Falling in love with my psychologist (Episode 27)

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Hello frnds
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Here is the epi

Next day
Suhani wore a golden lehenga
Yuvraj wore a red sherwani
It was Kriya’s wedding day
Suhani came down with soumya in mandap
Yuvraj saw her and complemented her through gestures
She smiled and said thank you
Kriya sitted in mandap after all rituals done with krishna
YuvAni looks at each other and smiles
Suhani – someone is looking handsome
Yuvraj – someone is looking beautiful. I will miss you
Suhani – no need to miss me
Yuvraj – why ?
Suhani – because you are also coming to london with me
Yuvraj – means?
Suhani – go to my room upstairs and see
Yuvraj runs upstairs to find what was there
He goes in her room and finds a paper on table
He takes it when a dairy falls down from table
He takes the diary and some papers falls down from it
He takes that papers and gets shocked
He opens the dairy and starts reading it

Suhani calls him
He receieves the call
Suhani – where are you ?? Everyone is asking about you come soon
Yuvraj – hmm
He hanged the call

He reached back and suhani smiled at him
He didnt smiled back
Suhani felt something but didnt said anything
Kriya were taking rounds and everyone were throwing flowers on her
Soon wedding was over and everyone were having dinner
Yuvraj went upstairs and suhani went behind him
He entered suhani’s room and suhani went behind him
Suhani holded his hand
Suhani – what happend ?
Yuvraj – nothing
Suhani – dont you dare die
Yuvraj – plz be quiet
Suhani – i know whats the reason. You dont wana come london with me as if i will be with you 24 hours then how will you flirt with other girls
Yuvraj pinned her to a wall
Suhani felt that something was wrong
Yuvraj – who is arjun ?
Suhani was shocked
Suhani cupped his face
Yuvraj – answer me
Pratima calls YuvAni
Suhani leaves from there
Soon kriya’s wedding was over and at night it was reception
All took rest for a while

At evening
Suhani was walking in garden thinking about morning’s incident
She saw yuvraj and went to him
Suhani – arjun was my past
Yuvraj looked at her
Suhani – i m sorry i didnt told you about this i felt that it will affect our relationship so…
Yuvraj holded her hand and kissed it
Suhani – yuvraj arjun was my friend dont know when i started liking him but i got to know that he wasnt interested in me and i forgoted him
Yuvraj hugged her
Yuvraj – i m sorry
Suhani – its ok . Its my fault .
Suhani gets up

Yuvraj holds her hand and made her sit to a bench
He hugged her again
Yuvraj – i m sorry
Suhani – its not about sorry its about trust which we carry
Yuvraj – i trust you and your love
Suhani – i can see
Yuvraj kissed her hairs
Yuvraj – i love you
Suhani – hmm
Yuvraj – aacha i m coming to london with you arent you happy ?
Suhani – hmm
Yuvraj – i went in your room amd found a paper in which it was written that i have been sending to london for a year . I have to capture the indian people and society of london .
Suhani – hmm
Yuvraj – when i was reading it i got a dairy i took it when some pages fall down from it . In it your thoughts were written for arjun and so…
Suhani – hmm
Yuvraj – will you plz stop your hmm hmm
Suhani – leave all this and let me go inside i have to get ready
Yuvraj – suhani i m sorry naa
Suhani – this is good do anything and just say sorry
Yuvraj – suhani i love you believe me
Suhani – not i love you but i trust you and i understand you is needed in life
She gets up and leaves

At night
It was KriYa’s reception
Suhani got ready in black saree which alia bhatt wore in 2 states
Yuvraj got ready in orange sherwani
Kriya sitted beside each other
Suhani teased soumya and she blushed
Suhani smiled at her
Yuvraj adored her and smiled

Soon function was over and kriya were sended to there room

Suhani changed her clothes and was sitting near her balcony
She heard a knocking sound and seen down
She saw yuvraj
She asked him through gestures – why are you here ?
Yuvraj – i want you down right now
Suhani – guests are sleeping down and i dont want to meet you
Yuvraj – dont show me attitude
Suhani – i m not coming
Yuvraj – then i m coming
Suhani – no wait i m coming
She went downstairs
Suhani – whats this ?
Yuvraj – chalo
Suhani – where ?
Yuvraj – chalo
Suhani – fine
Both starts walking
Suhani – where are we going ?
Yuvraj – be quiet for a while
Suhani looked annoyed
They reached the church were they met on there first date
Suhani – why are we here ?
Yuvraj – shhh
They entered a confession box

Yuvraj – hello father i m her to confess that i will always be with my would be wife and will always trust her and understand her
Father smiled – go and pray to jesus my son
Yuvraj smiled and went to suhani
He holded suhani’s hand and took her infront of jesus
Yuvraj – on our first date i made a promise that i will always be with you and now today as we completed 2 and half month together i promise that i will always trust you and understand you . I will always be your friend and thats my promise
Suhani smiled at him
Suhani – i trust you
They both came away from church and suhani hugged yuvraj tightly
Suhani – i love you
Yuvraj – i love you too
Both smiles and goes to there home

Precap – london…

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  1. Yuvani

    Wow……….such a sweeeeeeeeet episode…….loved yuvani…… happy that they would be together..wonderful…….

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  4. Yuvani_saraj

    superb episode….

  5. wonderful episode

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    1. Avanikamdar

      Thank you sis

  7. Lovely episode…..

  8. Super episode……….. Waiting for London trip…..

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