The men start cooking while the women play spin the bottle. The men soon start to find difficulty in cooking and each of them come and try to pacify their wife but fail to do so. Sanchi at last goes to help Aryan but Priyanka refuses her from doing so. After a while Sanchi says she needs to use the washroom and goes away from the group. She stands at a distance away from where the men are cooking and soon starts to signal Aryan how to make a chapatti. In the process Aryan burns his hand. Sanchi rushes to Aryan and starts treating him. This surprises all the ladies. Then they realize that the men cannot cook on their own and they start helping them out.

Soon its dinner time and the families sit together to eat. Aryan then signals Sanchi to come over to the swimming pool to spend some time alone. Then he says he needs to attend an important call and leaves. Sanchi follows him saying he forgot his wallet. They meet near a swimming pool and are about to get romantic when they hear someone coming their way. They immediately go and hide behind a very big bush lane which surrounds the swimming pool. Then they see Priyanka approaching near the swimming pool. Aryan tells Sanchi maybe bhabhisa is waiting for bhaisa just like we came here. Then they hear someone else coming. It was Nishanth. Nishanth starts to express his feelings about some girl to Priyanka saying he loves her and has decided to tell everyone about it. This confuses Sanchi, Aryan and Priyanka. Priyanka looks back and sees Nishanth there and is in shock and vice versa is with Nishanth. Then they hear someone else approaching and decide to talk about what happened later as if anyone would see them it would become a big problem. They also go and hide in the same bushes as Aryan and Sanchi. The 4 of them see each other and are in shock then they see Sushanth approaching. He comes and stands there and is actually looking for Priyanka. Then someone else starts coming towards them. Sushanth assumes it is Priyanka and stands still. Tanu appears and hugs Sushanth and says I love you. She says its time to tell their secret to the family. Sushanth gets confused and turns around and finds Tanu standing there. Then everyone come out of their hiding positions. Sanchi, Sushanth, Aryan and Priyanka confess to each other that they wanted to spend some time alone and so assembled there. Then the 4 ask Tanu and Nishanth about what they were doing here and what they were saying and for whom it was meant to be for. Then they both confess that they love each other and were planning to tell the same to their families.

This puts Aryan, Sanchi, Priyanka and Sushanth in shock. Then they say that they are happy for them and that it is already too late so it is better for all of them to get some rest as of now. Tanu and Nishanth persuade them not to tell anyone anything since they wanted to tell everything themselves. They all agree and go back to their rooms. After coming back to their rooms as Aryan and Sanchi were about to enter their room when all the family members start coming out of their room. Dadisa asks whether they liked the decoration or not. Then out of curiosity Aryan enters the room to find it decorated romantically. When archi turn back everyone exept dadisa have left. They are confused. Dadisa asks them to have a good time but to be early in the morning because she and Chandra have arranged some games for the whole family. Aryan and Sanchi enter the room and Aryan locks the door from behind. They have a romantic night.

PRECAP: The families play games

sorry guyz the ff is very short.

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