Fanaah 28th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Fanaah 28th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Adrij introduces Dhara and to his brother Adwik and then goes to him and says that today you are not talking why is that. Adrij then remembers that how his people mocked him and that he is a human. Adrij then taunts his brother when their father comes and Adrij introduces her. His father welcomes her and agrees when Adrij asks to show Dhara his room. When Dhara goes upstairs Miss Fareeda comes out and says that this looks good and Abhymanu says that this was the reason he bought the school. As soon as he is about to leave Preet car’s comes and she is scared to see that and says that she must not know that you are my brother. Abhymanu says that let her come, while Miss Fareeda says that stop being foolish.
She says that we are at the last stage, although Preet has kept me captured all these years but the good thing is that I have come to know of her powers and has found the break. She says that Vidhyut need the powers and will become the leader of our tribe. Adwik says that he was chosen as the leader as how can someone who was born yesterday lead them. Miss Fareeda stops him and says that Vidhyut will be more powerful than you and can be the only one who will defeat Vampires.
Miss Fareeda goes in and performs magic while Preet Madam comes and says that they came for Dhara and rushes in the house. She comes up the stairs while Miss Fareeda, Abhymanu and Adwik are busy performing magic. Just as Preet comes near the door and Abhymanu comes out and asks her that what she is doing here. Dhara comes with Adrij and, Preet Madam says that won’t you introduce me. Dhara tells everyone who Preet Madam is and introduces Adrij to her and says that she loves him very much and that she wants to spent her life with him. She introduces Abhymanu as Adrij’s father and the owner of the school she goes to.
Adwik comes out and looks at Vivan and says that isn’t this same guy who was inside the hostel that day. Dhara confirms and says that this is Vivan and his sister and uncle used to work at their mansion and when they died then out of sympathy Madam kept him at the place. She says that Madam is very nice and then insults Vivan. Preet Madam goes to Dhara and says that you loved Vivan remember. Dhara says that she doesn’t feel any pain and is neither afraid as in true love there is no pain or fear.
Preet Madam takes Dhara and Vivan with her and says that they have met after a long time and that they have to talk alone. Adwik says that be careful as Dhara might change her mind and that will break his brothers heart. Abhymanu leaves the scene while Miss Fareeda is still performing rituals with Vidhyut.
Preet Madam tells Dhara to apologies to Vivan as she has hurt him by saying that she loves Adrij. Dhara says that it’s the truth. Preet Madam tells her that you might fall in love in one second but it might take years to end it and you just said that you don’t love him. Dhara says that she never loved him and Adrij is her love. Preet Madam goes to Vivan and tells him to forgive her but Vivan does not do anything. Preet Madam says that you are both acting like children and says that you are locked in this room until you settle this.

Vivan goes to Dhara and she tells him to stay away from her because she is someone else. Vivan reminds her when the first time he told her that he loves him and what she replied with. He reminds her that he said it when she was leaving him and he thought that now you would say it. He says that when we met 6 days before you refused to recognize me and last night we were together you still didn’t say it. He says that from the past four years three months seventeen days and thirty five minutes he has been waiting for her to say it but in just one minute you said that you love Adrij.
Dhara says that you understand all of this than what are you doing here. Vivan says that his useless love taught him one thing; I have learned to come in and out of the windows. Vivan then leaves by using the window and Dhara cries as soon as Vivan leaves.
Abhymanu goes to Miss Fareeda and says that whenever Dhara and Adrij come close Vivan comes in between them. He says that last time luck gave him a chance but he is going to finish him. Miss Fareeda tells him that Dhara left not because of Vivan but because of Preet and asks that what is wrong with you as Vivan is a human. She says that all their plans will fail if they let Preet have any doubt on them. She says that Preet has all the expectations from Vivan and if we do anything to him then controlling her will become very impossible. She says that Vivan has to die but on the right time.
Dhara is sitting in the church and Irawati comes and asks about where she was and about Vivan. Dhara says that she found him but that she has lost him forever. Irawati says that what happened and Dhara tells her what the old lady had told her and tells Irawati the reason behind it. Irawati says that she must think something new as the entire story has flipped.
Vivan is sitting with Rohan and Anshuman and Roah is trying to cheer him up. Rohan says that he found out about a party and that everyone is going to be there. Vivan asks if Dhara will be there.

Precap: Vivan and Dhara run into each other and he leaves without replying to Dhara. Miss Fareeda tells Adwik that Preet is coming this way. Adrij is mocking Vivan about his status but Vivan gives him a thrashing reply.

Update Credit to: Sona

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