The episode starts at where Shivanya is practicing her dance while Yamini is instructing her

Yamini : You should practice well because at monday we will have a competion and i want you to win..

Shivanya : Yeah.. sure madam..

Yaminu : Yeah..

Just then Ritik passes by there..

Yamini : Ritik are free on monday..

Ritik : yeah.. mom.. i am whats the matter

Yamini : We are having a program monday and i want you to come with me..

Shristi also comes..

Shristi : What mom.. you have started teaching again..

Yamini : Don’t give such over reaction shristi and meet her she is shivanya..

Shristi : Your student!!

yamini : Yep.

Shristi and shivanya shakes hands..


Arjun was shopping something just then he sees Maya outside and follows her.. She gets into a lift and he also..

Arjun : Hi.

Maya : Oh.. hello Arjun

Arjun : What are you doing here??

Maya : What do you think its a shopping mall

Arjun : Oh.. yeah i am sorry..

Maya : Its okay..

Just the lift suddenly stops and light goes off..

Arjun : Yeah… god!!

Maya : Arjun do something its too dark..

Arjunchecks his phone and puts on the torch.. He turned and doesn’t find Maya.. He looks down and saw maya sitting on floor sweating she was continuously murmmering something.. Arjun sits next to her..

Arjun : Maya are you okay..

Maya : I am Nyctophobic

Arjun : Means??

Maya : I.. i afra..afraid ..o..of

Arjun : Its okay.. its I am right here nothing to worry Maya.. you trust me right..

Maya nods yess.. Arjun tightly hugs maya..She also respond to his hug..


Adi is standing watching some kids playing and Zoya comes from his backside..

Zoya : Hello Adi.

Adi turns and ..

Adi : What are you doing here..

Zoya was able to smell the alcohol..

Zoya : You .. you are drunk..

Adi : Yes.. i am and do you have any problem with that..

Adi walks .. he losses control as he was drunk.. Zoya hoes towards him and holds him..

Zoya : Are you okay..

Adi : Of course now.. leave me i have to go..

He pulls Zoya and walks away..

Zoya ( thinking): he is too drunk.. i can’t leave him alone..

Zoya follows him.. to his car.

Adi : why are you following me Miss.Zoya..

Zoya : i.. i will drop you to home.. I can’t leave you alone in this state..

Adi laughs loudly… zoya looks at him confused. He throws his car’s key to Zoya

Adi : DRIVE…


Maya is shown panicking and Arju is trying on his phone to get signal..

Maya :

Arjun sits near her and make her lay in his lap.Maya is so scared and she was crying continously and arjun also had tear in his eyes seeing maya’s pathetic condition



Dadi : Is the things ready.. i don’t want anything room

Aditi : I don’t think we are doing it right

Dadi : Do you want to get adi married..

Aditi : Yeah.. which mom doesn’t dream of her son’s marriage.. but this way..

Kavya : Sometimes its good to take wrong way to do something good

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  1. Jasminerahul

    nice to see shivanya dancing according to yamini’s instructions.maya scared of darkness.oh..arjun keeping her on his lap n he too getting teary eyed seeing her condition was intense.zoya holding adi wen he was going to fall…following him as she cant leave him alone was lovely.perfect pics.plz do add pics in all scenes

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