My Family and My Friends – Part 11

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In night ,dadi wrong deed is expose the truth all are watched. Ragini shocked with daadi another reaction. Shekar scold daadi.
Ragini: I can believe you a lot, I was scold laksh and swara, but today your wrong deeds I saw, I can’t forgive kill shomi maa.

Daadi: Don’t trust other laado.
Ragini: just stop it daadi, I’m not kid, I saw the truth. Again I can’t trust you
Shekar brust out angry hold the sumi and put the sindoor in her head. Ragini and swara hug eachother happily.laksh smiled.
Swara say to laksh , thanks lucky and trust me.
Laksh happy,I will always trust you. Swara cried a lot, laksh say to swara don’t cry and now happy time.
Laksh walk to street, laksh saw in front of ragini .

Laksh: ragini
Ragini: laksh I’m really sorry, because I can’t trust you. I can’t digest that word against daadi , so I scold you.
Laksh: is ok ragini, today itself you trust me.
Ragini: yes, I’m sure.
Laksh: ok, say thanks.
Ragini: why I will say thanks, we are friend ,so…..

Laksh: no thanks and no sorry
Ragini: that’s good
Laksh(laughed):In night time, you must go to your house.
Ragini: what laksh, I’m lioness , so I don’t scared anything.
Laksh: oh really you don’t scared anything.

Ragini: I told you , please trust me I can’t fear anything.
Suddenly storm sound
Ragini scared hugs laksh tightly. Here laksh goes current feeling in his body.
Suddenly rain, both are wet.
Ragini hugs tightly, please take me house, I’m so scared ragini tell to laksh.
Laksh smiled, don’t worry ragini, I’m hear with you, so don’t worry.
Ragini broke the hug, she is some strange feeling.

Laksh take ragini goes to gadodia house.
Ragini tell to laksh please don’t go to your house,and please stayed my room,the rain are heavy.
Laksh: Is ok ragini, I will go
Ragini: Don’t go this is my order.
Laksh: is ok ragini, I must go

Ragini: ok, I will bring umbrella
Laksh: ok
Ragini: goes to her room, but her is leg slip
Our hero save her, his hand put in her waist, her hand around his arm.
Both look each other and both are feel strange, here ragini blush hard
Laksh leave her.
Ragini: i will bring umbrella.

Laksh: ok
Ragini: give the umbrella to laksh

Laksh: ok bye .
Here ragini comes to room and look at her mirror, ragini today your face is so beauty. Her heart beat is fast. She is not control her emotion, yes I love laksh.I really love him, I really like immature nature and today I really fall for him. I can’t believe me, I’m in love.
Next day ragini meet to the friends and tell about laksh. Friends are really surprised.
Naksh: are you rags or not
Zynia: i also doubt her.
Ritu: i can’t believe this is our rags
Zee: see guys rags is so much blush today

Ritu: whose that the hero rags
Rags: laksh ,you know what, I really love laksh
Naksh: what , he is selfish you told about me
Ragini: no nick, he is really nice. I wrongly thought about him.
Naksh: congrats rags.
Ragini: I will tell him about my love.

Ritu: rags,you are really fast.
Zynia: I’m so happy for you rags.
Zee: laksh is really nice guy, so I don’t objection, my full support for you , I will help you.
Ragini: ok guys, please I’m really scared
Naksh: laughed what our rags is scared guys.
All friends are laughed and teasing
Ragini: haha funny .

Naksh: today you understand my feeling. I’m really scared. I tell her about my love. I’m really scared that day and you teased me lot.
Ragini: I know, your feel so scared that day, but I really scared today.
All friend are laughing
Ritu: please Don’t tease rags, we can plan for ragini and laksh united.
Zynia: rags you help the other love story, so I will help to you
Zee: be ready rags.

Rags: ok what plan
Naksh: please call laksh, spend time to each other
Rags:ok great idea. Ragini call laksh
Laksh: hello ragini
Ragini: hi laksh , where are you, I will speak to you
Laksh: oh ragini, I’m here with swara in a park, if any problem , I will come
Ragini(shocked):what swara is there with you, oh nothing serious laksh, ok bye.
Laksh: ragini
Ragini cut the call.

Here tell to the friends, he is there with swara. All friends are shocked
Zynia: becareful ragini, swara is snatched from you laksh
Ragini: why did you talk like, she is my sister.
Ritu: so what rags, how did she talk like to him in near park.
Naksh: zynia and ritu is correct rags.

Zee: becareful rags
Ragini: please don’t act like villain type guys, why are you speaking like this guys .
All friends are laughed

Ragini: I know these are pranks and don’t be chilly guys,you didn’t aginst any one.
Naksh: you know what rags, swara is really lucky to be your sister
Rags: I know guys, but I’m also lucky to my best friend in the world.
All friends are group hug.
Ragini goes baadi ,laksh in front of her.
Ragini: goes to room
Laksh:pull her ragini

Ragini shocked
Laksh: why did you call me
Ragini(angry): nothing laksh and where is swara
Laksh: oh she is here, I will drop her, so I come to baadi.
Ragini(shocked his reaction): ok fine I will go home,so leave me
Laksh: ok, bye
Ragini: bye.

Next day the people beat the mental boy, In baadi neighbours are shocked. One man says to daadi, he is mental boy escape from hospital and he is so dangerous, he is here in baadi. In gadodia house ragini is screaming daadima. Here daadi is shocked. All people are goes to gadodia house. Here ragini is dangerous and one man is holding the knife in her throat. Ragini screaming, please leave me. Here the boy told her, I didn’t eat whole day, so I’m hungry. Ragini understand his feeling and she didn’t saw his face.
Ragini: please remove a knife in my neck, I will give rice and aaloo paratha.
Boy: really. Ok I will leave you.
One man is near come to boy side, he is now understand and again hold the knife in her throat.
Boy: that man is beating me

Ragini: sad again don’t worry, I will help you and trust me
Boy: I will trust you
Laksh is come to her baadi and saw that ragini, the boy behind her ragini
Laksh doesn’t see him , laksh is slowly comes near ragini side. Ragini says to laksh don’t come this side.

Laksh doesn’t hear the ragini words and comes near hold the knife and ragini released from him, laksh saw that face shocked. Laksh is screaming bhai.
Ragini turn that side and saw the boy and she is shocked. She is screaming sanskaar and laksh also shocked.

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