Fanaah 3rd September 2014 Written Episode Update

Fanaah 3rd September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vivan is waiting in the mansion when Adrij’s family comes and he welcomes them. Preet Madam comes downstairs and meets the guest when Vivan goes to Dhara and says that how she wanted never wanted to come back to the place again. Preet Madam welcomes Dhara back and introduces Miss Fareeda as the care taker of their family. She sees the child and says that the new guest has also came when Adwik says that his presence in our family is now very important, when Abhymanu says that they brought him because he was very small and could leave him to no one.
They sit down and Vivan brings the juices, and Abhymanu says that the role of a worker suits you very well and looks like as you are made to do so. Vivan replies with nothing but Dhara stand up and splits drink on his shirt and tell him to goes and change it. In his room Dhara comes yelling at him saying that what nonsense is this with all the decoration and stuff. Vivan says that it is your engagement isn’t it, Dhara replies saying that you are mad or are acting like one. He says that you are acting like a fool when someone insults or I talk to a girl but you are not admitting that you love me.
Dhara says that to talk to you is useless but Vivan stops her and says that in a week you have a birthday and won’t you give me a gift of your love. Dhara pushes him back and tries to leave when her dress gets stuck in the handle and gets untied. Vivan comes and asks her if she needs any help and swings her around and holds her while tying the knot. After that he just steps back and Dhara leaves after looking at him stunned.
Anshuman comes outside the mansion and says to protect Dhara and Vivan he must meet her. Miss Fareeda is distributing juices and after giving to Abhymnau she goes out of sight and they talk about Preet Madam’s plan. She says that Preet has a doubt that Dhara doesn’t love Adrij and if that is true than all of this is of no use to them because the power of moonstone can only be attained by sacrificing true love. Abhymanu says than they must find the truth quickly.
Vivan comes in and Preet Madam is standing next to Dhara and Adrij and says that it is very nice to see you together because in a family everyone lives together. She says that she has decided to do something for her family and Adrij agrees with her. She says that all of you are going to be 18 and that is why I thought that your first drink shall be together. She says that this vine is very special and is made in their family for many years. Vivan comes and gives the drink to Dhara. The four of them sit down and drink the drink.
After drinking it she tells them the specialty about the drink and says that the people say such things about it. She then stands up and says that lets see who has got the most effect of the vine. She asks all of them the same question that who loves whom the most. Adrij says that he loves Dhara the most and so does Vivan. Preet Madam goes towards Dhara and asks who she loves and she thinks of the things Vivan said to her but remembers the old lady’s advice.
Preet Madam says that this is very interesting as when two people love each other only then can there be love. She tells everyone to bring their hand forward and she sees a vision about all of them and tells them that they can leave. After they leave she says that true love can be like this and if she can attain the moonstone by this and wonders if she could believe Dhara.

Precap: Miss Fareeda asks Preet Madam that why don’t you expel Vivan from the mansion. Preet Madam says that she has spent four years in grooming him but Miss Fareeda says that if she wants to then she could expel Vivan. Dhara says that she wants to get married in four days but Vivan says that why don’t you tell the truth and he says that she doesn’t loves Adrij but loves me.

Update Credit to: Sona

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