Fanaah 31st October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Fanaah 31st October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vivan sees the locket and tells Dr. Nizam that someone lost and gives it to housekeeping. Dr. Nizam says that he knows to whom it belongs to Dhara and he knows all the details about it. Vivan tells him to leave after saying that don’t you have anything else to do. Ranbir apologizes to Prateek and says that his medical dram broke here and mocks Rose when she asks of what she is going to do here alone. Prateek says to Ranbir that how can you leave like this as together we will all have a lot of fun. Sarthak says that only the ones who get admission like you can think of having fun. They get into a fight when Ranbir breaks it up and tells them that he can do engg.

As he comes out and he sees Saher coming down the stairs and just can’t take his eyes of her. He says to himself that how did this problem became medical and it has started to feel good. A senior doctor is worried of why the medical students haven’t arrived and says that this is the height of irresponsibility. Dr. Nizam comes in and she sees the file and recognizes them, she asks the doctor of where the group and he tells them that they are still outside. She comes and says that this is your first day isn’t it and tells them to go to their classes

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Avani comes outside and says that she lost her file and now can’t find her friends. Her parents come and give her presents including a laptop and say that they want to give her their best so that she doesn’t have any problem. Her father leaves and her mother tells her to work very hard so that they can have all the things that they don’t have right now. She hugs them and goes inside. Prateek, Ranbir, Sarthak , Rose and Saher are being scolded by the doctor who says that throwing you out will be the easy way. Saher says to herself that what is going on as I didn’t even do anything.

She is also being annoyed by Ranbir who is constantly starring at her. The doctor says that you are all going to be taught the lesson of life by doctor Vivan who has a specialty in that and tells Dr. Nizam to brief them about Dr. Vivan. Vivan comes in and says that these are the bunch of liars I have to teach, the doctor says that whoever they are they will be under us. He gives them a lesson and says that none you will become a doctor as you are a bunch of losers. He turns around and looks at Sarthak with an intense look and remembers Anshuman.

Sarthat apologizes of what happened at the party, he calls him Ansh and goes out of the class. Avani is standing at the door and asks the keepr of where the classes of the first year are being held. The man instructs her while Vivan is going through Sarthak’s records back in his room. Just on the very next page is Avni’s records but he takes the photo of Sarthak’s record only.

Ranbir is trying to have a conversation with Saher but she ignores him. Vivan comes in and says that since you have chosen science as a preofession I am going to make sure that this is a memorable day for you. He says that I’ll give you some tasks and make sure that you won’t forget them, he asks and says that who this Avni is. Prateek says that she is here but not yet, Vivan says that she is here but not in the class, I like that. He says that tell her to never come in front of me.

He gives them a few words of advice and then tells to collect stool samples. He tells them to set an example and to collect stool samples and clean a wash room and leaves after saying that to tell Avani to watch out. Later he tells the mother of a patient that her daughter is not telling him something. He says to the girl to tell him all that she can so that he may help him.

Avani is walking from place to place looking for the class when she goes to door which is restricted. A patient girl comes and scares Avani. She asks the girl of what she is going here and but the girl fires back and says that I should be asking you that question. She says that I know that you are his girlfriend but if there was something like this then I would know about it. Avani introduces herself and says that she is a student and is no one’s girlfriend. The girl makes up crazy talks and says that if Dr. Vivan found out then he will be very angry like a monster. The girl tells Avani to be care full but says that now it’s of no use as now you are jacked. While Avani asks the girl of why Dr. Vivan gets that much angry.

Vivan is sitting with her patient and says that I can understand of why you took so much time, and you had no fault in all of this. The girl says that this was her fault as one of the boys was his boyfriend and the others were his friends. She says that it was her fault that she went to that party.

The guys are collecting stool samples and blames Vivan for this. Sarthak says that you all deserve this and the worst part is that I got stuck in this. Saher walks out without the Hijab and all of them are starring at her while Rose says that what happened to her. One of the workers tells Rose to do work as she is taking selfies. Ranbir goes and talks to Saher and says that he couldn’t sleep since last night as this is fact and due to all of this foul smell and dirt he is feeling a little sick. Saher says that if you love sleep that much that why did you chose this profession. Ranbir says that he also loves to see other rest.

Rose comes squeaking because of the smell and dirt and says that this is disgusting. Saher goes and asks Rose if she is Okay and then comes to ask Sarthat of why he is so tensed. Sarthak says that he lost his job because of these loser and needs to find a way to pay for this. Saher calms him and says that it will be Okay.

The same boys are having fun when Vivan is looking at them from a distance. Avani is walking with the girl and says that how can people live with a person like that who doesn’t even smile. She says that I have never heard of such a person. Vivan on the other had kills the boys who attacked the girl. He says that wrong is wrong and he doesn’t needs to think twice to drink the blood of such guys and sins will never forgiven.

Precap: Vivan insults the students and says that if you don’t want to clean the toilets for the rest of the semester then clean this place perfectly. The students hear him as he complains about them to the doctors and says that none of them deserve to be here and that girl Avni didn’t even come to meet him. Avni calls out for Vivan when Ranbir grabs her and tells her to be quiet; Vivan turns around as he recognizes that voice.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  2. vivaan don’t scold avni please for not coming in class of yours

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