tells her to listen, but she asks him if he is Okay and says to him to confess his love for her. She asks him of he is afraid of when suddenly her throat gets cut and she dies. Preet is standing behind and asks him that when did you became his. Anshuman says that she was a school girl and you killed her, when did such hatred come in to you. Preet says to Anshuman that do you want to know the girl that you left 18 years ago. She holds Anshuman’s arm and drags him.
Vivan is sitting with Dhara and says that how much I loved you but why did you put up such an act. He says that for so many years you tried to keep away from me. He says that he could not understand anything but knew she loved him. He says that he tried for so many years and Preet Madam did that job in 15 minutes. He asks her of what she said and she remembers of what Preet Madam promised. He says that if he knew that thus would work than he would have locked them up in a room a long time ago. Dhara says to Vivan that Madam knows everything; she tells Vivan that she is sorry as she hurt him a lot as she was confused. She confesses her love to him and says that the both of them will live together. Vivan says that he wants to go thank Preet Madam for bringing her back.
Preet shows Anshuman the stage which was setup for their marriage and says that everything is exactly the same way in which you left it. She tells that she waited for him for 18 years and that is near to 6574 nights and you ask me that from where I had so negativity. Anshuman says that the end our love got should not be everyone else. He says that he is here to complete the love of Vivan and Dhara. Preet laughs and says that the most powerful vampire is talking of love. She asks him that when did he started to fight for love. She points to the stage and says that you left a dressed bride, why didn’t you think about our love, why didn’t you fight then.

She says that the Preet is dead and you killed him. She says that Preet which used to think and sense love is no longer the same. She wants only power now so that no one can come close to her and Vivan and Dhara’s love will bring her that. She says that will make her the most powerful. Anshuman says that love learns to fight power and it is not easy to sacrifice love. She tells him that you came here to find the moonstone 18 years ago didn’t you. Anshuman says that he did but left without it and did you thought about that. He says that 6574 nights you thought about hating me but did you think about me. She says that the day she loved him more than her life is the day he left her.
Anshuman says that he had to go because he had to save her life. Anshuman says that he only came for the moonstone so that he could become the most powerful Vampire. He says that after I had got the powers I could have finished you but I actually fell in love with you and that is why I had to leave you and go away from you. He tells Preet that to live together in love is not necessary but to have love there is. He says that in the years you became so powerful that I could not come close to you. He says that the close I came the weaker I become. Anshuman tells to Preet that today this weakness doesn’t pain as much as the feeling of staying away from you. Anshuman says that I have loved you and always will. Preet says that you did all of this for me and that means our love is not wrong. She cries and hugs Anshuman

Precap: Preet and Anshuman get married. Abhymanu gets into a fight with Anshuman. On the stage Anshuman fall and Preet Madam says that there must be some book which will make him strong. Miss Fareeda says to Preet Madam that you are right as love makes us weak. She sends Preet Madam in the mirror and Abhymanu says that from now it will be our rule.

Update Credit to: Sona

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