Fanaah 8th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Fanaah 8th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vivan tells Dhara to look him in the eye and say that she doesn’t love him. He says that after my sister and uncle passed away my life is only you and have been waiting for you since and can’t live without this love so please don’t take it away from me. Dhara kisses Vivan without saying anything and he hugs her and says that we will go someplace very far from here. He reminds Dhara of Meath and Mahi and Dhara says that they can’t live their life between these rocks and have to think of other necessaries as well. Dhara says to Vivan that she loves him but to live her life properly she has decided to marry Adrij.
Dhara comes in her room and cries on the bed when the woman appears and says to Dhara that you love him don’t you. Dhara nods her head and says that to protect his life she will do anything and if their love is complete then Preet Madam will sacrifice him for the powers of moonstone. Dhara tells the old woman that she should not have came here and risked her life for them. Preet Madam senses something and starts to locate the person and realizes that is even more powerful than her.
The old woman says to Dhara that she has lived her life with her love and now doesn’t care and only wants to help them. She tells Dhara of the book which is a guide to perform magic and also will help Dhara to escape the place. She says that she also used the same book to escape the place. Preet is searching for the person in the Mansion and says that there is someone and she knows theses powers.
Preet comes in the room and looks around and finds no one so leaves. The woman re appears when Preet leaves and Dhara is looking for the candle when Vivan comes and they get into an argument. Vivan wants to tell Preet Madam of what happened today between them but Dhara stops him and says tells him that Preet Madam is the reason for all this trouble as she is a witch, while Vivan says that you have gone crazy.
Dhara lights the candle and remembers the instruction given by the woman and so goes to search for it in the back of the mansion. She removes a piece of cloth there and finds a mirror there, she opens the drawer and sees something wrap in red cloth with a dagger over it. Dhara opens the book and starts to perform the rituals. Dhara writes Vivan’s name with her blood in between the signs and then hears a knock on the door. She ignores it when suddenly Vivan comes in and asks her that what she is doing. Dhara faints and as she does she murmurs to Vivan that Preet Madam is a witch.
Vivan takes Dhara to a room and bandages her hand. Vivan instantly tells Preet Madam of what Dhara is doing and she tells Vivan to go to his room and she will handle this. She assures Vivan that she will not let anything happen to Dhara and tells Vivan to stay in his room. Anshuman is roaming in the jungle when the old man appears and says to him that he must go to the mansion. He tells Anshuman that he must save two lives today and his wife is there to help him.
Preet Madam comes in the room and holds Dhara by the hair and throws her of the bed. She tells Dhara that Vivan will die as she saw love in his eyes for four years ago when they first met. She bashes out at Dhara when the old woman appears and tells Preet that she is lost in the power that she has forgotten that how beautiful love is. Preet stands up and says that of course you will say this as the worshipper of love herself has came here. Preet says that what now aunt and what happened to your husband for which you left all of this. The old woman tells Preet to let the girl go as true love always wins.
Preet says that she never saw love winning. She says that I don’t have therefore I have more powers than you right now and you can’t do anything. Preet Madam Walks towards Dhara and the woman casts a curse but Preet blocks it and fires back at the lady and she dies. Anshuman is walking with the old man and he stops and says that she is dead and tells him to protect Dhara and Vivan. He tells Anshuman to do as he is told otherwise the sacrifice of her love would go in Vain. Anshuman tells the man that he will become useless when he enters the mansion but the man says that he knows only one magic and can do it to help him. Anshuman says that why you would do so, the man says that he will do it to save love and stabs himself.
Preet Madam turns towards Dhara and says that are you satisfied now. This is what happens when love comes. Dhara turns towards Preet Madam and says that she is ready to die but tells her to leave Vivan. Preet Madam says that what she is going to do of the incomplete love. Vivan on the other hand is getting anxious. Vivan can’t handle it anymore and goes to knock on the door and wants to come in.

Precap: Abhymanu says to Vivan that we would have killed you that day but not every day your luck will help you. Vivan says that it was you who did that, and they get in a fight with Adwik and Abhymanu. Vivan is tied to a tree and Preet is getting married with Adrij.

Update Credit to: Sona

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