Fan Fiction – Character Sketch and Some Questions for Audience

Good Morning beautiful people✨

Today I will be going to present a ff on immj 2 .

Characters -:


A very cute and sweet girl. A very good friend of ISHANI and SIA

Angre Sharma

Brother of Riddhima and a very good friend of Vansh. A business tycoon. 

Vansh Raisinghania

Vansh will be prescribed later on and. I want your all responses that how I should describe Vansh. 

Ishani Raisinghania

A very good girl and spend most of time with Ridhima and loves her a lot. Loves vansh a lot and overprotective for hime. Always want

Sia Raisinghania

I want to ask you all that whether soya should be positive or negative. 

Kabir –

Vansh’s manager and trustable person of vansh

Mohini Raisinghania

Grandmother of vansh,  ishani ,aryan and siya

Uma – Mom of vansh and sia

Chanchal – mom of ishani and aryan

Pratap – father of vansh and wants vansh to marry a girl before he dies

Aryan – brother of ishani and sia and loves Riddhima secretly amd wants to know the whether Riddhima loves him or not and visit Riddhima’s house with ishani and sia

Raj – father of Aryan and ishani

I hope you will like my character sketch and if you want any change in this characteristic and write in the comment section without any problem and I want to ask you three questions that how should I characterized Vansh and should I turn Siya into positive or negative character and how do you want a story like a romantic story a thriller story or a story of hatred betray  you can tell me your ideas in the comment section from that I will reply your comments in the next update and the sooner you comment the faster will you get the next update

Till then Bye ☺☺

  1. krithi poojary

    I want sia’s role to be positive and I want her to be supportive of riddhiima. vansh, I want u to make him a perfect man and likes a girl like riddhima and I want him to love her. please put episode 1 of ur ff dear.i even liked aryan’s role.I want anger to be protective of riddhima pleaseeeee….

  2. Okay so I think
    Siya should be a very happy and loveable person
    Vansh should be arrogant but loves daadi ,ishani ,siya and his mom alot.
    And last question…I can’t choose one so a romantic and betrayal story

    Okay that’s it waiting to see what’s next

  3. Maitree

    Thanks ❤ for your replies and what about the tiltle kf ff. Any ideas? If the idea would be good then i will name my ff it only

    1. I have some suggestions for the title of ff.Choose one if you liked if not than also ok..
      never ending love
      Faith and betray
      Story of riansh

    2. RiyaVaghani

      I agree with @Riansh Lover for all the other questions and I am not really good when it comes to main titles but you can keep it the translation of ‘Ishq Mein Marjaavan’ which is ‘I will die in this love’ or ‘Ishq Kills’ or something like ‘Love or Obsession’ etc.
      BTW, Even I write ffs… Mine is ‘Falling In Love Again @Riansh’ (not very good… like I told you😊)

    3. Hi I think it should be on who’s comment you choose…then we can decide💓

  4. Rianshfan

    Siya – positive , ff ka name – according to ur story jo plan kiya haii uske hisaab se rkhna

    1. Maitree

      What about vansh dear 💕??

    2. Vansh should be little arrogant but when he meets ridhima his behavior slowly changes..

  5. Seanna_0044

    Vansh can be a secretive person. Opens up on occasions. You can also keep Vansh secretly liking Riddhima but no one understands that since he doesn’t open up. Angre to be protective with his sister. I have many other things to tell after reading your character sketch but it’s on you as how you want to keep it. So won’t say much.

  6. I want siya to be positive and I want vansh to be secret lover of riddhima

    SIA :- I want to see siya in a Positive role
    VANSH:- perfect business man, loving his
    family a lot, but he don’t
    want to express his feelings to any
    My small request pls iss ff Mae tho angre kaliyae koyi Jodi banadhooo naa And suspense romantic thriller is best according to me.

    1. Maitree

      How about Sia or ragini

    2. I think Sia is best choice bcz we make more fun scenes and more twists through this bcz she is a good friend of ridhu right.(teasing, making fun of her)

  8. Siya should be positive,vansh’s character can shown a serious man whose first priority is his family and then his business….je can be a secret agent as well…. that will add thrill to the story….
    And for story,it can be romantic,love after hatred,but not too much of drama..that would make it boring

  9. Maitree

    A new quiz is coming for you guys. Please see it and answer it. It. Will take sone time to cone. I have submitted it

    1. Okay ..waiting… really like this 😀

  10. Maitree

    OMG! so much comments. Will tell you that whose comment I chose and I’ll mention his name in my every post so I will love so in my third post because I have already submitted the second update and it is a quiz for all the riansh and IMMJ 2 fans

  11. Best of luck dear . Your FF is very good .

  12. Sia positive,Vansh mysterious but sensitive.TITLE- PYARR IMPOSSIBLE (Impossible love)CATEGORY-ROMANCE

  13. Shivanshi Singh

    I think sia should kept positive and vansh also……mujhe lagta hai ki har time kuch na kuch bura hota rahata hai toh plz iss story ko positive and romantic hi rakiye ga 🥰😇

  14. ➡I wanted Vansh to be a sharp and strong like how he had been portrayed on first few episodes of IMMJ2
    PS: don’t make him campus Romeo or dumb. That kills his charm 🙏🏻

    ➡ If you have any solid reason ( not behind money and all) for turning Sia antagonist then you carry on.
    But I prefer Sia being a protagonist

    ➡I need Romantic thriller
    Make your FF unique. Take another turn for love.( rather than hate-love-betrayal combo or love birds combo)

  15. I wanted for siya-angre pair.
    It will be cool if you portray Angre as a brother who cares Ridhima as father and love her as mother and share everything as best friend

    1. I also felt that angre and Sia can be a good pair

  16. I too need Sia to be positive
    Vansh be a perfect personality who loves his family, tackle any difficult situation in business, little arrogance, secretly loving ridhima but always fight with her whenever he meets him like Tom and Jerry

  17. Coming to your title…….

    If its a love -hate- betrayel combo I suggests ▶”Sugar&Spice” like beauty &beast

    If it’s a thriller I suggests▶” Exposure -a twisted tale”

    If it’s a romantic FF on IMMJ2 nothing suits more than
    ▶”Hey Sweetheart ” ……..😁😁

    Rests I leaves upto you my friend

  18. Maitree

    Guys I think that I should make angre and siya marry and from there the love story of vansh and Riddhima

  19. I think you should characterize vansh as A good man who is very kind but he gets angry on little things only.He don’t talk with ridhimma too much.But slowly slowly after some time he starts falling in love with ridhimma.

    And as you have asked about siya.
    I think you should keep her negative.

  20. Rest depends on you….how you have planned to portray the characters and regarding plot start with what you had thought before posting this update..more suggestions will only confuse

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