Fanaah 7th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Fanaah 7th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

ivan is working in his office yet thinking about Avani and says that you know that how this will end but you still couldn’t resist her. He says that this love has only one end and that is Fanaah. Sarthak gets in an elevator and so does Yamini. They get pissed to see each other and want to get off, they stand in the opposite corner when Yamini calls Sarthak a pervert and they talk about the party blaming one another. Yamini blames Sarthak for spiking his drink and pushes him and Sarthak gets his hand hurt and they finally get off.
Saher is taking care of the patients when Ranbir grabs her from behind and asks where she went yesterday. She explains and is about to leave when Ranbir grabs her again, Saher tells Ranbir to keep his hopes down as nothing like he is thinking is going to happen. She gets a call from her brother and tells Ranbir that he was at the part yesterday and if he saw her than it would be a disaster. Ranbir says that I am here and will manage everything while Saher says that you might get a permanent settlement that way.
She talks to her brother who asks her where she was yesterday as she arrived home very late. She says that she lost track of time as there were a lot of houses. Samir cancels the call saying that I hope you are telling the truth otherwise you would be in big trouble. The students are waiting for Dr.Vivan when Avani gets a text and goes to his office. She comes in and crashes on the table.
She asks Vivan how he did everything yesterday and asks if he has superpowers. She brings different conclusions when Vivan stands next to her and says that you have given the answer to your questions and tells her to get out when she gives him the schedule. Avani asks if she can help with anything like the files. Vivan says that we needed to have this conversation for a long time, he says that we need rules if you are to remain my assistant otherwise you won’t be.
The rules are that she would stay four feet away from him, she will not talk to him say his name and will only come when he calls. He also says that you have to stop this falling and all as I am not here to handle you. He tells her to shut up and only talk when he gives her the permission and doesn’t wants to hear out of her stupid mouth. He tells her to leave and when going out he stops her and says that what happened yesterday is all to be forgotten and she will not think about it. He says that there is no class today and she can leave.
Outside Avani is thinking how to mend the rules her ways. She says that she can text him as there is no rule for that and wonders why the others rule are made. She says that if I am not allowed to talk to him than how will I tell him. She texts the class and then texts Dr.Vivan who is annoyed to receive the text. The students are taking the readings when Ranbir comes to Saher and says that this will not get the readings right and his pulse will increase as you are holding his hand. Rose asks Prateek for help and when she sees Ranbir’s arms around Saher she wishes that she also had a boyfriend.
Ranbir gets a call from Samir and leaves to talk to him. Samir asks where he was yesterday and Ranbir says that he got really high so lost track. HE tells him to come to the hospital so that he can meet his girlfriend. He tells Saher about it and Rose asks if his friend is single and hot. Avani is doing the puzzle of Dr.Vivan liking her or not. She bumps into someone and apologizes and the man says that Dr.Mehgna had told him to tell you to get Dr.VIvan’s signature on a file. Avani says that she will get them.
She comes to his office and at the door she prays and then goes inside. She comes in and Dr.VIvan is not inside, Dr.Vivan is with Muskan when Avani comes as well. She wants to talk but remembers the rules and follows them and tries to signal him. Vivan keeps on doing work while Muskan gets confused. After he is done Avani is still there and has written the permission on a paper like a script. Vivan takes the file and leaves while Muskan asks of what is going on. Avani explains on what is going and Muskan says that he also wants to talk to you just don’t give up.
Vivan gets an mms after mms from Avani and she hides behind the wall when he turns around. He comes to her pushing her against the wall and reminds her of the rules and scolds her. He tells her to get lost and leaves angrily with Avani scared.

Precap: Sarthak is told by the trust to start his job, he tells him to inject himself with the injection in the table. Sarthak does so and turns starts to talk rudely even to Vivan.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. nice we want more vivan scene

  2. Oh my god kkundra is sooo hawt.. n yuvraj thakur too .. n ayaz to muahh .. bt that stupid trusty wat did he do to sarthak .. blo*dy idiot

  3. When did the real romance
    start??????poor avni.

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