Fanaah 20th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Fanaah 20th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sarthak is about to kiss Yamini when he wakes up and runs away and when Yamini opens her eyes she wonders to what is going on. Ranbir is trying to convince Saher that there is nothing between him and Ria. Saher tells him to stay with him on the phone throughout while Ria comes and hugs him while Saher gets jealous. Ria keeps on flirting with him and cancels the call, leaving Saher frustrated. Sameer comes with Rose and he introduces her to Ria. Saher is on the call and he changes Rose’s topic about Saher to the party. He tells them to go and have drinks.
Ria starts to flirt again while Ranbir calls Prateek to start the party. All of them are dancing while Avani is thinking about Vivan and the way he is acting. She gets a call from Rose and asking of where she is and tells her about the kiss. Rose says that if you made the first move than he got what he wanted and will leave. Avani says that she is scared and worried while Rose tells her to go public and not deny it. Although Avani says that it’s not a good idea but Rose tells her that she will handle it. She cancels the call while Avani says that she can’t let Rose tell everyone about Vivan.
Sarthak comes to the room again and opens the safe but the serum is not there. He looks around but the injections are not there and Sarthak says that Vivan is behind this. He comes out of the room and the guard tells him to leave. Sarthak asks of who was here before him and knocks out the guard when he refuses. Sarthak goes to look for Yamini while Yamini comes from behind and looks at the guard and asks him if he is Okay. She drops a paper in the process.
Avani comes to the party and everyone asks where Dr.Vivan is. Avani takes Rose away and tells her that I told you that don’t tell anyone. Rose says that it’s good as now Vivan sir will acknowledge your relation while Avani says that there is nothing like that as he hasn’t called me or replied since morning. Rose says that you know about Vivan as he always makes a great entrance. Rose leaves while Avani says that where are you Sir as everyone is asking about us.
Vivan is working in his lab and thinking about Avani. He opens his laptop and looks at some photos. Ranbir is dancing with Ria and Saher is hearing all the things she is saying to him. Ria says that the girl was an idiot who left you while Saher says that meet me Ranbir and I will tell you.
Samir is looking at Ranbir and asks Rose that why Ranbir is with a girl like Ria. Ranbir calls Prateek and leaves him with her. Rose is about to tell Samir about Saher when Ranbir comes and stops her again and again by saying the name Saher. Saher is wondering if something happened at the party and decides to go. She then stops and says that if I could go then there wouldn’t be a reason for all this mess.
Yamini is hiding from Sarthak and comes out of the room. Sarthak is standing behind her and says that I have to talk to you while she says that I have to go. She runs in the elevator and decides to call Vivan but his phone is not answering. She then decides to go to the party wondering he would be there. Sarthak comes to the place where he knocked out a guard and sees the paper. He then says that I need to get that file and thinks of where Yamini would have gone.
Yamini comes to the party and Rose meets her and after talking she takes her to Avani. Sarthak says that I can’t talk to Yamini in front of everyone. Yamini goes and talks to Avani about Vivan but she also hasn’t seen him. Prateek comes and takes both the girls on the dance floor. The music stops and Saher comes out dancing. A tug of war between the two girls begin for Ranbir and Saher finally wins.
Avani calls Vivan but he doesn’t answer again and says to Yamini that he is about to come. She starts the countdown and someone comes out of the swimming pool.

Precap: A game is being played at the party when Ranbir and Saher kiss each other.

Update Credit to: Sona

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