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Zoya : Aditya.. please wake up.. i have to go..

Adi turns around and wraps his hand around her hips.. zoya gets shocked by the sudden touch.. his face was so near to her belly..

Zoya : Aditya .. please i have to..

Adi(in sleep) : Stop it yaar.. you always breaks my sleep. at least today let me sleep..

He holds her more tightly.. She was able to feel his warm breath..



Arjun has taken Maya to nearby hospital and

Doctor is checking her while he is standing next to het..

Doctor : Nothing to worry.. its due to stress .. we have given her medicine and she wil be fine in few mintues..

Arjun sits near her..

Maya gives a weak smile to him and so does Arjun..

Arjun : I will inform your mom and dad..

He was about to go.. but Maya holds him..

Maya : Please don’t..

Arjun : But why not..

Maya : They will get to worry and i don’t want to be upset because of me.. Whtat ever happend.. Today… promise me you won’t share it with anyone..

Arjun : Don’t worry .. i won’t..



Ragini : Are you sure.. he stays here..

Ragini’s friend(Gia) : Of course .. i am..

Ragini : Then lets ask the receptionist..

They goes to reception section..

Raginu : Could you please tell me in which room does Mr. Laksh Avasti stays.

Receptionist : Yes.. ma’m he is in 495

Ragini and his friend gia goes..

Ragini : Don’t worry gia .. i will teach that stalker a lesson..

Gia : Ragini..honestly I am worry scared..

Ragini : Then you stay here.. i will show him.. whats the result of harrasing a girl..


Its been much time and now zoya has also fell asleep..

Shivu enters Adi’s room without knocking and is shocked to see them …

Shivu screams..Zoya gets up from the couch being shocked.. Aditya falls down..

Adi: Ahhhhhh….

Zoya runs to Shivanya and pulls her inside and closses the door..

Shivu : Whats going on here..

Zoya : I can explain everything..

Adi (confused) : Zoya what are you doing in my room..

Zoya( confused) : Huh.. you are tge one me brought me here .. i was going.. you said .. no don’t go.. and you forcefully slept on my lap..

Shivu : Like seriously..(she laughs)..


karan preeta sameer shristi after their fight and huge conversation was in the cafetria..

Just then a girl( kaira) comes..

Kaira : I was looking for you so long..

Karan : I was busy with my brother darling..

She hugs karan to which karan responds..

Preeta was jealous seeing this and holds the fork toghtly.. karan goes with kaira..

Sameer : preeta that’s not karan its a fork leave it..

preeta puts the fork down .. Sameer and shristi laughs..

Shristi goes to get her apple juice..

Sam : You like my brother right??

Preeta : Your brother is an idiot..

Sam : If you get married to karan .. then its good for me..

Preeta : What nonesense!!!

Sam : Then she win’t feel lonely when she gets married to me.. you het cousin will be there na..

Preeta : Very funny..

She ignores her..


Adi : Okay.. now that’s it .. i don’t remember anything.. And its better you should go now.

Shivu : I will take you to downstairs..

Adi : No.. you cant go through downstairs..

Zoya : Why not??

Adi : You said na.. no one have seen you..

zoya : Then what will i do..

Adi : Go through the windw..

Zoya : Are you mad..

Adi : Its eassy..

Shivu : Don’t worry bhai.. i will tell them zoya came with me..

Maya was discharged from the hospital and Arjun takes her to mehrotra mansion..


Gitu and Abhimanyu were checking the places which they have to visit..

Gitu : Oh.. my god.. i even haven’t heard names of these places..

Abhi : There are many things you don’t know Miss. Gitanjali accept it..

Gitu : How will o spend one month with himm.. god be with me..



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  1. Jasminerahul

    adiya scene was so romantic. good that Maya is fine n arjun is with her.Shivanya seeing adiya together n adi forgetting whatever happened between him n zoya n his behaviour was funny.sameer preeta conversation was funny.abhigeet conversation was also funny.what is ragini upto?is she mistaking laksh for gia’s stalker?

  2. Nice chappy…Adi ‘nd Zoya’s scene was quite funny (especially the window one)…’nd Laksh might or might not be the stalker but he is nonethless going to learn a lesson ;)…’nd Geetu don’t worry Abhi is gonna be with you now don’t tell me it is the biggest worry 😉

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