Fanaah 10th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Fanaah 10th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Samir drags Saher home with her crying and apologizing and saying that I have the right to chose. Samir slaps her and says that by lying and studying medical is Okay but for the other mistake there is no forgiveness. Saher is brought and her father is shocked to see her dress and Samir says that she was going to a medical college. Samir says that mother knows it all and Saher’s father is angry at her going to college when Samir tells about the boyfriend as well. His father slaps her and says that you won’t be able to leave to the house nor look outside. He calls someone and tells people about Ranbir and taking care of him.
Saher asks her father to let Ranbir go while he locks Saher in her room and says that this door will never open. He say to his wife that I also don’t want a mistake from you side as well. He leaves with taking Saher’s phone and with her crying on her bed. Her mother looks at Saher but leaves soon as she has no choice. Saher prays for the protection of Ranbir as she cries in her bed.
At the hospital Mr.Malik runs into Joe and asks for Dr.Vivan and Joe says that I am also looking for him but can’t find him as well. Joe sees Mr.Malik worried and reads his mind, Mr.M is about to leave when he reads his mind and after that he borrows his phone by making an excuse and then gives it back. He then gives the phone back and says that I only have to find out from where the call came.
Late Joe comes and sees Ranbir and Avani explains to what happened. Ranbir asks for Saher and Avani that you need to rest. The doctor comes and asks for him to report while Ranbir says that he doesn’t wants to do anything. The doctor leaves and Ranbir says that I will make Samir understand. Avani says that there is no purpose in fighting and without fighting there will also be a solution. Ranbir agrees to her and Joe sees why Vivan fell in love with her. Joe confirms to help Ranbir as well and gets a call and leaveas. Outside he finds from where the call came from.
 Joe says that the call came from this hospital while Rose wakes up and meets Ranbir. Rose says that she was scared to see all the blood and Ranbir says to Avani that he wants to talk to Saher. Ranbir says that he wants to know if she is Okay while Avani says that this can create another problem. Avani calls and her father answers and Avani say that she is her teacher and wants to talk to Saher as it is an emergency. Her father says that she has no relation to the hospital now while Avani says that Saher was working on a patient and it is a matter of life and death.
Avani then says to Ranbir that we might not be able to talk as the father is very angry. However Saher’s father brings the phone top her so that she may talk. Saher answers and talks to Ranbir and her father tells her to not to call again. Saher talks on the call phone about the treatment while Ranbir says that I will handle it. Saher says that I won’t be able to come as my father is getting me another admission in an arts college. She talks about changing the medicine going out while Ranbir says that just wait for me. She ends the call and her father takes the phone from her.
Avani asks Ranbir and he says that I have to go as they are sending her somewhere else. Avani and Rose tell her to relax when Ranbir faints again. Joe comes and says that I have to leave when Avani says that we can’t leave Ranbir like this. Joe says that I have to stay and figure out where Prateek is in the hospital. Joe goes out after waiting and comes to the storage room and says that to find out I have to hack Mr.Malik’s phone. Yamini comes and asks about Ranbir and Avani says that he is better now. She asks where Joe is and Yamini asks if Sarthak came to the party after meeting his mom. Avani asks if she has met him when Yamini says that no he hasn’t and calls him.
Sarthak is with Prateek and says to him that I will kill you today and it will be on your father’s hand. Sarthak says to him that I will torture to a stage that even your father won’t be able to recognize you. Sarthak calls Mr.Malik asking for the viles and says that meet me at the warehouse at 5pm today. Joe also listens to the call.
Mr.M comes and asks for his son while Sarthak wearing a mask asks for the viles. Mr.M says that I have to find Dr.Vivan as he has the viles while Sarthak gives him two hours otherwise he would kill his son. Joe comes and reads Mr.Malik’s mind and misses Sarthak by a second.
Saher is having dinner with her family while Samir gives the report of Ranbir being in the hospital. Saher is wondering how to talk to Ranbir as she has no phone. Her father scolds her and Saher picks her plate and falls intentionally. While getting up she connects the cable and calls Ranbir as soon as she gets in her room. She asks of how he is and says that I can’t come as brother and father are here. Ranbir says that I will come and talk to your father. Saher says that don’t even think about that and Ranbir tells her not to leave home. Saher says that we will meet in the garden behind the hospital, on the other hand Samir hears all of this on an intercom. Samir says to his father to tell his men to keep an eye on Ranbir. He says that I am also going there and this time I will end Ranbir’s chapter.

Precap: Saher and Ranbir meet and Saher’s father is there with his men, and orders to kill Ranbir. On the other hand Joe confronts Sarthak and so far out strengths him.

Update Credit to: Sona

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