Ragini was going to enter the room just then Gia pulls her outside..

Ragini : What are you doing Gia??

Gia : Raggu .. the receptionist just said that she was confused laksh Avasti with some.. Laksh chauhan.. and gave his room number to us..

Ragini : Oh my god.. of we had entered there

Gia : It would have been a big problem

Ragini : Now .. what will we do???

Gia : Nothing.. lets go home..

Ragini : But..

Ragini was unable to comolete Gia takes her and Kust then Laksh Chauhan comes out from the room..


Arjun comes home after dropping Maya.. He goes to Adi’s room and sits next to him.. Aarti comes with some doubts.. Arjun helps her in that . Shivanya brings coffee for everyone

Karan , Sam and Ragini also joins them..

Shivu : How was you days..

Karan : Awesom

Sam : Ragini..

Ragini : Mine was as usuall..

Just then Kavya comes running and panicing..

Kavya : Maa..!!!

All gets shocked..

All of them runs downstairs… And sees Dadi.. Abhimanyu and Tanvi was checking her…

All were standing outside tensed

After a gew minutes …

Abhi and Tanvi comes out..

Manish : Maa.. is fine na??

Adi : Choti maa.. what happened to dadi..

Shivanya : She will be fine right!!

Tanvi : Clam down.. She is fine.. Maa just got a simple variation of blood pleassure and she is ok.. now..

All gets relifed..

All the youngsters goes and sits with Dadi


Mahesh : All our plans got flopped..

Aditi : Yes maheshji…


Manav : I didn’t thought that mom in have a B.P Variation at that time..

Kavya : Neither any of us..


Dadi finally come in sense..

Dadji while giving water..

Dada ji : You scared all of us..

Aarti : Haa.. dadi I was so scared..

Dadi : Now that i am fine … don’t too scared my love..

Dadi’s face gives a worried expression..

Karan : Is there anu problem dadi..

Dadi : Adi, Arjun I and your Dadaji are getting old.. per days.. and anything can happen to us at anytime..

Sam : Why are you saying like this..

Dadi : Sam please let me complete…. Adi Arjun you two are elders of all.. I.. i have played many roles in my life.. A daughter..a ..wwife , mother.. Mother-in-law.., Grandmother…. I feel complete.. but I have one more dream..promise me you guys will fulfill it..

Arjun : Just tell us..

Adi : Yeah.. we will do whatever you say

Dadi : I want to see both of yours marriage..

Arjun looks shocked at Dadi..Adi the whole time was holding Dadi’s hand.. But after hearing this he leaves her hand and goes.. All looks at him..


Zoya was sitting in the couch and watching someshow.. She was remembering all her moments with Adi..

Maya was also sitting next to her thinking about how Arjun protected her…

Maya goes and Hugs zoya tightly..

Zoya : What happened you are looking so happy today..

Maya ; You are also happy.. I can see it..

Maya and zoya watches TV… While disturbing eachother..

  1. Jasminerahul

    good that it was only a was another laksh’s room n befoe getting into trouble the girls realized it.thankfully Dadi is how will they convince adi arjun to get married?so sweet to see zoya n Maya thinking of adi arjun

  2. Ohhh!!! They (Raglak) didn’t meet. ‘Nd Manav’s character seems to have grey shades too. First in the episode when Malhotra’s returned and now in this episode too. (I don’t know why I’m stating the obvious though ?☺). Hope Dadi gets well soon ‘nd waiting for Raglak meet. Oh!! ‘nd Zoya ‘nd Maya are feeling something something ?.Nice episode although I didn’t find 17 ? and waiting for next episode…update soon ?.

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