Fanaah 19th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Fanaah 19th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vivaan and Avni end up kissing after Vivaan saves her from getting crushed under a pillar. He starts remembering Dhara and finally remembers that he is a vampire and then moves away.

Seher is scolding Ranveer for agreeing for a double date with her brother as he would kill her if he gets to know about her life. Ranveer suggests a house party but Seher rubbishes the idea. Ranveer says he has a plan and asks her to bring her ear close to hear the plan, but ends up kissing her

Vivaan calls the trustee and tells him that Sarthak has certainly taken a new dose and that it would certainly effect his health. The moment he disconnects the call, Avni barges in his office and start talking about their kiss and how much he loves her and all that. Vivaan gets fed up and shoos her out of the room. Avni tells Rose about the kiss and how she is imagining her future with Dr. Vivaan and even starts planning for kids

Vivaan gives an important file to Yamini and ask her to move it to a safe locker and himself goes to keep the vials.
Ranveer and Seher deliberately pick up a fight in front of Rose and pretend to break up. Rose says his double-triple date got ruined, but Ranveer says he would bring someone else.
Avni goes to call Vivaan for the party, but he disconnects the call. She starts messaging him and Vivaan gets tensed that Avni now thinks he too loves her.

Ranveer and Seher meet again and Ranveer tells her that he would call one of his exes instead and Seher gets a bit jealous. Seher says he would have to be online with her all the time she is with him.

Sarthak wonders how Vivaan is so strong and powerful. He also feels that his powers are decreasing when he sees Yamini clutching a file. Sarthak asks her why she hasn’t gone to the class, when she tells him that he hasn’t come today. Sarthak thinks that this is a good chance for him to have another dose and moves away. Yamini wonders whether she should go behind Sarthak or keep the file, but then decides to follow him. He senses it and wonders why she is following him. Sarthak confronts her and asks if she can’t stay away from him and she lies yes. Sarthak tries to come closer to her.

Precap: Yamini running away from Sarthak after seeing him attacking a security guard. Ranveer and Seher are kissing at the party.

Update Credit to: Bournville

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