Fanaah 1st August 2014 Written Episode Update

Fanaah 1st August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Story till Yet.
Preet is telling her story, No love story as the love of her colour is very dark and black. She says that the thing fire cannot burn the fire makes it stronger. She says that she was not like this always. Her life was beautiful and was like weak flower petals. Then she met him, his love gave her life a different meaning and the thing that was weak and beautiful before now became firm and deep. He gave her his words of staying forever. The word of unlimited love but most of all marriage. She says there was no limit for her happiness that day. She says that she waited that day for him in her family dress but he did not come. Waited for him for days and then weeks and then months. She says that then she understood that love is like a shadow, love is a scandal and love is now her hate and her heart is like stone now.
She says that her love was a Vampire a monster that would suck the blood out of people. He was searching for someone; she had understood that for whoever he was searching she had to pull the highest sacrifice the sacrifice of true love. She then started her game with an adopted girl to trap a nice boy Vivan to get control of him.
Miss Fareeda asks Preet Madam if Vivan is the right boy. Preet Madam says that he is the perfect person for the job. She says that the wind changed its direction and she started to see that they were getting closer. Vivan says that she doesn’t go to school and doesn’t go outside it means that she hasn’t seen anything beside this Mansion. Dhara says no, but then quickly changes the topic and ask Vivan to make a kite for her and he agrees.
Preet Madam says to Vivan that finally they became friend. She asks him if he cares for her above everything else and will he do anything for Dhara. Vivan says that he’ll do anything for her. Preet Madam tells him to go home as it is late. When Vivan leaves for the door Irawati comes and Preet says that this time she could not let anything happen to her plan this time. The Vampires were returning and the only victory was going to be hers therefore she had to protect Vivan.
She says that the air of love was beginning to flow and all was according to her plan. Mahi is standing with Meath in the jungle who is trying to calm her down as Preet Madam cannot see her here. Vivan and Dhara are playing near the lake. Preet says that these children did not know the she could see them in her heart and dreams.
Dhara says that all of this is so big beautiful and different, if it wasn’t for him she could not see it. Vivan says that the only way to enjoy water is to get wet in it. They both start playing in the water. Dhara says that she still cannot believe that they ran from the Mansion. Dhara says that today’s day is so special and that she wishes was this day will not end. On their way back Vivan tells her about the love birds.
Preet says that she also saw thing that she didn’t plan things about Mahi. Mahi says to Meath that if Preet Madam found about them she might kill them both. The four of them get warned about the danger in the jungle and Vivan sees Randir’s father dead. Mahi and Dhara return to the Manison and Mahi says to Miss Fareeda that she went after Dhara who went to the market for ice cream.
Preet Madam tells Miss Fareeda that how much time it takes to build its web and then patiently waits for its pray to get stuck in the web. The interesting thing is that it knows when the prey is going to be caught. Preet madam says that something is being hid from her. The story that she didn’t write is the story that she doesn’t like.
She says that she knew that Dhara didn’t do anything wrong when she left the Mansion but she wanted her to know that how much she hates traitors. She says that the story about Vampire and werewolves was coming true and in the middle of this Vivan was stuck his being in the story had became essential now. There was her plan coming to line and on the other side Vivan was going towards his written luck.
Anshuman in the house says that how can he stop Ira from killing more people. Irawati stalks Vivan as he goes through the jungle. Vivan stops to look at a snail and she come behind him. Vivan gets scared and falls back as he remembers Randirs’s words. Vivan flees the scene while Irawati says that where can you run, let’s play. Vivan hides behind a tree for a moment but then plunges on. Irawati comes from behind but as she touches him she falls into the water because of receiving a shock.

Precap: Irawati comes and asks Meath of the boy and describes Vivan appearance. Dhara is leaving and Vivan comes and says that why didn’t she tell him that she was leaving. He asks that what has happened to her and why she is talking like this.

Update Credit to: Sona

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