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The episode starts with goons following sameer and preeta and srishti are shocked by seeing this.. They didn’t know what to do..

A goon who followed sam throw on him with his hockey stick a he fell down . the goons went towards him and they started beating him..

Shristi and preeta went towards them and started to resist them.. but it was not possible as they were more in number..

Preeta then run for searching karan.. And she found karan in his classroom flirting with the girls..

Preeta was panicing and not was able to say a word..

Karan(flirting) : Oh.. what made you come here darling

Preeta (pointing towards outside) : Sameer!!

Karan’s expression suddenly changes and he runs to his brother preeta followed him..

At the whole time Shristi was Protesting with the goons .. but one of the goons throws her away.. she was going to hit on the wall.. but preeta holds her..

On seeing his brother getting beatenup.. karan was not able to control himself he started beating the goons..


After finishing her dance class shivanya went to Ragini’s college to pick her from there…

They went to a restuarant to have something..

Shivanya odered for her all time favourite orange juice and Ragini her choclate shake..

Just then a guy(laksh) with his dashing suit enters the scene with a coffe in his hands..

He was just behind Ragini and sje stooduo and turned only to collapse with laksh.. His coffee fell on boths dress..

Ragini : Oh.. no..

Laksh : What was that can’t you just see..

Ragini : That’s the same thing which i have to ask.. Can’t you..

Shivanya : Ragini you are at fault now… stop arguing and don’t create a scene..

Ragini : But di..

Shivanya : Ragini..

Ragini goes from there..

Shivanya : Sorry.. My sister is a little hot headed..

Laksh : Its okay..

Shivanya pays the bill and goes .. so as Lucky..



Aditi : I think we should inform everyoe about tomarrows get together today itself

Dadi : You are right otherwise they will plan for anything..

Kavay : Are you sure that Adi will attened the party..

Aditi : I don”t know i wish he does..

Just then Adi comes downstairs..

Dadi : Were are you going in hurry..

Adi : I promissed them that today i will pickup them .. so i have to go..

Adi was about to go..

Aditi : Adi tomarrow we have planned for a get together.. will you join with us..

Adi : You know i don’t like parties…

He goes from there..


Zoya : I think we should exoplore india..

Maya : Oh.. yeah.. do you really think tjen go and explore..

Zoya : Are you not comming with me..

Maya : No.. i have works to do.. and i know you won’t go alone cause you are afraid to do so..

Zoya : No .. iam not..

Maya : Then show me..

zoya : Okay.. let me explore Mumbai..

She goes from Mehrotra mansion in her car..

On the otherside .. Adi picks aarti from her school and then he goes to Karan-Sameers college.. He waits there for a few minutes then He goes inside the college..

On seeing him a proffessor..

prof : Hi aditya.. its been years meeting you..

Adi : Yeah..  i am so glad to meet you sir..

Prof : But i am not..

Adi gave a confused look..

prof : Your brothers..

prof points towards Karan amf sameer .. who was injured ..

Adit runs to them..

Adi : What have happened..

Karan : Nothing …

Adi looked at him angrilly.. Just then preeta and Shristi came there are told everything..

Adi preeta and shristi helped karan and sameer to get into their car..

And they also left.. aarti was weirdly looking and her brothers.. Then adi went on to pick Shivanya nd Ragini..

Shivanya was worried to see his brothers injured but Ragini was teasing them telling about there face ..

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  1. Jasminerahul

    raglak meeting and fight was cute.waiting for more raglak scenes. liked preeta and shrishti trying to save sameer.good that karan beat them.karan beat them only to save sameer.then why is the principal blaming them?

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