Fanaah 27th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Fanaah 27th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Avani is nurturing the patients when she ask what happened to her as she is always smiling. Avani says that she doesn’t feel like smiling today. The patient then asks of who the person is and Avani asks of who she is talking about. The patient says that she also went through the same thing and the person who betrayed her was Rajesh Khana. She asks of what the name of the hero is while Avani says that he is no hero. She then says that you are right, he is a hero. The patient says that I knew it, Avani says that she is reading a novel and the hero belongs to that. The patient says that what is in that Novel and Avani explains her story to her.
After listening to her the woman says that in love only one thing comes in hand and that is a letter. The woman than says that don’t tell me that this is a novel story as I know all of it. She tells her to start and you will come to thank me after a while. Avani writes the letter and walks to Vivan’s office. She throws the letter in and Vivan opens the door and Avani says that I know that you don’t want to see me or talk to me so I wrote everything in the letter. Vivan in his heart says that I can’t even tell you what I want to say and so does Avani says almost the same thing. Avani says that this is not a message or call to which you have to call me back on.
She is about to leave when Vivan says that I have to say something and tells her to come in. Yamini is walking and is wondering on how to inject the antidote. Vivan says Avani to read the letter and though she says that it is for you. He sits down and says that you wrote it so read it. Avani says that how can she read it while Vivan says that do it. She starts to read the letter and confesses everything to him. In his heart Vivan also accepts to what she is saying. He then stands up and tells Avani to continue reading. She looks him in the eyes and says it to him.
Vivan smiles puts his hands around her waist and says to her that do you think that in my life I haven’t had a girl before you. He says that I have seen better girls than you so why waste your time on these cards and things as I can get the thing without any relation. Avani pushes him back and says that I am not a girl of that sort. She leaves the office while Avani sits down and starts to think about her. He then regrets to what he has said but apologizes as he must.
Ranbir says to Saher that he was just asking if her brother asked anything. Saher says that I am thankful that I reached home before my brother. She says that I think that he is in doubt as by the way he was talking to me. Saher says that he also asked about the dancer which appeared in the party and in fact he thought that it was but he believed that we wouldn’t do something like this. Ranbir holds her and she says that you need a chance to hit while Ranbir says that where I get the chance I will take it.
Saher is looking after the patients, Yamini walks in and asks him about the project. She tries to start a conversation while he tries to avoid her. She says that I was thinking to make you a subject of my project while Sarthak says that do I look like your guinea pig. She says that why don’t you approach Joe while Yamini requests him saying that it just a simple test. Yamini says that I didn’t thought that you would refuse and says to herself that he doesn’t trust me and I must win his trust. She remembers going to Dr.Mehgna’s office and seeing the student information.
She realizes that Sarthak is here on 50% scholarship and about his life and income. Yamini than says to him that we are all in the same batch. She says what do you think of Rose’s thesis topic and cracks a joke. Sarthak keeps on working while Yamini says that I really respect you. She says that you have so many responsibilities and says that it is awesome how you handle all of this. Sarthak asks of how she knows about the responsibilities and Yamini says that when she went to the fees everyone was talking about and says that If you need help than I am there.

Precap: Sarthak is working in the room when he sees Yamini phone ringing and realizes to what she had been doing.

Update Credit to: Sona

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