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Fanaah 14th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Mussoorie high school and everything is a buzz there. Vivan arrives in the cycle thinking about Dhara and saying to him that Dhara is upset because he took so much time to come to her, but that he will make her agree like the last time. All of the sudden someone taps him on his back and it’s Rohan. Rohan is very happy to see Vivan there and says that he did not know that he will also be here as he thought he could not get past the terrain. Rohan is very excited to see all of this and talks to Vivan about the girls wearing miniskirts and says that this is like heaven. Vivan is not interested and leaves Rohan and goes to find Dhara.
He taps someone thinking that it’s Dhara but apologizes when he sees that it isn’t. Meanwhile another student comes in a jeep with all the girls staring him. He comes upstairs and collides with Vivan. He tells Vivan to be careful and then goes on. He hugs a girl that is none other than Dhara. Rohan comes and says to Vivan that what are you doing here as I was waiting for you in practice. Rohan tells Vivan to not to look at the girl and tells that the guy is Adrij the college captain and the son of the owner. He says that lets go that otherwise the both of them will get beat up.
Adrij is talking to Dhara while she wants to leave. He tries to hug her but she just doesn’t looks and walks away. Adrij says that he will pick her up in his Audi in one hour, he tries to give her a flying kiss but she just looks away. Adrijs friends say (being sarcastic) that the two of them look very hot. Another of his friend says that maybe she just doesn’t likes him the same way as he does. Adrij says that Dhara is a girl of old style but is unique. They say that she did ditch him in the forest party yesterday. Adrij says that she left because of the forest petrol guys. His friends reply that all of that is just an excuse and that if they are not getting along he should let her go. One of them says that maybe they can get a chance to date the hottest girl of Mussoorie. On hearing this Adrij garbs him by the color and says Dhara is the most beautiful girl Mussoorie and no one can come near her otherwise they just might have to leave the school.
Vivan is following Dhara when he hears someone calling the name Adrij. Up in the locker room he comes to Dhara and says that he has been looking for her since the morning and asks her that what happened to her lastnight. Dhara wants to leave and but he stops her and says that he did not know that where she was and that he came to know last noon and that he came last night. Dhara says that he doesn’t him and why doesn’t he understand that. Vivan says that it’s him and that he used to come and the played together. He tells her about the lake their special place. Dhara slaps him and says that if he wants to cry now. Vivan says that not even now he doesn’t want to cry and that whatever she does can’t make him cry and that whenever he sees her he becomes very happy. Dhara says that she doesn’t remember anything and tells Vivan to stay away.
Preet Madam is sitting with Miss Fareeda and says that after one month Dhara will be of 18 years and that they must get ready. Miss Fareeda is a wolf and Preet Madam says that no questions as this year all her dreams will become true. This year is very important for her and that now all her strengths will increase and she will become the most the powerful and though Miss Fareeda is with her all the other Vampires will becomes her slaves. She says that her wait of 18 years will be fulfilled by Dhara and Vivan and that none can stop them being together and that none can stop that moonstone from being hers.
Anshuman tells to Irawati that he knows that what Preet is going to do. He tells her that she is going to sacrifice Vivan that is she sent him to Mussoorie so that Dhara and Vivan can come close together and that they can fall in love again but this time their love will be stronger and that she is going to use it to become powerful. Anshuman says that he will not that happen and he will save Vivan. Irawati says that you still want to save Vivan, she doesn’t care for him and that Preet is just a witch, if her plans succeed than she will be the most powerful witch and that all the Vampire and werewolves will become weak in front of her. Irawati says that she doesn’t has to make him understand this, she says that the moonstone is only and only hers. Anshuman says that their aim is same but different paths.
Irawati says that she will kill anyone who comes in her way of the moonstone. Anshuman holds Irawati by the neck and says that he has told her before that the boy who saved him should not receive even a single scar. That she should not forget that he made her that night and that she is everything because of him. Irawati says that she knows it and that she is grateful. Irawati says that the thing he has become is weak and will make everyone else fall as well. Anshuman says that he will not let this love story end so easily. Irawati utters the ideas to herself of killing Preet and Dhara.
Dhara is practicing a dance with her friends while Vivan is looking from the door. Two girls sitting in the audience are talking about Dhara when Vivan interrupts. Dhara leaves the stage and Vivan comes to meet her and says that how can she forget him she must be lying. Everything in the past four years makes him remind him of her the car, the chess game, the carom board. Whenever it rains it reminds him of the ships they used to play with and the love birds. Vivan says that she can lie but her heartbeat can’t. Adrij comes in the room and asks for the friends that where is Dhara. They say that she might be behind the stage. Dhara tries to leave and Adrij holds Vivan by the color.

Precap: Vivan and Adrij get in a fight and Anshuman takes care of Vivna since he is hurt. Vivan asks him if they have met before. Anshuman agains goes and talks to Dhara and she talks in a bad language.

Update Credit to: Sona

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