My Family and My Friends – Part 10

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I’m really sorry guys, I completed my exams,so now a days I will send dailys my ff

Part 10:

Swara is changing shomi kundali and give to dadi. Here dadi take the kundli and meet the panditji , here panditji say to parvati this kundli doesn’t match with shekar kundli. Dadi told to shoba this kundli doesn’t match .
Ragini what dadima this kundli doesn’t match , whose panditji did you saw, our ashrama panditji. She is thinking( that fraud panditji , he is not have any fear with me, I will definitely go to ashramam and saw panditji)
Ragini: dadi give to me that kundli , we will check again that panditji and one condition, I will also come to aashramam.

Laksh shocked this ragini definitely blackmail panditji
Dadi: you are not come to aashram.
Laksh relief
Dida : she is also come to ashram.
Laksh again shocked think( I will tell to whole truth, she is definitely tell to shomi and shekar united and blackmailed the paniditji , so our plan definitely flopped)
Ragini: thanks nani.
Laksh: ragini don’t be chilly, you didn’t go aashram, you have go to music class.
Ragini: that’s not big deal lakshji.
Laksh: please do what did I say
Ragini(shocked): how dare ….. stop that word, is ok lakshji, I will go lakshji
Dadi: laksh is correct , you didn’t come to ashram.
Ragini thinked(I will spare you laksh)
Laksh thinked( I’m sorry ragini , you definitely united shomi and shekar, but you didn’t know about dadi truth, next day you definitely know about truth)

I will not tell about dadi truth, you definitely against me, so I don’t tell whole truth.
Today laksh father told about Annapurna ,please bring my son in our house, sujata and ram shocked this reaction. Annapurna call to laksh, your papa told you come to our house .laksh says seriously. Yes Annapurna said, laksh say but, Annapurna say to laksh don’t say but, you definitely come to our it’s my order.laksh say ok.
Here laksh come to house wait outside , then swara saw that laksh , why are you here , please go inside , laksh why did I go, swara says he is your father and have right. Swara says emotionally to laksh, here omi watched the whole scene.swara goes to baadi, here omi you love with swara, he is thinked yes I love with swara .laksh goes to house saw the family and he is really happy.
Laksh says to mind (omg today me and ragini meet outside in 12pm, I must go)
In 12pm went to baadi, he is waiting for outside, ragini nicely come to outside saw laksh.
Laksh: hi
Ragini: shh , hi come let’s go outside
Laksh: this time ragini, you call me outside
Ragini: I will give treat.
Laksh: yes, but this time, which shop is open
Ragini(shocked): don’t think I will give big treat , I will give small treat, come let’s go
Laksh and ragini go for a walk.
Ragini: laksh why did you told like that, me didn’t go for ashram
Laksh(shocked this question): ragini I’m sleepy today, so I will tell tomorrow.
Ragini: sorry your sleep ,I’m disturbed it.
Laksh:Is ok ragini
Ragini: just call me rags
Laksh: no ragini , ragini name is liked me
Ragini: your wish
Laksh:where did we will go

Ragini: goes to near kulfi shop, brought two kulfi,one kulfi give to laksh
Laksh: thanks
One jeep stop near kulfi shop.laksh saw the naksh,zee,zynia and ritu
All friends say to hi laksh
Laksh say to hi guys
Naksh: hi bro your name and my name are similar laksh
Laksh: ya, just call me lucky.
Naksh: ok, then I will call lucky
Zee:my name is zee, hi lucky, today itself we are friends
Laksh: sure, I’m really happy for that.
Zynia: just cool lucky
Laksh: rags told about you guys , you are 15 yrs friendship, I can’ believe this guys, I’m happy for one part of you guys.
Ritu: yes lucky , definitely friend

Zee: today itself we are friends and group hugged.
Ragini sad(think), where did he now , he is also my best friend ,please help god,please bring him back. Laksh saw that face , ragini why your face so dull, here friends are understand and friends also sad.
Naksh: lucky, ragini is sleeping mode, so her face is dull.
Ragini: look at naksh
Naksh: sign it
Ragini: understood, ok guys I will go home.
All friends tell bye, laksh also say bye .All goes to respective house.
Next day swara says to laksh today exposed daadi truth. Ragini is hear it (swara and laksh talk) somethink wrong. What guys are you talking about daadi. Laksh and swara shocked.
Laksh: what ragini ,nothing about serious. We are just talk about daadi behaviour.
Swara: yes ragini, nothing serious.
Ragini: is ok guys, I can believe you.
Swara and laksh goes to gadodia house. Laksh talk about suggest another panditji. Dadi nod . laksh bring laptop and gadodia and bose family speak to panditji. Panditji says to all details. Swara and laksh speak each other. Our first plan success.

Ragini hear it plan, swara what are you doing, you against my daadi. swara shocked.
Swara: yes, your daadi against my mother, I exposed truth out today.
Ragini: why laksh didn’t told me.
Swara: he is not love you .
Ragini(acting): she is crying, he didn’t love me.
Swara: yes ragini
Ragini(acting): no, he is definitely love me.
Swara: no ragini , I will call laksh. Swara take the phone and called laksh.
Laksh: swara , I’m ready exposed the plan
Ragini: shocked
Swara: ragini is here.
Laksh: shocked, she is know about our plan.
Ragini: yes.
Laksh: you believe me ragini.
Ragini: never
Swara: if you love with ragini, she is trust you.
Laksh(shocked) : think( swara is there, so ragini is acting , how innocent swara) he is act , ye ragini , I can’t love you.
Ragini: is ok lakshji , but I can’t believe you against my daadi.
Laksh: please wait , I will expose truth.
Ragini: ok my daadi doesn’t do it.
Ragini angry face


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    nice but full senteces plz xx

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