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Fanaah 27th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Irawati is standing and looking at Preet and Anshuman and says that the two of them are so powerful but yet are so weak because of their love. Irawati says that she can use this to her advantage as both Anshuman and Preet are too blinded to see that the lockets were given to Dhara and Vivan which means they are somewhere here. She says that before the werewolves reach them she has to find them.
The woman tells Dhara to eat something as she would be hungry. She tells Dhara that to not to worry as her husband knows how to treat wounds. She asks Dhara that what they were doing at this time of the night in the jungle and Dhara says that they lost the way. Dhara looks around and notices the photo and recognizes the Mansion and asks the woman that how she knows the place. The woman says that she is the daughter of the Mansion and asks Dhara how she knows it. Dhara says that she is also the daughter of the Mansion. Dhara says that she was adopted; the woman says that the daughters of the Mansion are famous for their powers, “House of Witches”.
Irawati is looking at the place where the wolves are and stalks the place. Dhara asks the woman that why the place is called the house of witches. The woman asks that didn’t you see something which was like dangerous magic and Dhara instantly remembers it. The woman says that didn’t Preet you teach you anything which is the legacy of the place that the daughters are made stronger than any normal human being. She says that first Irawati then her and Preet and now looks like your turn. Dhara says that she doesn’t wants to do any of this and asks that how can she escape it from it.
The woman tells her about the moonstone and says that all who know about it want to find it and attain its powers. She says that you will not believe it but Dhara says that she wants to know more. The woman says that the power of moonstone can only be attained by sacrificing true love and it can only be done once in 18 years. She says that many years ago her aunt Irawati was sacrificed so that the males of their family could get the powers of the stone. She says that Irawati was married to an old man but she did not fall in love with him. Dhara asks her that how she escaped all of this, the woman says that she met her husband when they were 18 and their love was true so the people kept an eye on them. She says that this was not easy but they managed to escape the place and now live happily in the jungle. She tells Dhara that only true lovers can find her home and that all the magic she knew she uses to protect it.
Dhara says that if the moonstone is still in the Mansion. The woman says that she heard that 18 years ago her niece Preet was about to get married but that no one could attain the moonstone and that this is the 218th year and efforts to get the Moonstone can still be made. Dhara understands that why Preet Madam wanted her to become friends with Vivan in the first place.
Dhara says that Preet Madam is using her and Vivan to get the powers of the moonstone. The woman says that true love is very powerful that is why no one can ever attain the moonstone till today. Dhara goes and sits besides Vivan and cries and remembers all the moments they had spent together. Later Vivan wakes up and looks for Dhara.

Rohan is going with Dhara’s fiends and says that it all looks very far from the jungle the school, the teachers and says that he wishes that he can settle in the jungle all alone. She says that have you gone crazy we are her to find our friends and as soon as that is done I will get away from you. Rohan says that I’m not that bad as if it weren’t for me we would not this cycle. She says that she went to borrow the cycle and she was the one who said please. Suddenly Vivan appears and they appears they asks him that where he was. He says that where Dhara she was with him till the morning is. The girl says that she is also looking for her.
Vivan says that he has to find that man and Rohan follows him. after walking a few steps Anshuman comes out of the jungle and goes to meet Vivan. Vivan sees Dhara going with Adrij and goes after them in the cycle. He approaches the car with all of his strength and Anshuman sees it and breaks down a tree to stop the car.
Adrij gets angry on seeing Vivna but Dhara says that he will not see him again. Vivan asks that why they she left him and why didn’t wake him up. Dhara says that if he would leave Preet Madam for her. Vivan says that he will not create a line between them. Dhara asks her again, and he says that why would he leave her. He says that when the entire world including you left me, she was the only one who stood by me. Anshuman is listening to the conservation. Dhara says that she could not go back to the Mansion as she suffocated there. She mocks Vivan by comparing him with Adrij and says that she loves Adrij and tells him to stop following her.
Anshuman comes to comfort Vivan but he leaves the place. He comes back to Preet Madam and she asks him that where he was and where Dhara was. Vivan says that he lost, love lost. Preet Madam says that he can’t quit like this and that he would get his love and she would not let him fail.

Precap: Preet Madam comes to Abhymanus house and says that they came to take Dhara. She whispers to Dhara that she used to love Vivan. Dhara says that she loves Adrij and that in true love there is no pain or fear so she doesn’t fear her anymore. Preet Madam says that they can’t come out of the room until this issue is solved.

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