Fanaa : Destroyed in Love Ishra FF Part23, 24

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I thank each one of u 4 valuable comments.It means a lot.

Fanaa:Destroyed in Love Part 23,24
Part 23 Subbu and Raman come out of the car.

SUBBU:I was waiting 4 u
Subbu beats Raman.Raman beats him back&knocks him down.he takes Palak away.Raman goes home:Ishita,palak is back
Kangana was so happy that she takes her &hugs her.Razik-Sudha r also happy.
RAMAN:I’m sorry,I hurt u
ISHITA:its ok,that moment any1 would have behaved like this

Subbu reaches home.Ishita:where’s palak?
SUBBU:Raman took her away
Ishita is shocked:no,u r lying.where did u dump my daughter?y r you avenging my innocent daughter
SUBBU:I’m not lying.

Ishita cries loudly:palak!u did something 2 her.u’ll pay 4 it
SUBBU:I don’t need 2 convince u.but I swear on kangana,palak is with Raman

Ishita is relieved.

Kangana goes 2 the temple.when she returns Subbu Ishita come there.Raman who passes that way sees it&is shocked:Subbu talking 2 Ishita?she does’nt remember anything&he’s reminding her everything,oh!
Raman goes back.he tells kangana:don’t speak 2 strangers.dey’ll try 2 destroy ur peace
ISHITA:I don’t speak 2 strangers,y r u talking like this?
Raman thinks:what was Subbu talking 2 her?nothing 2 harm me,otherwise Ishita wud’ve changed by now

Raman meets his old friend on the way:piyush!
They hug each other.
RAMAN:now what do u do?
P:how strange.v were friends who never used 2 hide anything from each other.but still destiny separated us&v dunno anything about each other.i’m an advocate now

Both in a restaurant.
RAMAN:I missed a friend like u 2 share everything
P:y?u look upset
RAMAN:I’m not hiding anything.I will tell you everything.

Raman tells everything.
P is shocked:I cant believe this.but how long can u live like dis?i think u should confess everything 2 the police
Raman is shocked.
P:I’ll be ur advocate.i’ll save u from going 2 jail.i promise.til now I’vent failed as a lawyer.court can’t punish u.bcz u did’nt do it purposefully

Raman confesses his crime 2 the police&gets arrested.Rashi calls Ishita:Raman confessed 2 the police&got arrested
Ishita is shocked.She rushes to see him ,she sees Raman being taken by policemen.
Ishita cries:is it 4 this that v hid everything till now?y did u do this?
Raman is silent.

Policemen takes him 2 the jeep.Ishita cries out.

Kangana asks Sudha:y Raman is becoming late?
Sudha:plz don’t get upset.he’s arrested
Kangana is shocked:y?
Sudha:he’s supposed 2 have killed ur sister

Kangana is shocked:no!

Part 24 Kangana cries:no,Raman won’t do that.somebody has trapped him.plz save Raman

Shagun goes 2 c Raman in the jail.Raman is shocked.
SHAGUN:i want 2 ask u y u cheated on me? First you just disappeared all of a sudden and now you yourself admitted that you are a criminal.
Raman is upset and keeps silent.

SHAGUN:I know u can’t answer.but u’ll suffer

Shagun goes.

Raman gets bail through piyush.Raman comes back.Kangana hugs him with happiness.
Kang:Raman:I know that u haven’t killed my sister.don’t worry
Raman is upset.
Razik:what’s the truth beta?i know that u cant kill any1.but still..
RAMAN:I can’t tell anything now.v r going back 2 my old house .
Razik Sudha become upset.
Raman,Kangana,palak go 2 his old house.

Subbu tells Ishita:ur husband got bail

Ishita is relieved.
SUBBU:actually I wanted it 2 happen.bcz then only I can kill him with my hands.
ISHITA:how can u b so cruel?
SUBBU:cruel?was’nt ur husband cruel?
ISHITA:he was’nt.he killed kangana due 2 a that situation even u wud’ve killed ur wife if you were in that situation.

