Fanaah 26th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Fanaah 26th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Avani comes and sits in the classroom without talking to Rose. Rose apologizes to her and says that whatever she said was all false while Ranbir says that the expression on Avani’s face tell differently. They are about to talk when Joe comes in and says that I also joined the college. Joe looks at Avani and remembers what Vivan had told him about Avani. He says that you will able to read everyone’s thought but not Avani’s . He remembers Vivan instructing him to earn Avani’s trust and keep a watch on her and do whatever is necessary and to keep her happy. Keep her happy that much so that she forgets me (Vivan).
Joe sits down with her offers her snakes(snacks). He says that someone told me that we would look great together, Avani asks of who said it. Joe says that whoever said it said the right thing. Avani says that whatever you are doing just stop it. Joe says that just chill and I just want us to be friends. Avani says that this is not going to work on me and use these games on someone else. He realizes that this is not going to work and texts Vivan for help.
Dr.Mehgna comes in and says that Dr.Vivan will not be taking you class and says that decide which topic you will take for the project. She leaves warning them not to bunk the college. The students leave the class while Joe comes and asks her about the thesis. He offers her coffee while she says that I have some work. She hides and comes out when Rose comes and apologizes to her and asks what she is doing here. Avani says that something is bothering her about Dr.Vivan which maybe the reason he is not answering her. Rose says that it can be any reason but you can’t keep hanging like this and must do something.
Avani says that this is a big drama and if she knew about any of this than would have asked god to keep her away from all of this. She says that I will not think about Vivan until he gives me a hint. Rose says that I will solve your problem and gives her a coin to toss. Avani tosses the coin and it’s a fail, she ties it again and again but fails. She gives the coin back and says that I am not doing this. Avani sits down while Rose gets another idea and tells Avani to walk to the other end of the corridor and see if you can walk in a straight line. Avani walks in crashing everything when she confronts Dr.Mehgna who scolds her and leaves.
Vivan is working in his lab and sees the messages from Yamini. He calls her and she tells him about the file. Vivan scolds her and says that I told you how important it was. Avani is asking Rose for another idea and Rose gets an idea on flames. They start to work and Rose says that the result is love. Rose leaves saying that she’s got a call while Avani thinks about Vivan again. Avani says that the attitude will come later what will I talk to him about.
Yamini gets a text from Vivan and she goes to his office. He says that for the next two days I am on duty so rule out my schedule and asks if she can do it. Yamini apologizes and says that something is happening to Sarthak as he is acting a little changed. She asks of what was in the file for which Sarthak went to this extent. Vivan explains that he had some vials which had viruses from all around the world. They proved to very dangerous and were brought to study and explain what they can do and what the file contained about them. He says that the viruses and vials are both in the hands of Sarthak.
He says that those vials in the hands of wrong people can be very dangerous while Yamini says that we must tell the authority about it. Vivan says that we can’t and he must find another way. Yamini says that you saw the state of the guard and the pizza guy. She gets scared as Sarthak could come after her while Vivan calms her down. He says that I want you to increase your friendship with Sarthak so that we can keep an eye on him. He gives her the antidote and says that you must inject this in his blood stream. Yamini takes the bottle and leaves.

Precap: Avani throws an envelope in Vivan’s cabin and says that it is not something you have to reply for. Vivan says that I have something to tell you and brings her in the office.

Update Credit to: Sona

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