Fan Fiction YHB (Karwa Chauth Part 3)



In the morning,Ishita was in her room combing her hair.Raman enters and call Ishita,she doesn’t respond to him and in a deep thinking.
” Madrasan what happen what are you thinking”,ask Raman.She nodded,nothing.Raman makes her sit on the sofa and ask what is she thinking.Ishita ask him what the necessary for him to keep fast for her.Raman ask her back the same question.” I am keeping fast for your long and healthy life”,answer Ishita.

Raman says “That is it,you got the answer you are keeping fast for me and I am keeping fast for you.Look Ishita,there are already a lot of things had happen,losing our child twice,Shagun’s death and Shagun spirit enter into your body,it’s enough.I don’t want any harm to come near you anymore in future.Do you remember last year you can’t keep Karwa Chauth because of your health ?” Ishita remembered last year Karwa Chauth where Raman keep fast for her,she smiles thinking about it,”Yes I remember,how you keep fast for me by hiding it from everyone and you make a deal with God that you will keep fast behalf of me”, says Ishita.Raman hold her hand and says ” Last year was our first Karwa Chauth and I keep fast for you so I thought why not keep Karwa Chauth fast for you every year,you will fast for me and I will fast for you.Ishita you came in my life after Shagun,Shagun left me in the middle and you took care of me and my family,you bring happiness in our lives.Once upon a time I thought Shagun was my soulmate but I was wrong I realise that you are my soulmate”.Ishita got teary eyes,Yeh Hai Mohabbatein song plays………Raman wipes Ishita tears and hold her cheeks and both of them come closer,Ishita close her eyes,Raman is about to kiss her before that Ruhi and Shravu come calling for them.

“Papa,Ishima everyone is waiting for both of you downstairs,Dadi ask both of you to come fast”,says Ruhi.Ishita inform Ruhi they are coming and ask them to go first.Ruhi and Shravu left,Ishita laugh as Raman got irritated.Ishita ask Raman to go first as she has to make a call to the clinic.Before Raman leaves Ishita kiss him on his,Raman ask her to arrive fast and smiles.

Raman goes down as everyone waits for them.They asks where is Ishita,he says she is coming.Ishita comes down,Mrs Bhalla gives Karwa Chauth shagun to Ishita,Ishita touch her feet and take her blessing.Mrs Iyer gave Vandu shagun and goes to Raman to give him shagun.Raman ask Mrs Iyer what is the need,Mrs Iyer says when he can keep fast for Ishita why not she give him Karwa Chauth shagun,she asks him to accept it as it’s his mother in law blessing and love for him.Raman accept it and take her blessing.Someone rings the doorbell of Bhalla house.


Credit to: Arul

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    1. Wat u hv written is gud.. Infact very gud.. But 1 doubt.. U hv lot f free tym or u don’t hv ny oder job!!juz askng.. No offense.. Well, u can b a gud writer.. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    2. Thank you for your comment, it’s not that I have a lot of free time,I am a student and I am having Diwali break right now in my country so thought, what’s wrong writing an update in free time.I just write a few updates and what makes you think that I have a lot of free time or don’t have any other job.Just asking…..

  2. Nice arul keep on writing

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