SUBBU:stop it
Subbu pushes her out:go away.i don’t need u here anymore.bcz Raman is back.
Ishita is tensed.

Subbu goes 2 Raman’s house and beats him:how dare u kill my wife?
Blood flowed from Raman’s mouth.

Kangana sees it and ;is shocked:don’t u dare 2 hit my husband?u trapped him in a case 4 the crime he has’nt done.then also u are not satisfied?

Kangana hits him and pushes out and closes the door.
Subbu who mistakes Kangana for Ishita shouts at her through the window:So after I kicked you out of
my house immediately you went to stay with Raman.I’m not surprised.This was expected.But Ishita,i won’t leave u

RAMAN:plz Subbu,u punish me.but not her.she’s not mentally well
SUBBU:really?god punished her also
Raman is upset.

Ishita is in Rashi’s house now.

The next day,Ishita and Rashi go 2 Raman’s house and rings the bell.Raman opens the door and is shocked.

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  1. Veronica

    Nice epi.A bit busy dea so no detailed comment

  2. Oh boy!!!! Subbu had not see how Kangana behaving when someone beat him and how she protect him. Ishita did not reaction like this. Can’t wait for your next update.

    Raman will be shockly that Kangana is alive and Ishu will be heartbroken and blame him then Kangana comes with Palak. Rasita and Ishita get shock to see Kangana is alive and she is carry Palak then see Raman confused. Raman sign Ishita not to say anything. Kangana surprised to see Ishita then say Ishu didi. Ishita fall down while Raman caught Ishita. Kangana ask Raman why are you holding didi. Raman tell Kangana that Ishu is my wife and Palak mother. Kangana get shocked then ask who is my husband. Ishu cried and tell that Subbu is your husband. Kangana get confused who Subbu is. Raman tell Kangana do you remember the man who came here and beat me then you slapped him and threw him out is your husband Subbu. Kangana get wired face then get flashback of her married life with Subbu and is having baby with him. Kangana ask Ishra where is her baby. Ishra tell Kangana that she did not know where is her baby. Palak is my daughter. Kangana breakdown and cried. Ishita tell Raman that she will call Subbu then Raman agree. Ishita call Subbu and ask him to come to Raman house and she need him to see someone. Subbu refused then Ishita tell him if he want to meet your wife or not. Subbu get stunned and say that Kangana is dead then Ishu say no, she is alive and is staying with Raman and I am also here. Subbu agree then come to Raman house. Subbu get shock to see Ishita and Kangana then ask which is my Kangana. Ishita point Kangana to Subbu. Subbu breakdown and cried then goes to hug Kangana. Ishra cuddle together. Raman apologised to Subbu and Kangana that it was a mistake but did not know that Kangana is Ishita and took her with me but did not know that Ishita is with you. Kangana get flashback and cried that she lost her baby. Kangana tell Ishra and Subbu that she was with Varun. Ishita get shocked and say Varun. I met him in hospital then they goes to hospital and ask them about Kangana baby then doctor get information then informed that Kangana had miscarriage. Kangana and Subbu shattered. Ishra worry then consoled.

  3. Nice dear

  4. Rashita

    I’m really really really really soooooooooooo much confused I have manymanymanymanymanymany doubts can’t tell also plz update doon dhi I’m really waiting fir it….

    1. Jasminerahul

      ask me ur doubts.I will clear ur doubts

  5. Riana

    Superb!!…love it…Raman after fight still apologised to subbu…Raman’s luck is bad…Kangana n subbu hit each other!!…Hope there will be reunion soon…But Jas its a request pls show an emotional romantic scene between Ishra..N updt soon…

    I also read the previous part but sorry i am ill so i hadn’t commented…

    1. Jasminerahul

      thanks a lot.when ishra unite there will be emotional and romantic scenes

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