Fanaah 2nd September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Fanaah 2nd September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anshuman says to Vivan that I saw you were enjoying and you smiled after a long time. Vivan says that he did and thanks Anshuman for Depika. Vivan enjoys about Dhara being mad and says that love does not leave you. Anshuman says that it doesn’t and remembers about Preet. Vivan then asks Anshuman about his but then he changes the topic. Anshuman says that he doesn’t want Dhara to leave him. Vivan replies saying that Dhara’s birthday is in a week and Anshuman adds saying 18th birthday. Vivan asks him that how he knows that but Anshuman says that he just guessed it.
Vivan says that he has to meet Preet Madam right now. He then says to Anshuman that he always found that there was something common between his and Preet Madam’s talk and says that it’s a like there is a connection between them. He invites Anshuman to meet Preet Madam but he refuses to come and so Vivan goes by himself and tells Anshuman to wait here.
Preet Madam is trying to guess that what was in the house when Vivan comes. She says to Vivan that she sees happiness on his face. Vivan says that nothing can be hidden from you. Preet Madam replies that you were with Dhara but Vivan’s answer is negative upon hearing which Preet Madam says “And you are happy.” Vivan says that forget about him and says that he wants her to meet his friend Ansh as he has helped him a lot. Preet Madam thinks for a second and then agrees and coming forward she senses Anshuman.
When Vivan and Preet Madam come down Anshuman is no longer there and Vivan apologizes to Preet Madam saying that his friend is a little shy. Preet Madam says that your friend will be at the competition but Vivan says that he was expelled because he was caught in Dhara’s room. Preet Madam says that you and Dhara can’t be separated that quickly.
Dhara goes and picks up a phone and hears Preet Madam saying that she has to meet her in the guest house urgent. Dhara goes there and Preet Madam asks her that if she loves Vivan but Dhara says that she doesn’t loves him but loves Adrij. Preet Madam tells her to put her hand on her heart and say that and ask if she is saying the same. Preet Madam says that she knows that you might be telling the truth but that she wants to leave no doubt. She tells Dhara to sit in a circle and then casts a spell. After a second she tells Dhara to leave, and screams that why isn’t her power working. While Dhara wonders if Preet Madam could listen to her thoughts.
The next morning Vivan comes to Preet Madam and says that why did you invite me there. Preet Madam says that what she is about to do is very difficult and says that she is going to engage Dhara to Adrij on her birthday. She says that she has told everyone to do the preparations. She asks Vivan that if he wants to say anything and she knows that he loves her. Vivan says that he knows that it would be for the best and says that this is good news and after a long time someone is going get married in the Mansion and who could stop someone who is going. He says that he heard that there were huge parties in the mansion at one time and says that he will do all the preparations this time as well.
Preet Madam says that what are you saying, you love this girl. Vivan says that he does and that is why is doing this and then goes to get the bag. Preet Madam says to him to invite his friend to the function. When Vivan leaves the room she says that herself that she won’t let her story be repeated so that she can get the moonstone so she could finish her love.
Adrij is talking to his father who is congratulating him on doing a great job. Adwik comes and says that why would anyone just agree and they get into an argument and almost a fight when Miss Fareeda comes and says that Adwik is saying the right thing and that Preet does not do anything without thinking and that there is a secret behind her every step. She says that she is going to find that out and says than she leaves.
Dhara is packing her stuff when her friend comes and congratulates her about the engagement and Dhara says that all of them are invited and must come. Her friends says that she can’t believe that one can find her love that easily and asks that why she is packing her stuff. Dhara says that she has to go, her friend says than what about the dance competition. Dhara replies saying that Preet Madam’s decision can’t be changed.
Vivan comes out and Anshuman asks if everything is packed and Vivan says that I’m all ready. Anshuman says that they should go to a place to chill before leaving. Vivan tells Anshuman that they are going to Daradoon as Preet Madam has fixed Dhara’s and Adrijs’ engagement. Anhsuman asks if he is Okay with it. Vivan says that Dhara is not going anywhere and thinks that this is her plan to bring Dhara to her senses. Vivan says that you are also invited and Preet Madam has especially asked for you.
Anshuman says that this is not possible. Vivan says that he sometimes thinks that you are trying to avoid Preet Madam. Anshuman says that he has heard all these mysterious things about her and therefore avoids her. Vivan says that she is nice and he must meet her. Anshuman says that he will come to Daradoon but first must go home and ask his parents for it.
Vivan comes and congratulates Dhara about her engagement. She turns and says that this is getting done on her birthday and says that she will finally committed to someone. Vivan says that only time will tell that, Dhara turns around and trips and Vivan catches her and asks if she does that on purpose or not. Dhara tells her to stop and this no longer affects her. Preet Madam comes and says that you are still together.
Vivan asks that why is Dhara is coming with them as she must now come with someone else. He says that the romantic journey from the place she must spend with Adrij. He then leaves the place and Preet Madam follows him.

Precap: Preet Madam is having a drink with the guests and after they drink it she tells them that after drinking it everyone tells the truth. Vivan is holding Dhara and says that, This is why your engagement will be with me.

Update Credit to: Sona

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