Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 18th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Pakhi tries to flee detention

Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 18th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Agastya says then you stopped coming and I found out your dad got a new job. Dadi took me to London for my treatment. I always missed you. I only had your toy. You were part of my life. Then I tried to find you and then I did. I became your friend, understood you, came close to you. I wanted to tell you all this but not in this situation. Only dad and I knew.

Someone calls Mona but doesn’t speak. She says what is this? Speak or don’t call. She hangs up. Phone rings again. Dadi picks.. She says Agastya. Someone sings from other side. Dadi is shocked. Mona says mom who was it? Why are you so scared?
Agastya says you have favors on me. Pakhi says you remember all this? He says if I don’t get you I will die. I can’t forget about that time. Ishaan says to samir we will find out Agastya. We will find Yug first. I have his photo. Pakhi isn’t safe with Agastya. We have to bring her back. Yug can take us to her.

Scene 2
Agastya comes to Pakhi’s room. She pretends to sleep. He says I can’t do this to you anymore. He recalls she said she exposed him. He says no I can’t release you, you will leave me. He leaves. Pakhi coughs. She tries to get to water but she can’t. Pakhi say what have you done to me Agastya. I don’t think I will ever be able to get out of here. She recalls Samir taught her to never give up. He said solutions are near us. Pakhi tries to get the water. She says I can’t give up. I exposed him. I will get out of here too.

A woman comes to dadi’s room. she’s scared. Dadi was imagining. She can’t breathe. She says what kind of dream was that.. She sees a shadow outside and panics. Dadi says who is it? Mona and Naveli says what happened? Dadi says someone was here. Naveli says no one was here. Please relax.

Scene 3
Ishaan says to Karanjit you now Yug is very clever. We can’t let him go. He’s our only change to get to Agastya. Karan says my men are outside. we will catch him. He will come here for sure.
Pakhi says it’s been two days I’ve not showered. How long will you control me? Agastya says I bother you a lot right? If you accepted my love I won’t have done it. You planned all that with Ishaan and Singh. Can I trust you? Pakhi sas where would I go? I don’t even know where am I? Ishaan says we did so much still Agastya is out. Karan says we will catch him. His man informs Yug is in. Yug peeks in. Karan is dressed as a doctor.

Pakhi says what you did was also wrong. I know you loved me but your way wasn’t right. Are you okay with seeing me like this? He says please don’t cry. I will get you fresh clothes. Ishaan and Karanjit come out. Yug sees them and tries to run. Agastya says to dai maa keep this key, don’t forget. Pakhi realizes she forgets things.
Yug runs. Karanji points a gun at him and says stop or I will shoot. The policemen surround him. Karan says don’t move. Yug throws a current wire towards them. They get a shock. Karan shoots him on leg. Yug still runs away.

Scene 4
Agastya is in market. He sees a couple eating ice cream together. He recalls eating ice cream with Pakhi. He imagines himself with Pakhi and hugging her. Agastya buys clothes for her. He says soon you will love me too. Pakhi says this is my chance to get the keys from dai maa. I’ve to get out of the room. Dai maa drinks the juice. She comes to Pakhi’s room and says I got his juice for you. I drank it myself. Pakhi sees key tied to her shawl. Dai maa makes juice. Pakhi tries to jump out of the window. Dai maa hears her sceraming.. She comes in. Pakhi is fainted. dai maa what did you do.. She is scared. Pakhi hits her on head and gets the key.

Episode ends

Precap: Pakhi runs away and hides in Aagastya’s car.
Aagastya stops to look for Pakhi. Pakhi gets out of car and tries to hide from Aagastya.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. This pakhi will suffer, she can’t understand my aggu & his love, she’ll be ditched by that Ishaan for sure…

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