(Fan Fiction) EPISODE 7:The camel ride… Part 2

Archi exchange rings. It is evening by then and everyone goes to change into night outfits.Later in the night after dinner everyone comes out of their rooms. The family sits together and talks. Then Nishanth syas he is bored and asks Aryan and Sushanth to play criket with him. They agree. But before they leave Priyanka says even she wants to play and Sanchi joins her. Sushanth asks Priyanka to sit down because she doesn’t even know how to hold the bat. This leads to an argument between them.

Then Sanchi challenges the men to a cricket match. Aryan agrees. Then Sushanth also agrees. So the men’s team is decided like this Aryan, Sushanth, Nishanth, Vaibhav and Prabhat(captain). The ladies’ team Sanchi, Priyanka, Neelima(captain) Tanu and Neeti. The others Siad they would just sit and watch if ayone cheats. Dadisa asks Sanchi and riyanka to be careful. They obey her. Dadisa then asks them to start the match in the morning because it is already too late. Before everyone disperses Sushhanth asks what they will get if they win. Priyanka says if they win the ladies’ team will do whatever they say but if they loose then they will have to cook.

PRECAP:The teams are face to face and the match begins.

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